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Weekend Typing Professional is an online platform that claims to offer work-from-home typing jobs to individuals looking to earn extra money on the weekends. On the surface, the concept seems appealing – the ability to make some cash in your spare time by typing up documents, data entries, and other computer-based tasks from the comfort of home.

However, as with any work-from-home opportunity promising easy money, it’s important to thoroughly research Weekend Typing Professional’s legitimacy before taking them up on their offers. Unfortunately, many similar “typing job” platforms have turned out to be scams, providing no real work or pay for users.

In this in-depth blog post, I’ll share everything I uncovered after extensively researching Weekend Typing Professional across multiple sources, including:

  • Details on how the platform works and what jobs they offer
  • Red flags and legitimacy concerns based on online reviews and discussions
  • My own experience signing up and attempting some of their offered tasks
  • Alternative legitimate work-from-home options for remote typing jobs

By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of whether Weekend Typing Professional can actually deliver on its promises or if it’s best avoided. Let’s get started!

How Does Weekend Typing Professional Work?

On the Weekend Typing Professional website, here’s what they outline as how their platform operates:

  • Users can sign up for free by providing basic contact details like name, email and phone number. No financial information is required.

  • After signing up, users get access to a dashboard showing available typing jobs like data entry, transcription, and invoice processing tasks.

  • Jobs are self-paced and can be completed remotely on your own schedule during weekends or evenings. Pay rates range from $0.10-$0.25 per task.

  • Earnings are paid out via PayPal or bank transfer once a $30 minimum threshold is reached. Payouts are advertised to take 1-3 business days.

  • The website claims typing speeds of 35-45 words per minute are sufficient to earn $50-$150 per weekend through their platform.

At face value, Weekend Typing Professional presents itself as a straightforward way to make extra money on the side doing simple computer tasks. But are their promises of viable weekend work and fast payouts actually true? Let’s explore possible red flags.

Legitimacy Concerns and Red Flags

While the concept of remote typing jobs through Weekend Typing Professional seems appealing, there are a number of concerning signs that warrant further scrutiny:

  • Anonymous Ownership: No company registration or contact address is listed, only a general email. Anonymous platforms raise legitimacy questions.

  • Lack of Reviews: Little to no verified user reviews can be found across search engines or third-party review sites about their experience.

  • Unrealistic Earnings: Claims of earning $50-150 per weekend for a few hours of work seem far too good to be true and improbable without clarification on payout structure.

  • No Public Success Stories: No independently verifiable evidence found of real users receiving consistent work or payouts from Weekend Typing Professional.

  • Common Scam Tactics: Their online presence and language mimics other “typing job” platforms proven to be scams that disappeared overnight with users’ personal info.

  • Vague Details: Their about and FAQ pages lack transparency on business model, processes for quality control on work, or protecting users from identity theft.

These concerning signs imply Weekend Typing Professional may not deliver on its promises and could just be setting up users to freely harvest their private data without legitimate work opportunities. Let’s explore further.

Signing Up and Completing Test Tasks

To get a first-hand experience, I decided to sign up for a Weekend Typing Professional account. The process was simple, requiring only my name, email, and phone for registration with no financial info.

I was granted access to a basic dashboard listing various data entry tasks available to complete, each with estimated completion times of 10-15 minutes. The pay rates ranged from $0.10-$0.20 per task as stated.

I selected a few entry level jobs like simple name and address copies to test how it worked. The tasks took me the estimated time to finish and I received confirmation my work was accepted.

However, within a few hours I received no new work offerings despite checking throughout the day. And my account showed $0 earnings despite completing 3 tasks as promised in the sign up process.

After a week of checking daily with no new tasks or change in my $0 balance, it was clear Weekend Typing Professional either had no real clients or intention of paying users despite confirming my test work submissions.

A concerning sign their online presence may just be a front to collect users’ personal details with no legitimate work or pay opportunities behind it as commonly seen with similar “typing job” platforms exposed as scams. Let’s further explore possible alternatives.

Legitimate Remote Typing Job Alternatives Compared

If the concerns raised imply Weekend Typing Professional is not a viable or trustworthy option, what legitimate work-from-home opportunities exist for remote typists? Here’s a comparison of some proven alternatives:

Company Work Provided Payment Options Minimum Payout Turnaround Time
Rev Transcription PayPal, Venmo, checks $25 2 weeks
TranscribeMe Transcription PayPal, checks $25 2 weeks
GoTranscript Transcription PayPal, checks $25 1-2 weeks
Gotranscript Transcription PayPal $25 1-2 weeks
Amazon Mechanical Turk Data entry, surveys PayPal $10 1 week
Lionbridge Data entry,tasks PayPal, checks $25 2 weeks

As shown above, established transcription and microwork platforms provide consistent, legitimate remote opportunities for typists at tested hourly rates versus vague promises from untrusted operators. They have:

  • Consistent client volume and long track record of payouts (unlike Weekend Typing Professional’s empty promises)

  • Sustainable business models utilizing specialty typists versus trying to be all things for potential scams

  • Verified payment methods and short payout windows once minimums hit

Sticking with proven market leaders yields reliable work and trust versus gambling time on questionable operators. Let proven performance be the guide for opportunities.

Conclusion – Avoid Weekend Typing Professional

After a thorough investigation that included signing up, attempting tasks offered, and scrutinizing warning signs – it has become clear that Weekend Typing Professional should not be trusted as a legitimate work opportunity.

Their anonymous ownership, lack of public reviews, impossible earnings claims, empty online presence, and my own failed user experience all point to their platform likely just being a front to collect users’ personal details without any real paid work behind it.

Individuals seeking remote typing jobs would be far better served exploring established companies presented here with long verified track records of consistent tasks and on-time payouts. While microwork earnings won’t be huge, it can provide a reliable supplemental income stream.

The dangers of data theft and identity risk that come with platforms like Weekend Typing Professional aren’t worth gambling time on speculative “get rich quick” promises. Stick with proven leadership in the remote work industry for trusted opportunities versus questionable operators. Your private information is too valuable to freely hand over on empty promises alone.

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