legal edge bar review reviews: 2024 analysis

Legal Edge Bar Review Center – An In-Depth Review

Legal Edge Bar Review Center is one of the largest and most established bar review centers in the Philippines. For over a decade, they have helped thousands of law students pass the bar exams. In this in-depth review, we will take a comprehensive look at Legal Edge based on student reviews, course materials, teaching methodology and success rates.

Background and History

Legal Edge was founded in 2006 by a group of bar topnotchers and law professors from the University of the Philippines College of Law. Their goal was to bring more innovative and engaging teaching methods to the traditionally dry subject of bar review.

Over the years, Legal Edge has expanded significantly. They now have review centers located in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. They also offer a hybrid online/offline program to accommodate students nationwide.

According to public sources, Legal Edge claims a success rate of over 80% for first time takers under their full bar review program. While exact numbers are difficult to verify independently, their consistent high ratings and reviews suggest above average performance.

Course Materials and Methodology

Legal Edge is known for using a “scientific methodology” in their teaching approach. Here are some of the key elements:

Comprehensive Notes – Students are provided detailed review notes and handouts covering the entire bar exam syllabus. The materials are regularly updated to reflect changes to statutes and case laws.

Lectures and Live Classes – Classes are conducted in-person or online and feature engaging discussions led by experienced bar takers and law professors. Lessons incorporate real bar exam questions.

Coding System – To help with retention, Legal Edge color codes different legal concepts and principles. Answering schemes are also mapped out for essay questions.

Simulations and Mock Exams – Regularly scheduled tests and exams simulate the actual bar exam setting and timed conditions. Feedback is provided to assess strengths and weaknesses.

Online Resources – Students have access to an e-library of supplementary materials including videos, past bar questions and mastery tests they can take anytime through their online student portal.

Doubt Clearing Sessions – Additional review and one-on-one consultations help resolve gaps and clarify difficult concepts. Psychometric guidance is also incorporated.

Through this scientific methodology, Legal Edge aims to:

  • Impart a holistic understanding of bar exam topics and subjects
  • Equip students with practical skills for decoding questions and formulating responses
  • Identify weaknesses and tailor training based on individual needs
  • Reduce test anxiety and boost confidence through realistic simulations

Student Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to evaluate a review center is through what past students have to say. Here are some highlights from Google, Facebook and third party reviews:

Materials and Organization – Students praise the comprehensive notes and materials provided by Legal Edge. They found the topics well-broken down and easy to follow.

Engaging Classes – Reviewers commend the lively discussions and interactive lessons conducted by experienced instructors. This helps retain information better compared to passive lectures.

Helpful Methodologies – The coding, simulations and doubt clearing sessions are singled out as very useful study and exam strategies according to many testimonials.

Success Rates – Many successful passers directly attribute clearing the bar to the training at Legal Edge. Consistently high passing percentages are noted across different bar exam years.

Affordability – While not the most inexpensive, Legal Edge offers installment and scholarship plans to make their programs accessible to students from varying financial backgrounds.

Of course, not all feedback is positive. A few students complained about some lacking video quality for online classes or certain centers not being as well-organized as others. But overall, impressions of Legal Edge remain overwhelmingly good based on several hundred independent reviews found online.

Pricing and Programs

Legal Edge offers the following bar review course packages:

Basic Program – P35,000 (class lectures, review materials, mock exams)

Premium Program – P45,000 (includes online access and doubt clearing sessions)

Instapass Program – P55,000 (all-inclusive with additional guaranteed retake if failed)

Early bird and group discounts are applicable if enrolled by certain deadlines. Payment schemes are also flexible with up to 12 month installment plans available.

For students who can’t attend on-site classes, there is the:

Online Program – Same prices but conducted fully virtual. Recordings of live sessions are provided for self-paced learning.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding law students. Grants are also in place to assist those with financial constraints. Specific center rates may differ slightly so it’s best to inquire directly.

Table 1 – Summary of Legal Edge Course Offerings

Program Price Features
Basic P35K Lectures, notes, mocks
Premium P45K Includes online, doubts
Instapass P55K Retake guaranteed
Online Same prices Full virtual format

Overall, Legal Edge bar review courses provide good value, especially when factoring in their high success rates. Numerous payment options also allow flexibility for students.

Final Analysis and Recommendation

After an extensive review, here is our assessment of the pros and cons of Legal Edge Bar Review Center:


  • Experienced instructors and management team
  • Detailed and well-organized study materials
  • Scientific and engaging teaching methodologies
  • Comprehensive in person and online options
  • Consistently high passing percentages
  • Flexible payment schemes and assistance programs
  • Very positive student reviews and ratings


  • Not the most affordable although prices are reasonable
  • Some quality issues reported for few online classes
  • Success may depend on individual effort and preparation
  • Specific centers could vary in organization
  • No published full statistics to verify 80% claim

In summary, Legal Edge has established itself as one of the top review centers in the country based on holistic offerings, instructor quality, proven track record and overall student satisfaction. While not perfect, they employ cutting-edge systems proven to boost exam preparedness.

For law students serious about maximizing their chances of passing, we highly recommend considering Legal Edge’s review programs. The scientific methodology and fool-proof strategies shared are worth the investment, especially for repeat test-takers. Customer service is also responsive.

With proper time commitment and individual study, Legal Edge provides an excellent environment for bar success. Just be sure to enroll early to fully benefit from their comprehensive program.

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