ipams job hiring 2024: all you need to know

Top Overseas Job Opportunities with IPAMS in 2024

IPAMS or Industrial Personnel and Management Services Inc. is one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in the Philippines with over 37 years of experience in job placement both locally and abroad. In this article, we will explore the top overseas job opportunities you can expect from IPAMS in 2024 based on their previous records and job market trends.

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare has always been one of the most in-demand fields when it comes to overseas employment. IPAMS regularly facilitates the deployment of Filipino nurses, caregivers, medical technologists, and other medical professionals to countries with aging populations and shortages in healthcare workers. Some of the top destinations that typically have openings for healthcare professionals through IPAMS include:

Country Indicative Jobs
United States Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Caregivers, Medical Technologists
United Kingdom Registered Nurses, Caregivers
Canada Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Caregivers
Germany Registered Nurses, Caregivers
Japan Registered Nurses, Caregivers

IPAMS strategically partners with hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare staffing agencies in these countries to deploy Filipino healthcare professionals. With growing demand, healthcare is expected to remain a major overseas employment sector facilitated by IPAMS.

Construction and Engineering Jobs

Construction projects around the world also require skilled labor from overseas. IPAMS has partnerships with reputable contractors and companies actively involved in various infrastructure and building projects. Some engineering and construction jobs you may find through IPAMS in 2024 include:

Job Title Common Destinations
Construction Workers Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait
Electricians Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
Welders Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
Plumbers Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
Metal Workers Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is a core region for overseas engineering and construction jobs facilitated by IPAMS due to major development projects ongoing in these countries. Salaries are also very competitive.

Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

The travel and tourism industry is slowly recovering from the impacts of the pandemic. IPAMS is well-positioned to deploy Filipino workers to various hospitality-focused opportunities in destinations trying to boost their tourism economies. Some jobs you may consider exploring through IPAMS include:

Job Role Top Locations
Hotel Staff – Housekeeping, Front Desk Agents, Bartenders etc. United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Japan
Restaurant Staff – Kitchen Staff, Servers, Cashiers Thailand, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom
Retail Associates Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy, France

With their strong industry linkages, IPAMS will likely have requirements for service-oriented roles across hotels, restaurants, retailers and more as tourism picks up. The locations listed have traditionally welcomed Filipino talents as well.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching English is a very marketable skill abroad and IPAMS has significant opportunities for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified individuals. Here are some teaching niches you may pursue via IPAMS:

Program Possible Locations
Public School Teaching Assistant/Support Taiwan, Japan, France, Spain
Private School English Teacher South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE
University English Professor Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan
Online English Teacher Anywhere – USA, Europe, Asia

Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America remain key recruitment corridors for teachers. The rise of online teaching also allows remote opportunities. With a TEFL certificate, your scope expands greatly through IPAMS.

Skilled Industrial and Technical Jobs

Aspiring engineers, technicians or those with technical vocational skills also stand good chances via IPAMS of landing roles abroad. Here are options to explore:

Roles Destinations
Electrical Engineer UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman
Mechanical Engineer Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, UAE
Telecom Engineer Canada, Australia, USA, UK
Electronics Technician Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea
Medical Equipment Technician UK, USA, Australia, Germany

The advanced economies tend to attract technical and engineering talents the most. With qualifications and experience, strategic applications through IPAMS can help you secure such roles.

Advantages of Exploring Opportunities through IPAMS

Here are some key advantages of exploring potential overseas job prospects through a reputed agency like IPAMS:

  • Extensive network and country partnerships to tap relevant opportunities

  • Recruiters and counselors dedicated to looking out for suitable roles matching qualifications

  • End-to-end support through entire recruitment and deployment process

  • Ensures all documentation and requirements are organized to secure desired jobs

  • Monitors and addresses concerns promptly once deployed via partner offices abroad

  • Insight on compensation standards and workers’ rights in destination countries

  • Facilitates skill and language tests, medical exams where required

In conclusion, IPAMS is well worth exploring if you’re interested in an overseas job adventure in 2024. Regular communication and strategic assistance from their end can boost chances across these promising avenues.

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