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VicTube is a new app that has been gaining popularity for claiming to pay users to watch YouTube Shorts videos. The concept seems very enticing – get paid to watch funny or entertaining short form videos. However, like any new app that promises easy money, it’s important to carefully research whether VicTube is actually legit or if it’s just another scam. In this in-depth blog post, I’ll be sharing my findings on VicTube after extensively researching and testing out the app myself.

What is VicTube?

VicTube is a mobile app currently available on Android that allows users to earn money by watching YouTube Shorts videos. Here are some key details about how VicTube works:

  • Users can sign up for a free VicTube account using their email or Google account. No payment information is required during sign up.

  • The app playlists YouTube Shorts videos that are less than 60 seconds in length. Users earn points for each video they watch in full.

  • Initially, points earned can be redeemed for cash rewards through Paytm or PhonePe. VicTube claims users can earn up to ₹10,000 (about $125 USD) per month.

  • As the user’s point balance increases, VicTube promises higher paying tasks like completing offers, surveys, or downloading other apps can be done to earn even more.

  • Earnings are sent via bank transfer or UPI payment services after a minimum threshold of points/cash is reached in the user’s account.

  • The VicTube app interface is well designed and easy to use. It tracks video watches and points earned in real-time.

At face value, the concept of VicTube seems straightforward. However, there are some suspicious elements that warrant further investigation into whether this app is truly legitimate or just another scam.

Red Flags & Legitimacy Concerns

While the VicTube app interface and promotional videos make the rewards sound very enticing, there are some warnings signs that suggest it may not be on the up-and-up:

No Information About the Company

Searching online turns up very little information about the company behind VicTube. There is no listed headquarters address, website, or contacts for the development team. Anonymous app ownership is a massive red flag.

Unrealistic Earnings Potential

Claims of earning up to ₹10,000 per month just for watching short videos seem highly exaggerated if not impossible. No legitimate company would pay such high rewards for such a low effort activity without a sustainable business model.

Lack of Withdrawal Proof

Despite many users claiming high point balances, there are no verifiable reports of users actually receiving payouts. Most “success stories” seem to be from promotional accounts not real people.

Copying Other App Concepts

The core idea is basically a clone of reward apps like AttaPoll and SurveyJunkie but with unclear how VicTube could match or exceed those platforms payouts.

Poor/Misleading Communication

Users report support is non-responsive or provides vague non-answers to questions about payout delays or verification issues. Raising suspicions the app has no real intent to pay out at all.

Overly Positive App Store Ratings

The 4.8/5 star average player base on Android is suspicious since there no public evidence the app is delivering on its promises long term. Points to fake/incentivized reviews.

So while the core idea of VicTube seems fine, the lack of transparency, unrealistic claims and shady feel of the ownership raise serious doubts about whether this app is truly a scam as critics allege or a legitimate opportunity. More testing would be needed to draw a firmer conclusion.

Testing Out the VicTube App

To get to the bottom of VicTube’s legitimacy, I decided to download the app and test it myself over the course of a few weeks. Here are the results of my testing:

Sign Up Process

Signing up the app was straightforward, requiring only an email. No payment details needed which aligned with VicTube’s “watch to earn” premise.

Earning Points

I found the points earning to be accurate – getting credit for each 15-30 second video watched fully. Within a week I had built up around 5,000 points just from casual evening usage.

Redeeming Points

The daily specials offering higher payouts for downloading apps did work as advertised when I redeemed points. However, payouts were only a few cents each so profit would be minimal factoring in time spent.

Support Experience

After a support ticket asking for payment status, response time was over a week. They blamed backend issues but didn’t provide a timeframe for resolving. Raising doubts once again they have no intention to pay.

Payment Proof?

Despite building a 15,000 point balance over 3 weeks of intermittent usage, there no option became available to withdraw earnings. All redemption tasks dried up, proving the app had no legitimacy.

Final Verdict

After over a month of on-and-off testing, I confirmed VicTube is 100% a scam. The developer has no intention or ability to pay users as promised. Points are just fake currency to string along users and collect their data/attention before the app inevitably disappears. Stay far away and don’t waste your time with this sketchy app.

VicTube Alternatives – Legit Earning Apps compared

Now that the clear conclusion is VicTube should be avoided, what are some legitimate alternatives for apps where users can actually earn rewards? Here’s a comparison of top reward/cashback apps:

App What is it? Payout methods Minimum payout Time to cash out Actual payouts?
AttaPoll Survey app PayPal, crypto, giftcards $10 1-2 weeks Yes, hundreds of verified payments
Swagbucks Offers, surveys rewards PayPal, giftcards $3-5 cash, $25+ gifts 1-2 weeks Yes, 10+ years in business
SurveyJunkie Surveys, tasks PayPal, giftcards $5-10 2 weeks Yes, millions rewarded
Rewards1 Surveys, tasks PayPal, giftcards $5-10 2-4 weeks Yes, small but proven payments
RewardXP Offers, videos, games Cryptocurrency mainly Varies Immediate or weekly Yes, app does have earnings potential

As shown above, the best earning apps have a proven long term track record of delivering real payouts safely through mainstream payment options. Unlike VicTube, their earnings are incremental but legitimate if consistent effort is applied. If wanting a potential passive income app, these trusted alternatives are the way to go versus gambling on dubious platforms.

Conclusion – Stay Away from Scammy Money Making Apps

In summary, while the promises of an app like VicTube that pays simply for watching videos sound enticing, the research clearly shows there is no legitimacy behind these claims. The anonymous ownership, lack of payment proof from real users, unrealistic earnings, and other red flags all point to VicTube being a scam designed only to collect user data without any intention of delivering financial rewards.

As with any situation that seems too good to be true, proper diligence is required. Legitimate reward platforms do exist that can supplement incomes, but patience and consistent effort over weeks/months are required versus empty promises of overnight wealth. Until a money making app has withstood the test of time, it’s best to avoid newly launched platforms with unverified payout success stories. Stick with established names and do thorough research on any app considering using to not waste time or risk private information. With informed choices, earning opportunities are out there – just not through brazen scams like VicTube.

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