5 Online surveys that pays through mobile money in cameroon!!!


For some years now, the adoption of mobile money has been on a geometric rise. Cameroonians view mobile money as a more convenient and accessible means of moving money or funds from one person to another.

The benefits or advantages of mobile money are many. Some of them include accessibility it brings to rural areas, reduction in cash dependency, lower transaction costs, and job opportunities for an unusually many number of individuals who act as mobile money agents. And the most and important reason why mobile money is needed is the fact that you can earn online through it.

What is an online survey?

According to indeed, they explained An online survey job is a means of earning money by filling out surveys. People can complete surveys at home with an email address, a personal computer and an internet connection. Surveys can have a variety of formats, but they usually contain multiple pages of questions about your habits and preferences.

Types of Online Survey Websites

Online survey websites bring together many surveys to complete and make money or earn rewards.

It is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is answer questions and get paid or earn any other form of reward from them.

But the problem is there are many online survey websites out there that are not reliable, will not pay or will deceive you. Because of this, we have listed the most reliable online survey websites you can make money from or earn rewards from. These sites are accessible and good to go on all networks that uses mobile money in India, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, the UK, South Africa, and worldwide.


Here are the best online survey websites to make extra cash and get paid via mobile money:


  1. Swagbucks
  2. ySense
  3. PaidViewPoint
  4. SurveySavvy
  5. Toluna
  6. Mobrog


Let’s take a look at each of these survey sites in detail:


5. Toluna:

Toluna is a very trusted online survey website that allows you to complete surveys test products, and you make money or earn rewards doing that. They are popular worldwide as they have millions of members completing online surveys and earning.

They reportedly have the biggest companies in the world as clients who use their platform for market research.

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You earn points that you can redeem for reward or money. For joining, you are given 500 points for free. You can also refer a maximum of 10 friends every month to earn more points.

According to their website, the reward may take up to 8 weeks to get to you. It is available to almost every country worldwide, from the United state of America , United Kingdom, Canada, India, Nigeria, and many more

4. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is a company that was founded in 1999! They offer you an opportunity to earn money by completing an online survey. Once you sign up, you will receive invitations to complete online Surveys with them.

You can make more money by inviting your friends to join. And you can request payment once you reach minimal of $1.

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From observation, they only pay in Dollars. They send payment via check. It can take up to 4 weeks or more to receive compensation from them, but they pay! They certainly pay! Every review we have seen from users confirms that they have been paying.

3. PaidViewpoint

PaidViewPoint is one of the most reliable online survey websites out there. They offer you an excellent opportunity to make money by completing online surveys with them.

You get up to $1 just for signing up with them And you can complete as many surveys as are available and earn money. You can also refer friends and make $25 free each time they cash out (your referrals).

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They have what is called Trait score. You can earn a traitscore per review you complete. The trait score will increase the number of surveys you have each month and how much you make per survey. If at all you can build your trait score among the top 10 users on the site, you will make more money per survey you complete.

Once you have earned up to $15 on their website, you can request payment. They are available almost in every country in the world.

PaidViewPoint is one of the most highly rated online survey websites. They have the most positive reviews from users online.

2. ySense

ySense (ClixSense) is a trendy Survey website that pays, and many widely love it. They give everyone an excellent opportunity to make money by completing online surveys, playing games, doing eight figure tasks, testing a new product, and more.

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They are available worldwide. That means you can join the company and make money no matter the country that you are in. Whether you are in the United States of America , India, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, you can use ClixSense and make money. It is one of the few online survey websites open to everyone and pays out to everyone.

They have an excellent rate per survey. While testing it, we earned $1.5 for our first Surveys. You will see the amount before taking the Surveys.

Depending on your country, there are surveys you will not qualify for. But you will be eligible for many. The good thing is that you can refer your friends from any part of the world and get a bonus and commission.

They have levels too; the higher your level, the more money you make from each surveys.


They Payout not more than 5 days after you request your money, but you must earn up to $10 to ask for Payout. You receive your payment from Payoneer, Skrill, and some other options. I recommend you use payoneer. You receive money into your payoneer account, and from payoneer, you transfer it to your bank account anywhere almost instantly.


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is by far the most popular online survey website available worldwide. They offer to sign up rewards and provide various ways to make money from them. You get paid to complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and many more.

You earn points for every survey you complete. The points are known as swagbucks (SB). Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for cash or a gift.

online surveys
This online survey website is trendy among internet users and has gathered many positive reviews. It is available worldwide.

This is the most popular and reliable Survey website. There are only two options available to send funds to your mobile money: Amazon gift cards and paypal.

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