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“ is Legit or scam platform.

In today’s Review, I will be revealing all you need to know about this online earning platform known as “”

In this “ Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is Legit? Is scam? How does works? Who is the owner of registration/signup, login or signin, is paying? withdrawal, Plans and Packages and many more about will be discussed in this “ Review”

What is Flashmine?

Flashmine is a unique platform, created to empower people and boost their income. Just like other website, flashmine is a mining platflorm whereby people earns daily but they added some interesting features like daily withdrawal for both miners and affiliate which made it more fun.

According to the platform, “Flashmine is a digital mining application designed to be a highly secure platform design for future miners. Start mining and achieve the highest level of Hashrate.

FLASHMINE is a dual purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to utilize flashmine Virtual mining technique, which is intended for evaluating mining revenue and as well as conversion of Flashmine units to real word money and cash out as at when due. It is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range from for newcomers”

You can also earn on the platform by referring or inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link. when anyone register on the platform using your link, you get a commission for each referral.

How To register on

To start participating and earning on this platform known as “”, you must be a registered member on the platform.

To get started on, you will be required to visit their official website (www. contact a coupon code vendor to purchase your coupon code which is N3000 or N7000.

Then, return back to the platform and start your Registration.

When you register on the platform you can start carrying out the mining exercise on the platform.

notes: To avoid story that touches of remittance from the company, purchase your code from the first vendor. Most times, the first vendors are who pay the company so they can be trusted. So, you will not have any issue with them in any way.

Difference between the 3000 and the 7000 plan on Flashmine.

If you are not new in affiliate and you want to earn or don’t want to lose, GO FOR THE 7000 PLAN. The 7k plan is the best no matter what and according to how things are, the 7k plan get their payment faster, better and they withdraw on every withdraw days unlike the ones on 3000 plan.
The 3000 plan has a daily earnings of 200 which you have to come to the site everyday to mine. Unlike the 7000 plan that you don’t have to come to the site. Just by registering once and boom, you are good to go and you get 500 daily.

Also, is the issue of the referral bonus. The 3000 package has a referral bonus of 1200 per referral and 2800 for the 7000 package. It also comes with indirect bonus of 150 and 350 for each package.


According to what we have done and the researched we have given, Flashmine is known to be a legit platform which means you are good to go. But they have some sick of favouritism for the 7000 plan than the 3000 plan but the truth is that both will get paid.





Rating: 5 out of 5.

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