Ebay: how to ship to Cameroon from eBay after shopping.

Does eBay ship to Cameroon?

This question really needs you to read this whole article for better understanding on how eBay works. If not, you will not be able to ship.

What is EBay?

eBay is a popular online platform where an individuals and businesses can buy and sell used or new items online.

This post will show and guide you on how to shop from eBay online, either by bidding in an online auction or buying at a fixed price and also how you can get your items fully delivered to your doorstep in Cameroon.


To buy or order something on eBay, you can do so either by an auction where individuals can place bids, and the highest bidder wins, or using “buy it now,” where a price has been set for the item you wish to purchase, and you buy in the same way you buy from any other online store like Amazon, Ali express, etc

How to Shop on eBay and Ship to Cameroon?

Here is the step by step guide on how to buy on eBay:

Sign up on eBay

If you don’t have an account yet on eBay, sign up to join eBay now since you need to have an account before becoming a buyer or seller on the platform.

Note: To sign up, you must fill in your name and email address and select a password. Once you have put in the details required, click on the “register” button at the bottom of the screen.

      After registering in the eBay platform, you can now go ahead to search on the item you need in your account. You can go well by choosing if you want all this by auction or by buying once.
    After you must have successfully purchased and added to cart all what you want from eBay, you can then go ahead to ship to Cameroon which is your country.

Adding your Cameroon delivery address on eBay

The first thing you need to know about this is the fact that not all products gets shipped to Cameroon. However, that doesn’t mean anything for I can personally say, all products can be gotten and collected in Cameroon. If you are ordering for a product in and it is available, you can then use the address of your place. (Mainly place of work or where you stay). If not, then you have to use the address of a relative or friend you know in the USA as your delivery address. The relative can send the package to you when someone travels back to Cameroon. This is especially mandatory for packages that only ship to the United States of America. Also, you can use a post box address to enable the delivery of your item to your doorstep in Cameroon.

To add your delivery address, do the following:


  • Click on the dropdown close to your username
  • Click on “Account settings.”
  • Then click on “Addresses.”
  • Then click on “View all ship”ing address” to add a delivery address.

How can I ship things from EBay to Cameroon without having someone in USA?

Yeah. I know some set of people will ask this question and that is mainly the reason why I will be adding this.

Not everyone knows someone in the United state of America or not everyone can trust someone even though they have a large population of over 300 millions inhabitants. So, the best thing one can do in this way is to ship internationally using freight forwarder.

How does freight forwarder works?

Typically, a freight forwarder owns a warehouse in the United States of America. When you establish an account with them, they will provide you with a United state of America address where you have your packages delivered.

You can buy all sorts of items off of eBay or any U.S. retailer and have them shipped to that address.

The freight forwarder will receive packages for you and then help you in consolidating the  items into a single package and send it on to you in Cameroon.

What makes this more interesting and okay is the fact that you can calculate the shipping before sending items through their service. Their website will have a calculator for you to use.

The good thing is even before using their service you can calculate how much it will cost you if you decide to send your items through their service. They have a calculate in which you can use on their website to do so.

With a freight forwarding service in America, you can shop just as if you are right in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

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