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Isheda means what?

How does Isheda works?

Is legit?

Is scam?

Who owns Isheda?

Where is Isheda located?

How to contact Isheda?


Earlier this week, we started receiving messages and mails from people asking us if Isheda is legit or fake.

First thing first and it is the fact that this post will be updated over time so for anything seen now can be changed before coming back here!!!

    What is Isheda?

According to the company, Isheda is the online marketplace for the Industrious Nigerians. Isheda is a yoruba word whuch means “creation” describes the core principle of the company, offering a platform to help you bring your creations to life and make money from them. Isheda offers you DIY electronic components at affordable unbeatable prices as well as gives creative individuals or SMEs (Small and medium enterprises), both in arts and crafts an opportunity to reach a wider customer base. Just like creation is not limited, neither is Isheda. As a company Isheda is, it strives to lead with our principles, reachable by the mass, affordable for all, it is useable, and makes it possible for people to create. Through Isheda, they hope to achieve a sustainable ecosystem that supports global influence, for all businesses regardless of their present capacity.


Currently, the following are what you can sell at

1. Art and collectibles: yarn arts, painting, sculptures, abstract arts, etc.

*2. Arduino projects:* Arduino UNO Fingerprint Door Lock, Arduino Music Instrument, UNO Home Automation, Arduino Robot Car, etc.

*3. DIY Electronics:* Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle, Walking Power Generator Floor Tiles, etc.

4. Books:* Genres like; Motivational, inspirational, spiritual, novels,
5. Tinker Kit Projects*
*6. Home and Automation*
*7. Cloth and accessories:* Readymade clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

How do I contact Isheda

You can contact them by

Their phone number, email or address.

  • +2348092205588
  • Green Garage, House 5, Stateline Road, FUTA South Gate, Akure, Nigeria


You can contact us by emailing us on or messaging us via whatsapp on +2347036074565.


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