How to steal a fowl or chicken

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First thing first and it is the fact that we will not be in any problem or any case when whatever here is caught and also, we write this as a joke or fun. Stages of stealing a fowl.
Since we do not know or predict how the area is seen, so, you have to use your intellectual knowledge in doing this. What I mean by intellectual knowledge and me not predicting is the fact that, some area will have enough security in the day while some will be at night. What I mean by this is the fact that some people are going to go to work at mid day (afternoon) and the fowl will be outside while some will be sleeping and the fowl will be protected maybe inside cage or any other thing. Let us write about fowls from another area and you going in the mid day time which can be the hardest time.

Know more about the area:

Leaving fowl aside, in any criminal activities done anywhere or anyplace even in movies (money heist as an example) you have to know more of the things or some things there even more that some people staying at the area. So, you have to move and know more about the area for some days depending on your intellectual skills.

   Wear oversized non transparent shirt.

On the day of the operation you need to wear a thick and oversized clothing. Kindly know that in no occasion must you wear a very thick or heavy cloth. The real thing is that one must always have plan B in any operation for example in money heist or prison break. So, on that day wear an oversized and non transparent clothing.

Pretend as if you are catching cold

On your way, many will try to ask you what is wrong. The best reply is to ignore and jeep moving. When you say nothing, some idiot nice people will try to confirm and when you say you catch cold, some will try to help you maybe to the nearest center. So, the best thing to do is to move on.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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