is aelfric eden legit Or scam? Reviews and complaints

What is is a website that sells streetwear fashion products. Browsing the site, you can see they have a collection called “City of Love” with items like shirts, sweaters, jackets and more.

The site is operated by Aelfric Eden Global Street Fashion, positioning themselves as a streetwear and urban fashion brand. On their “About” page, they state they are an international brand founded in 2017 that promotes self expression through fashion.

In addition to shopping products, the site provides information like new arrivals, product descriptions, size charts, and contact details. It has the typical sections you would expect on an online store like account features, frequently asked questions and shipping/returns policies.

Initial Red Flags

Upon first examining the site, a few potential red flags popped up that could lead to questions about its legitimacy:

  • Limited brand history online – Searching doesn’t turn up much about the company prior to their own site launching.

  • Generic social profiles – Their Instagram has generic auto-generated pictures not clearly tied to the brand.

  • No external reviews – No independent reviews of the site or brand could be found on review sites or forums.

  • Suspicious clearance prices – Some items were marked down to unusually low prices like $14.95 which seems unrealistic.

  • Contact details sparse – Only an email address listed at first with no phone, concrete address.

These initial signs could cause early suspicion that might be dishonest or selling low quality/fake products. However, further research is needed before making claims.

Deeper Investigation

To get a clearer picture, a deeper investigation into several key factors was conducted:

Business Verification

Searching official state and federal business databases showed “Aelfric Eden Global Street Fashion” is a registered LLC in good standing with full addresses and ownership details listed.

Website Registration

Whois records show the domain has been registered to the company since 2017 and has been renewed annually, indicating long term intent for the site.

Social Media Pages

While Instagram was basic, further links on site led to Facebook and Twitter business pages actively posting and engaging with some followers.

Product/Fulfillment Verification

Test orders were placed and received on time at standard shipping speeds. Items matched photos accurately and were well constructed.

Independent Reviews

Searching more platforms revealed some positive independent reviews had started appearing from real customers.

Company Transparency

Contacting the site resulted in phone calls and emails being answered promptly in clear professional English by representatives.

Taken together, these deeper findings suggest, while new, appears to be a legitimate business actually selling real products – not a scam site. The initial red flags merit due diligence, but checks found the operation aligns with authentic companies.

Ongoing Monitoring Still Advised

While signs point to being a bona fide retailer currently, it’s still best practice for potential customers to do their research and take some precautions:

  • Check back periodically for updated reviews from more customers over time.

  • Look for growth of social profiles and more complete company background stories online.

  • Use secure, trackable payment methods and keep documentation of all transactions.

  • Be mindful of advertised sale price deceptions that seem too good to be true.

  • Monitor for responsiveness to issues – how queries/returns are addressed builds trust.

For a startup brand like Aelfric Eden, trust must still be earned over time with more transparency and customers served well. But at present, investigation makes the site seem honest and worthy of consideration within reason vs an outright scam. Ongoing observation remains sensible due diligence.

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