is launching deals legit or scam? Microsoft office reviews

Launching Deals Microsoft Office Reviews: What You Need to Know

When researching affordable ways to get Microsoft Office, many people come across deals promoted by sites like Launching Deals. But are these offers truly legitimate, or just too good to be true? In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Launching Deals and provide tips to help you make an informed decision.

Do Launching Deals Prices Seem Believable?

One of the first things to examine is whether Launching Deals’ price points for Microsoft Office packages line up with reality. Genuine Office licenses from reputable retailers typically cost several hundred dollars for a perpetual download license.

Launching Deals, on the other hand, frequently advertises Office packages for $50 or less – sometimes at supposed discounts of 80-90% off retail prices. While sales do occur, cuts of that magnitude from major brands tend to only happen during major holidays. The drastically reduced prices promoted by Launching Deals raise reasonable skepticism about the nature of the deals being real.

Is Launching Deals an Authorized Microsoft Partner?

To legally distribute Microsoft software, a company must have a contractual agreement in place. Launching Deals does not appear on Microsoft’s list of authorized resellers and partners. This means they do not have direct permission or supply from Microsoft themselves to sell Office licenses.

Without that affiliation, there is no guarantee Launching Deals offers will provide genuine, supported Microsoft software instead of counterfeit or stolen goods as feared by many online reviewers. Buyers have no recourse with Microsoft in those cases either. Accepting Office deals from unauthorized sellers brings inherent risks.

What Do Real Customer Reviews Reveal?

Taking the time to research reviews from past Launching Deals customers exposes some concerning patterns. Many report not receiving working product keys after purchase as advertised or getting keys that cease functioning shortly after activation.

Others mention it became clear the software being distributed was pirated or diluted trial versions rather than licensed commercial editions. There are also numerous accusations of Launching Deals failing to provide refunds for broken transactions as promised on their site.

The combination of too-good-to-be-true pricing plus consistent complaints about undelivered products suggests Launching Deals is not operating ethically in getting Microsoft software to shoppers. Proceeding with high caution is only prudent given the volume of negative reviews online.

Are Launching Deals Support Services Reliable?

Part of any reputable software sale includes support for issues that arise post-transaction. Yet judging by reviews, Launching Deals customers report very long response times or complete lack of responses to requests for replacement keys, refunds or assistance.

No legitimate reseller would leave buyers hanging without recourse for weeks or longer. And Microsoft is very unlikely to aid anyone purchasing outside authorized licensing channels anyway. The mismatch between Launching Deals’ sales promises and lackluster follow through reported reinforces portrayal as an unreliable outlet.

Safer Alternatives Exist for Getting Microsoft Office

Since there remain credible doubts about Launching Deals delivering on its ads for Microsoft software, focusing efforts to acquire Office through vetted partners ensures a safer experience overall.

The Microsoft Store provides peace of mind by selling directly from the source. Popular resellers like CDW, Amazon and Best Buy uphold agreements with Microsoft that scrutinize inventory sources and provides official warranties. Even flexible subscription plans are available to use Office apps legally for as long as needed via top providers like Microsoft 365.

Why risk money, time and frustration over deals that numerous shoppers describe as problematic or deceitful when better authorized choices clearly exist? Opting to buy Office from channels Microsoft directly oversees makes the most practical sense.

Overall Impression – Launching Deals Gets Poor Marks

After digesting available evidence, it becomes very difficult to view Launching Deals as a trustworthy outlet, especially considering the huge volume of negative reviews shared by past buyers online. Although deals look exciting on paper, the poor delivery track record and unauthorized status present much bigger risks compared to rewards.

Verified merchants exist ready to suit all types of budgets seeking Microsoft software legitimately and without compromising on product quality or support. Launching Deals displays too many red flags to confidently rely on as a source given the reasonable concerns over shady practices reported across the web. When concerns linger, sticking to official supply chains ensures zero regrets down the line.

In Summary

When looking to purchase Microsoft Office licenses or subscriptions at fair prices, aim to transact through trustworthy partners like the Microsoft Store itself, top retailers, accredited schools or verified subscription providers. Launching Deals’ notices “too good to be true” offerings and flood of complaints cast serious doubt over the site actually delivering promised goods and service. Verify consistent positive reviews from multiple reliable angles before considering any unconfirmed third-party seller online. Buyer beware means do thorough homework protecting purchase choices wisely.

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