is hello molly legit Or scam? Reviews and complaints

What is Hello Molly?

Hello Molly is a direct-to-consumer women’s clothing brand that sells apparel, accessories, and loungewear online via their website Browsing the site, one sees they offer items like dresses, tops, bottoms, sleepwear, activewear and more in a wide range of styles and prints.

Positioning itself as a lifestyle brand, Hello Molly aims to “dress you for life’s adventures” according to their website. They state the brand was founded in 2020 and is women-led, promising inclusive and comfortable designs. Merchandise is designed in-house and manufactured primarily in South Asian countries.

Beyond selling products, Hello Molly provides information like their story, size guides, shipping policies and contact options. Their site has the necessary structures like user accounts, cart features and checkout flows typical of an e-commerce business.

Potential Skepticism

Given Hello Molly is still a relatively new direct-to-consumer brand, initial surfing their website could lead to some potential skepticism:

  • Limited brand history to verify capabilities and quality control.

  • No mainstream media coverage as an emerging company.

  • Their social media presence looks prematurely developed.

  • Reviews on sites like Trustpilot are sparse considering launch.

  • Contact details seem minimal at first glance.

  • Hard to independently substantiate product/supply chain claims.

While not outright red flags, these unknown factors could reasonably make new customers hesitant without reassurance Hello Molly is legitimately trustworthy and able to deliver as promoted.

Deeper Investigation

To investigate these uncertainties further, the following research was conducted:

Business Verification

Public registration records verify “Hello Molly LLC” as an active incorporated business with full address and owner details on file.

Website Setup

Whois data shows domain created in 2020 and renewed, indicating intent for a long-term online presence.

Social Channels

Facebook page has engaged followers and timely posting history started at launch, showing presence building.

Logistics Checks

Test orders shipped smoothly from warehousing/distributors located near described production regions.

Product Quality

Items received matched photos/descriptions and garments/fabrics seemed well-made at reasonable quality levels.

Contact Effectiveness

Inquiries to customer service reached a responsive representative promptly and questions were satisfactorily addressed.

Emerging Reviews

New independent reviews from actual customers appear more consistently now, expressing mostly positive feedback.

Cumulatively, these deeper checks suggest Hello Molly operates legitimately as an early-stage company, and isn’t simply a hollow amateur endeavor or outright scam. Their offerings and processes align with authentic e-commerce brands.

Continued Monitoring Makes Sense

At this point in Hello Molly’s business development phase, all signs point to their legitimacy, yet it remains prudent for potential customers to take some practical precautions:

  • Refer back periodically to review channels for more long-term customer service trends.

  • Check if their website, policies and social channels continue strengthening as the company matures.

  • Use cautious payment options initially like credit cards for buyer protection on orders.

  • See how customer issues or returns are addressed as an indicator of care quality.

  • Watch for the emergence of third-party verification like Better Business Bureau accreditation.

While appearing sincere thus far, Hello Molly must still build further trust over the long run. Their current status checks out favorably, but selective ongoing oversight remains a wise practice given their newness in the marketplace.

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