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An Overview of Eastvantage Business Solutions

Eastvantage Business Solutions is a business process outsourcing company based in the Philippines that provides various back office services to clients worldwide. Founded in 2003, they have grown to employ over 2,000 people across multiple sites in Manila and Cavite.

Some of the key services Eastvantage offers include document processing, data entry, customer support, accounting & finance support, and more. Their clients span various industries such as fintech, ecommerce, telecom, utilities and more. Maintaining high quality standards is a key focus for the company.

This blog post will delve into reviews left by former employees on the popular jobs site Indeed.ph to gain insight into what it’s like to work for Eastvantage. Both positive and negatives will be highlighted to give readers a well-rounded perspective.

Positive Reviews about Eastvantage

Overall, the culture and work environment at Eastvantage seem to be appreciated based on Indeed reviews. Some highlights of praise included:

  • Management is described as approachable with an open-door policy by multiple reviewers. Issues can be brought up easily.

  • Training provided is thorough to prepare new hires. Onboarding is taken seriously to ensure employees can do their jobs effectively.

  • Work-life balance feels maintained with adjustable shift options. Reviewers say overtime is rarely mandatory if not wanting it.

  • Perks like food allowance, transportation assistance, and an on-site clinic boost satisfaction with compensation.

  • Career growth opportunities mentioned including internal transfers and promotions for high performers over time.

  • Team-oriented approach emphasized where experienced staff help newer hires. Colleagues generally get along.

  • Location of offices near transport hubs in Manila and Cavite is convenient for commuting staff.

Overall, it seems Eastvantage strives to maintain a supportive company culture where employees feel respected and cared for in their roles. The feedback paints them as an employer focused on staff needs.

Criticisms of Eastvantage

Of course, no company is perfect and Eastvantage does have its challenges according to reviews as well:

  • Salaries an area of contention with some stating pay feels low relative to experience and the industry. Raises not always significant.

  • Training quality/length called into question by a couple reviewers who felt underprepared after. Ongoing learning support varies.

  • Work process adjustments like new systems, tools or KPI changes caused short-term hurdles for select teams adapting.

  • Inter-department cooperation at times poor with silos limiting support across functions like HR, operations, projects etc.

  • Rapid recent growth led to some growing pains like outdated facilities and equipment in older sites.

  • Under-resourced support teams observed to struggle keeping up as volume increased from new clients/projects.

  • A handful cite favoritism/politics as concerns within management ranks impacting career moves for some.

Overall, it seems common growing pains as the scale of operations has increased. Salaries also remain a potential opportunity. But feedback is balanced with many positive accounts as well.

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Work-Life Balance & Company Culture

Based on reviews, Eastvantage appears to make maintaining a reasonable work-life balance and company culture a priority:

  • shifts are flexible with adjusted start/end times to fit employee needs

-overtime is not mandatory and work can be wfb if desired to balance family responsibilities

-coaching circles help onboarding while buddy systems lend peer support

-regular team-bonding events foster camaraderie beyond work

-frequent staff celebrations recognize service milestones and achievements

-canteen, shuttle services and on-site medical clinic ease daily stresses

-annual company trips and volunteer activities build team spirit

-training rotations provide development beyond regular roles

While targets must still be met, reviews highlight employee well-being as important as productivity. A supportive environment is fostered through various community-centric efforts.

The Hiring & Onboarding Process

Reviews shed light on Eastvantage’s hiring methodology and onboarding program:

-Application screening checks educational/skills fit before shortlisting candidates.

-Initial assessments evaluate communication skills and problem-solving aptitude.

-Technical testing assesses specific program/system knowledge depending on role.

-First interviews focus more on personality/culture fit over strict qualifications.

-Second interviews involve scenario-based problem-solving demonstrations.

-Offers rolled out within 2-4 weeks including standard 6-month probation.

-Thorough 6-week paid classroom training covers core topics and role simulations.

-OJT under mentors provides hands-on practice of learned concepts.

-Regular performance reviews aim to address any gaps early in probation.

-Certification exams assess competency before role assumption.

Thorough vetting and skilling prepares new hires for success according to reviews. Focus lies more on learning than targets initially.

Opportunities for Improvement

While fairly positive overall, some constructives emerged from Indeed reviews on potential Eastvantage improvements:

-Create a more formal career path framework mapping roles/skills to clear progression roadmaps.

-Review compensation regularly against inflation/industry to retain top performers long-term.

-Expand technical/soft skills training budgets to continually upskill the workforce.

-Facilitate knowledge sharing more between departments to strengthen collaboration.

-Streamline internal systems/processes as scale increases to maintain productivity.

-Undertake regular staff satisfaction surveys and implement resulting action plans.

-Address outdated facilities/equipment in a planned refurbishment program.

-Leverage analytics better to optimize workforce allocation against shifting demands.

-Formalize mentorship programs to develop next-generation leaders from within.

Open communication of such efforts could help address lingering concerns surfaced by reviews.

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In closing, Eastvantage comes across as a conscientious employer focused on developing a supportive culture and skilled talent pool according to impartial Indeed feedback. While not perfect, they take staff satisfaction seriously through community building efforts.

Competitive salaries and career roadmaps could be strengthened further. But successful scaling also brings growing pains addressed over time. Overall, positive work environment and training standards shine through reviews for new hires and experienced staff alike.

Eastvantage serves as an example of how upholding human-centric values like respect, care and learning yields dividends in both operations excellence and retention of top talent in the complex BPO landscape. Their future looks bright if continuously evolving services.

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