juneyao airlines review 2023; is juneyao airlines safe?

An Introduction to Juneyao Airlines

Juneyao Airlines is a Chinese airline based in Shanghai, China. Known by its IATA code HO, Juneyao Airlines operates scheduled domestic passenger and cargo services within China as well as international routes to destinations in Asia.

Founded in 1995, Juneyao Airlines started with just one aircraft and has since grown to become one of China’s largest privately owned airlines. As of 2022, their fleet consists of over 130 aircraft serving over 80 cities in China as well as international destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, Taipei and more.

This blog post will provide an overview of Juneyao Airlines including their history, routes, fleet, and what traveling with the airline is like based on consumer reviews. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of this major Chinese carrier.

History and Growth of Juneyao Airlines

Juneyao Airlines was founded in 1995 by the Juneyao Group, a major Chinese conglomerate. They began operations with just a single Fokker F-28 jet aircraft serving routes within eastern China like Shanghai, Quzhou and Hangzhou.

Over the following years, Juneyao steadily grew their fleet and route network within China. A key turning point came in 2005 when they added their first Boeing 737 jet, significantly expanding their capacity. By 2010, their fleet had grown to over 30 aircraft serving over 50 domestic destinations.

International routes were added starting in 2011 with flights from Shanghai to Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. More Asian destinations like Taipei, Taiwan and Cebu, Philippines were launched in subsequent years. As of 2022, Juneyao Airlines has over 80 routes covering cities within China as well as a handful of international points.

Their growth trajectory has been impressive for a privately owned airline. By maintaining a young, fuel efficient fleet and focusing on profitable domestic and regional international routes, Juneyao has consistently posted profits. They are now one of the largest Chinese carriers after the big three state-owned airlines: Air China, China Eastern, and China Southern.

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Route Network and Destinations

As a major domestic airline within China, the bulk of Juneyao Airline’s routes connect cities across the country. Their largest hub is Shanghai Pudong International Airport where they operate one of the busiest networks of routes among Chinese carriers.

Other key hubs within China include Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Dalian and Shenyang. From these hubs, Juneyao offers nonstop flights to over 80 points all across China ranging from major cities to smaller regional destinations. Popular routes include Shanghai to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Xi’an among others.

Internationally, Juneyao’s route network remains relatively small compared to their domestic presence. Key Asian destinations include Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, Taipei in Taiwan, and Cebu in the Philippines. Flights to these points typically operate out of their Shanghai hub on an scheduled basis.

They have attempted additional international routes in the past that did not stick such as Shanghai-Kathmandu, China and Nagoya, Japan but have remained primarily focused on feeding passengers from China to their Asian network instead of pursuing significant long haul operations.

Fleet Information

A big part of Juneyao Airlines’ growth has been maintaining a young and fuel efficient fleet. As of early 2022, their mainline fleet consists of the following aircraft types:

  • Airbus A320 (45 aircraft): Workhorse narrowbody powering much of their domestic network.

  • Airbus A321 (34 aircraft): Larger variant of A320 family used for higher capacity routes.

  • Boeing 737-800 (41 aircraft): Common Boeing narrowbody also used worldwide.

  • Embraer 190 (12 aircraft): Regional jet primarily flying indirect routes in China.

The average fleet age is around 6 years, making it one of the youngest in Asia. This allows Juneyao to operate efficiently while keeping maintenance costs low. Further aircraft on order includes 13 additional A321neos to be delivered through 2024 for fleet expansion.

In addition, their regional subsidiary Juneyao Airlines Group operates a fleet of Embraer ERJ-190 and Xian MA60 regional aircraft under the Juneyao Airlines brand to supplement the mainline fleet. This gives them flexibility to serve smaller Chinese cities.

Travel Experience and Reviews

So what is it like to fly with Juneyao Airlines based on first-hand reviews from customers? Here’s a breakdown of key aspects of the flying experience:

  • On-time performance: Reviews consistently praise Juneyao for being punctual with few reported delays. This is vital in China’s busy airspace.

  • Cabin and seating: Economy seating is narrow with limited legroom but clean. Some older aircraft may have dated interiors. Food options are basic but free of charge.

  • Staff: Flight attendants are rated as friendly, polite and helpful. Unlike some Chinese airlines, foreign languages are rarely spoken.

  • Check-in: Pre-booking and online check-in available but the airport process is rated poorly with disorganization and long lines cited.

  • Entertainment: No personal screens or WiFi on flights. Shorter domestic hops have no entertainment at all.

  • Baggage policies: Standard Chinese allowances of 1 checked bag up to 23kg. Excess baggage fees can be expensive.

  • Overall experience: For the affordable fares within China, most agree the on-time performance outweighs other limitations. Complaints are seldom severe. Foreign travelers find it a reliable option.

Fare Prices and Deals

It’s widely known that airfare prices within China are among the cheapest in the world when booked on the major airlines like Juneyao. Here are some examples of typical prices:

  • Shanghai to Beijing: Starting around 250 RMB or $40 USD one-way in economy.

  • Shanghai to Guangzhou: Around 300 RMB or $45 one-way.

  • Shanghai to Chengdu: Fares begin at 350 RMB or $55 one-way.

International routes are cost competitive too. For example, average prices from Shanghai to Bangkok are 1300 RMB or $200 roundtrip including taxes. Most prices can be found lower if booked well in advance.

Juneyao also runs regular promotions for seats at discounted prices. Students, military personnel and seniors may qualify for small fare reductions too. While no frills, the affordable fares make flying within China accessible for both business and leisure travelers.

Booking through online travel agencies like Ctrip or direct with Juneyao unlocks the lowest available rates. Bundles with discounted hotel stays are sometimes offered, particularly for domestic travel during holidays. Staying flexible on travel dates can save significantly.

Cancellation Policy

Juneyao’s general cancellation policy as an airline is as follows:

  • Ticket changes before flight departure: An additional fee that is half the difference between the original and new ticket price.

  • Cancellations 2+ hours before departure: Refund the remaining value of the ticket minus an administrative fee.

  • Cancellations less than 2 hours before departure: No refund given.

Some exceptions may apply depending on factors like fare rules, advanced purchase, and route. For example, cheaper economy fares are often non-refundable once booked while business class allows more flexible changes.

International tickets tend to have more flexible policies than domestic Chinese ones. It’s best to thoroughly check the fare rules at time of booking to understand cancellation limitations. Travel insurance is highly recommended as well to cover any unexpected cancellations closer to departure.

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Overall Impression

In conclusion, Juneyao Airlines has established itself as a leading Chinese carrier over the past 25+ years of operations. With affordable prices, extensive route network coverage across China and parts of Asia, and consistent on-time performance, they offer a reliable transportation option.

While the experience onboard lacks some of the amenities of other international airlines, customer reviews suggest service is amicable and professional. Issues like disorganized check-in processes appear to be more reflections of the cut-throat Chinese aviation market overall.

For domestic travel within China especially, Juneyao remains one of the top choices among both locals and foreigners. Its steady expansion into new routes and fleet additions show there are no signs of slowing down growth anytime soon either. With young fleet ages keeping costs low, they remain well positioned within the competitive industry.

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