bacha coffee review 2023: is it the best coffee in Singapore

Discovering a Taste of Moroccan Luxury in Singapore

Singapore is renowned as a global hub where cultures from around the world intersect and influence one another. From local hawker favorites to international cuisines, the dining landscape offers a truly diverse range of options. One recent addition bringing a dash of exotic Middle Eastern flair is Bacha Coffee – a boutique coffeehouse transplanting the opulent atmosphere of a iconic palace in Morocco.

Located in the high-end Ion Orchard mall, Bacha Coffee’s interior design successfully evokes the ornate setting of its namesake and origin point, the legendary Dar El Bacha palace in Marrakesh. With intricate tile work, brass accents and an elegant color palette, stepping inside feels like being transported to the former imperial city’s fabled halls.

This article will provide an in-depth review of the Bacha Coffee Singapore experience based on a recent visit, highlighting key aspects like their extensive coffee menu, luxurious brewing process, delectable pastries and more. Both visuals and descriptive details aim to transport readers right into the reverent setting for a virtual taste of Moroccan hospitality in the Lion City.

A Royal Selection of Coffees

Upon entering Bacha Coffee, the first thing that stands out is the impressive glass display case storing over 200 single origin coffees from around the world. From dark roasted stouts to lighter bodied varieties, flavors span the full spectrum.

To sample some of the extensive options, we started with a Sidamo Mountain coffee from Ethiopia. Known for its vibrant acidity, softening it with a dollop of chantilly cream and sprinkling of vanilla bean brought floral notes to the fore.

Next up was a blend called Montecristo with characteristics of Central American and Oceanic beans like chocolate and butterscotch undertones. Both were expertly prepared using the signature golden gooseneck coffee pot, delivering maximum aroma with each slow pour.

However, our favorite was the 1910 fine flavored coffee bursting with mild strawberry notes – surprisingly unique and delicious. Bacha Coffee truly offers a royal selection allowing even seasoned coffee drinkers to discover new tastes.

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Flavors of the Middle East

Moving beyond the standard international cafe fare, Bacha Coffee’s menu primarily draws inspiration from exotic Middle Eastern cuisine. Their chicken pastilla pastry stood out – flaky filo wrapped around tender spiced meat.

On the lighter side, a refreshing watermelon salad arrived alongside creamy cucumber tzatziki sauce for a fresh counterpoint. Both dishes transported our tastebuds straight to the vibrant souks and markets of Morocco.

Finishing on a sweet note, an array of buttery pastries beckoned from the glass cabinet. We selected both a raspberry & cinnamon croissant tangy with jam, and a layered pandan cheesecake for a tropical treat perfect for photos. The unique flavors showcased Bacha Coffee’s dedication to authentic Moroccan specialties.

Atmosphere of Indulgent Luxury

More than just high quality coffees and food, Bacha Coffee aims to immerse patrons in a luxurious atmosphere matching its namesake palace. From the black and white marble tiles to accent shelves lined with saffron, elegant handcrafted Moroccan elements enhance every detail.

Dimmed lighting, soothing instrumental music and attentive yet discreet staff add an almost reverent sensorial experience. Sipping specialty brews in the boutique’s plush seating feels nothing short of opulent indulgence, living up to Dar El Bacha’s esteemed history hosting royalty and celebrities through the decades.

Such majestic surroundings paired with café charm make Bacha Coffee an idyllic pitstop for relaxation without brazen ostentation. The pleasant ambiance invites patrons to slow down and truly savor each moment.

An Educational Experience

Beyond simply enjoying luxurious coffees and pastries within lavish surroundings, Bacha Coffee aims to educate visitors about their heritage and processes. Knowledgeable baristas can speak in depth about each coffee’s origins and unique characteristics.

Sampling a flight of three single origins allows discerning differences between varietals grown in distinctly different terroir. Display boards provide a glimpse into traditional Moroccan coffee ceremonies still practiced today.

Retail offers an opportunity to bring the exclusive Bacha Coffee experience home. Bags of specialty whole beans or ground options preserve freshness for your own brewing enjoyment. The combined elements offer an interactive cultural immersion.

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In summary, Bacha Coffee presents an exotic escape from busy Singapore streets through transporting décor, expertly crafted beverages and Middle Eastern specialties. Their attention to opulent yet unpretentious detail delivers an indulgent sensory experience on par with hosting royalty as intended.

Beyond exceptional tasting options, patrons gain a deeper understanding of traditional Moroccan hospitality and coffee culture. Overall, this elegant café installment brings a welcome dash of Mediterranean flair to our shores, continuing the city-state’s tradition of diverse culinary discovery.


Bacha Coffee has proven to be a special addition to Singapore’s vibrant food and beverage scene. Transplanting a historic palace’s atmosphere through exquisite design elements and premium offerings, the boutique successfully transports patrons to an exotic new realm. Stepping inside feels like being whisked away to the opulence and old-world charm of Marrakesh through the sense of luxurious reverence instilled.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, Bacha Coffee impresses with its extensive collection of single origin coffees sourced from around the globe. Offering over 200 varieties allows even seasoned connoisseurs to discover new flavor profiles and crafts rarely seen outside specialty roasteries. The signature golden gooseneck pots enhance each brew’s complex layers, poured with the elegant choreography of a choreography. Each nuanced cup transports drinkers on a sensory adventure rather than just fulfilling caffeine cravings.

Complementing diverse coffees, the menu draws inspiration from authentic Moroccan cuisine. Dishes like the flaky chicken pastilla pastry and refreshing watermelon salad introduce patrons to traditional specialties through artfully prepared bites. Finishing on a sweet note, an array of buttery French pastries infused with exotic ingredients from pistachio to pandan satiate any sweet tooth. The focus on high quality, expertly crafted preparations matches the opulent surroundings.

Yet what truly distinguishes Bacha Coffee is how it envelops all senses in an immersive cultural experience beyond just dining. The boutique nurtures an almost sacred ambiance through meticulous details, allowing patrons to slow down and truly unwind. Coupled with knowledgeable staff passionate about coffee traditions, the space fosters appreciation for handcraft rather than hurried transactions. Tags explaining origins and tasting notes elevate it beyond consumption to education.

Even the retail area empowers visitors to continue the journey at home. Taking bags of whole or ground specialty beans preserves that exclusive flavor profile for future enjoyment. Understanding varied growing regions enlightens perspectives on a daily cup. In the bustling city environment most cafes aim to optimize throughput, Bacha Coffee prioritizes quality over quantity in a way that has become increasingly rare.

Ultimately, what Bacha Coffee achieves through extraordinarily curated elements is an oasis of indulgent luxury accessible to all. Rather than ostentatious flaunting of wealth, the boutique strikes a refined balance exuding understated opulence through meticulous hospitality. Such reverence for heritage, culture and craft resonates deeply with patrons seeking reprieve from fast-paced realities. As the brand’s first location outside Morocco, they have deftly woven an authentic experience beloved by locals into Singapore’s urban landscape.

Through transporting patrons across continents via all senses, Bacha Coffee has raised expectations for the elevated experiences possible within the city. Their formula of exotic culinary traditions paired with extraordinary services in an immersive cultural setting sets a new standard for specialty coffee, dining and education. With various factors seamlessly elevating the ordinary to extraordinary, Bacha Coffee deserves recognition as one of Singapore’s premier destinations for indulgence and discovery alike. Their contribution in broadening cultural appreciation while indulging all senses has been nothing short of dazzling.

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