Alat by wema USD earnings. Wema bank domiciliary dollar account. Buy and sell!

  • How do I open wema bank domiciliary account

  • How much is the rate per dollar for USD

  • How do I credit my Nigeria domiciliary account

  • How do I credit my USD account

  • How can I open access bank domiciliary account

  • How to open Gtbank domiciliary account

  • What is domiciliary account

  • Difference between dom light and standard domiciliary account

  • Is 2000usd the limit of a domiciliary account?

  • How to get my dollar account funded

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The following are what we will be talking of today.

Firstly, what is a domiciliary account?

According to the UBAGROUP , They defined domiciliary account as any account type that is run in foreign currency. It could be a savings or a current account, but it is in every other currency but Naira.

On this post, we will be talking of the dollar domiciliary account Especially through Alat by wema. I will personally be explaining everything I know about it. Kindly note, you wont find any post online that will be as detailed as this!!

You can connect to me on WhatsApp about any questions on this and i will surely answer you. I can also help you in funding, withdrawal of your account.

Kindly know this post will be edited every-time what i mean is that I will keep adding more things to this post weekly. But don’t fear, nothing will be removed, it will only get added!

How can I open a domiciliary account?

As I have said i am using Alat by wema my main example here due to the fact that its the only one i am presently using and i don’t know or cant say about others. I opened my own domiciliary account from the alat by wema application. Once you are in tier 3 savings account on your real bank account (Naira), you can then easily open a domiciliary account. Tier 3 savings account is the highest savings account you can open on wema app. Kindly know I have never step into wema bank before in my life and i have been using their app for a year now. Both the Naira bank account and the dollar bank account was opened on the app. So, once you have a normal bank account, domiciliary account is as easy as ABC.

Steps in opening domiciliary account on Alat by Wema

Once you are ready to open the domiciliary account from your mobile app, kindly go to my accounts. My accounts can be seen once you click the profile icon on the dashboard. The same page you see your accounts, account information, account history, statement of account and set spending limit, you will notice create account on top of it. Once create account is clicked on the alat app, you will notice, domiciliary account, current account and joints account. img 9266

Click your domiciliary account and get it created by choosing the type of currency you want (usd more preferrable) and you are done. A dom lite domiciliary account is created!!!

How do i fund my domiciliary account and withdraw from it?

This is the most complex and hardest part. There are many ways you can get your domiciliary account funded. If you use alat by wema, you can contact or connect with me though. The dollar rate on alat or all banks generally is really low. I can show you different place to get another. Im not charging a dime though. Kindly note that you aren’t wiser than bank!! You can’t deceive them nor can you deposit. Deposit into your alat account can only be done by getting credited from external account. Note, A Nigerian bank domiciliary account wont credit yours. E.g, someone using access bank domiciliary will never be able to send funds to another person using alat by wema bank domiciliary account. There are several ways you can get it funded though. Also, note, you getting dollar and wanting to deposit into it will never work unless you have upgraded to a standard domiciliary account!!!

How do i upgrade to a standard domiciliary account

Whenever you open or a domiciliary account gets opened for you, kindly know it is by default a lite account.

Kindly note that the domilicary which is dom-lite account limit is $2000 while the standard dollar account which is dom-plus has no limit.
Here are the necessary documents you need to submit at the branch to operate a standard dollar account.

  • Duly completed account opening form
    including signature mandate card 


  • 1 Passport Photograph 

  • Valid ID (National ID card, Driver’s
    License, Voters ID, or International Passport) 

  • Evidence of residential address (Water,
    Electricity, Waste, or telephone) 

  • 2 References (like a guarantor that will stand for you)

How do I withdraw from my domiciliary account. 

Just like I explained earlier, you cant dupe bank here and moreover, you cant expect me to write all what i know about this in public. There is something called arbitrage but im not really going into that today. Withdrawal from your domiciliary account will also be done at bank. Yes, you cant convert. But kindly know, i can also buy from you though. Bank buys presently at 424 per dollar but i can help you in selling it at the default price if interested though. So, thats it!!!

This posts will be added as time goes by. Any other thing, give your comments or message me on WhatsApp

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