2. When did it start

3. What are the mode of its activities

4. How do dey make their profits and there strengths

5. How reliable are they

6. Who founded it

7. Which country

8. Their risk management


OSES TRADING INVESTMENT* is a subsidiary of *OSES MLM GLOBAL SERVICES LTD* , a company that trades for you and pay you 1% of your money from Monday to Friday and pay’s you directly to your local bank account at end of every 30 days.

OSES MLM GLOBAL SERVICES LTD* , was founded in 2019, and begot *OSES TRADING INVESTMENT* in the year 2021 with it’s office at Abuja and Gombe State as at today as we strive to circulate round the globe soon.

Making money on the platform consists of three parts:

1. Return on investment

2. Invite rewards one time commission.

3. Commission on referral to our Travel and Tours et cetera.

OSES TRADING INVESTMENT generates it’s strength and profits from various partners around the globe as well as thus:

* Agriculture

* E- Commerce

* Travel and Tours

* Real Estate

* Contracts and

* General Merchandise Trading


OSES TRADING INVESTMENT has some board of directors and shareholders; they offer one million share’s everywhere and we are insured that if anything happens to the company, the investor’s can be compensated with there capital

Oses was fully founded by Chief Amb. Dr. Abigail Peter fihsd*

(Maga-yakin Deba Yamaltu of Gombe Emirates) and it is located in Nigeria, in West Africa. OSES TRADING INVESTMENT* is an investment company, that brings an opportunity for us to improve the standard living conditions of our economy.

Is Oses a ponzi scheme?

Oses trading investment is not a scam company

Is not a Ponzi company

Is not mlm company and not an affiliated company.

OSes trading investment is subsidiary of OSes MLM global which has been existence since 2019.

Which means oses on it own have many financial duty since 2019, and this investment part is just subsidiary part of it.

I just want you to understand deep about it when they said, oses trading is a subsidiary of OSes MLM .

Since oses comprised of many subsidiary branches, which includes:

OSes real estate : since 2019

OSes agriculture: since 2019

OSes venture : since 2019

OSes snail farming: since 2019

Oses honey: since 2019

Oses herbal tea: 2022

Oses flight traveling: 2022

OSes trading: 2022

Generally approved by efcc: 2022

CAC approval: 2019

This simply means we investors are just taking part from one of their subsidiary ecosystem which is oses trading investment part.

And the door is widely open for many other ecosystem which means we can also make profit from them all, without depending on only oses trading subsidiaries part.

*How do I make more profits from other subsidiary parts*

1. We can partner with OSes real estate and make huge profits, for those who are into real estate business.

In this parts you can buy house or any property from oses without paying the full money, just instalment payment you will be proud owner of a brand new house and property’s

2. Oses herbal, to trades with OSes herbal tea directly , you will be direct distributor in any state you are, you will be only source that buy from our company and distribute to many other people and enrich yourself hugely ✅

Here those who are into pharmacy can make huge profits here .

OSes ventures, here you can imports cloths of any type, electronic, cars etc from OSes and sell to any one and make your profits, in all this there is no percent attached payout for you, you are responsible for your profits and control all your profits.

OSes flight traveling agent, here you make 3% profits again when you refer someone to obtain their visa, and flight ticket through oses, here if you are flight agent and you want to be making good commission daily, it is possible you earn 3% daily more than oses trading parts, and take profits instantly when your friends or customer book their flights through oses.

OSes trading, here is just where you all think the company based or focus on and taken a token of 20% monthly and it started newly and waxing stronger.


Oses referral plan?

Oses did not start from scratch with giving of referral profits but at the beginning of june, 2022, they added and posted about giving 20% of your registration bonus back to the sponsor.



THIS is to show appreciation for bringing your family and friends and for the betterment of everyone,

OSES COMPANY have decided to schedule oses affiliate *SPONSOR* commission

Earn 20% commission from your direct subordinate sign up fees.



Packages of 50k

Sign up fees 10k

Sponsor commission 20% of 10k

Sponsor profit 2,000

Packages 100k

Sign up fees 10k

Sponsor commission 20% of 10k

Sponsor profit 2,000

Packages 200k

Sign up fees 10k

Sponsor commission 20% of 10k

Sponsor profit 2,000

Packages 300k

Sign up fees 20k

Sponsor commission 20% of 20k

Sponsor profit 4,000

Packages 500k

Sign up fees 20k

Sponsor commission 20% of 20k

Sponsor profit 4,000

Packages 1,000,000

Sign up fees 20k

Sponsor commission 20% of 20k

Sponsor profit 4,000

Packages 2,000,000

Sign up fees 50k

Sponsor commission 20% of


Sponsor profit 5,000

Packages 4,000,000

Sign up fees 100k

Sponsor commission 20% of


Sponsor profit 10,000

Packages 6,000,000

Sign up fees 150k

Sponsor commission 20% of


Sponsor profit 15,000

Packages 8,000,000

Sign up fees 200k

Sponsor commission 20% of


Sponsor profit 20,000

Packages 10,000,000

Sign up fees 250k

Sponsor commission 20% of


Sponsor profit 25,000

*Who is a sponsor?*

A sponsor is that lovely soul who have decided not to depend on his investment and hence partnering with this company by sharing this wonderful opportunity to family and friends.

Whoever you bring to this platform,

You will be rewarded.

*Note* :

In all business, there is always a gift to customer who promote individual business,

So in oses company they appreciate you with the above token as thank you for bringing your friends.

Oses plans?

image 1

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The two pictures posted above is Oses investment plans. The signup cost is just the money used in registration for the platform while the trading capital is the money you invested into the platform. Sometimes, the signup cost can be removed for someone though.

How can i register?

Oses isnt an online ponzi scheme but rather an offline investment trading whereby you invest into the platform without using website. You can message me on whatsapp though to add you into any of the group after the commencement of your registration.

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