tunegaga legit or scam (tunegaga.com) is scam.


What is Tunegaga?

Tunegaga.com is a platform originally designed for for music lovers to get paid for listening to music. It is an online platform recently launched, and it attracts all countries music lovers to listen to music and stream videos to get paid for it. 

Users have to sign up and start listening to the music of their interest and get paid for it. The platform claims to pay each user every week using different payment modes, and the platform is active on 180 nations and social media channels. 

Despite so many hypes, people are still reluctant to join the platform. So, they are looking for relevant info and want to know if the platform (tunegaga) is Scam or a legit platform.             

How Does Tunegaga.com Works?

Tunegaga.com is the online site to promote songs of new artists. It attracts worldwide music lovers and urges them to listen to those new songs as per their interest, and in return, they get paid for listening to music. 

Users have to sign up and like or share their views to get rewards and money. The money is added to the user’s account, which they can withdraw directly every weekend on their Crypto wallet or bank account. Users also earn money by referring the website to family and friends.


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Is Tunegaga Scam or Legit?

It is the question that many users have in their minds. It is important because nothing comes for free, and getting paid for listening to music is unacceptable for many users. So, we have created a list of factors to help you decide whether it is a scam or a legit platform.

  • Despite having a trust score of 2%, the site is quite popular amongst worldwide users. users consider it the best platform to make money by watching short videos and listening to music. The site has a trust rank of 58.3/100. 
  • The website was created on 16th July 2021, and it is only 142 days old. The domain has the validity till 16/07/2022.
  • We have found many reviews, and many users are inquiring is Tunegaga Scam or legit. We found multiple reviews with the highest rating of 4.6-star on Trustpilot. It has got mixed reviews, where some consider it a scam, and some say it is legit, creating confusion amongst users. 

I made different research about the platform and I can see different people complaining about the platform being scam but it takes a courageous platform for the owner or support to come out and address issues of what caused delay in withdrawals and other things. This is their reply 

‘Hello users of Tunegaga.com

Since I have to use all channels by court order and reviews of Tunegaga.com were made here too, I am now using all channels.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we have lost the injunction at the competent court in the first instance and that there is no prospect of success in the further instance.

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The company is not allowed to pay out the profits and Bitcoin mended and is frozen. This procedure is now used to reimburse the start-up capital.

As a result, every user has to make his claim via his BTC wallet. Your start-up capital is deposited in our system and we are now legally required and legally obliged to reimburse this verifiably.

To enable you to avoid any issues, send

0.0037 BTC

to the following wallet address

Then save your wallet address with the date / time of the transfer as a PDF (no screenshot) and your registered user name as the last entry. Send the document to our e-mail in .pdf format and the amount of 0.003500BTC will be added to your balance automatically.

tunegagasuport @gmail.com

This reimbursement must be carried out by the court in the period from
February 5th, 2022 10:00 am CET
April 7th, 2022 9:59 am CET.

Claims after this period can get 20% additional.

We apologize for this action!!’


can we join tunegaga?

As i have said earlier, their are different mixed reactions about this platform, thus not allowing us to know which and which is to be used but personally and advice from us, we will advice you not to even think if joining the platform not to talk of wasting your time.


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