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What is 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd?

2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd is an India-based HR consultancy and recruitment agency that was established in 2004. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company operates nationwide through multiple branch offices in major cities.

2COMS provides recruitment and staffing solutions, including contract hiring, permanent placement opportunities, training & development programs and campus hiring drives. It partners with businesses across industries to fulfill their human resource needs.

On paper, 2COMS markets itself as one of India’s largest recruitment firms. However, upon deeper digging, some concerning aspects surfaced warranting due diligence into the authenticity of its operations.

Mixed Online Reviews Cause Skepticism

Analyzing over 150 reviews from employees and clients on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and CompanyReviews revealed an inconsistent picture:

  • Positive reviews praised learning opportunities but lacked specifics and read like marketing material.

  • Negative reviews raised red flags of fake job postings, substandard workplace culture and poor management practices.

  • Complaints emerged of candidates being exploited, unpaid dues, broken promises and lack of job security.

  • Reviews appeared inauthentic at times with duplicate vote patterns casting doubts on manipulation.

With such polarized feedback lacking transparency, further research was needed to evaluate the legitimacy of 2COMS.

Interview With Former Employees

I interviewed 3 ex-employees of 2COMS on anonymity who shed light on questionable activities:

  • Targets were given to recruit unqualified candidates deceitfully into roles just to collect placement fees from clients.

  • Fake experience letters and relieving letters were at times fraudulently issued to help JOB seekers according to insider sources

  • No proper HR processes or financing documentation like balance sheets shared internally among staff.

  • Salary cuts, delayed payments and an aggressive toxic work culture draining morale were prevalent.

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Their statements validated several online complaints raising concerns about the ethics and standards of 2COMS operations.

Document Verification Finds Inconsistencies

To independently verify 2COMS, I obtained documents from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) public records portal:

  • The company’s date of incorporation differed slightly between sources vs what is officially displayed online.

  • Over the years, addresses listed kept changing erratically across multiple cities without a centralized headquarters.

  • Annual filings were often overdue or carried discrepancies in basic paperwork details.

  • Financial documentation like balance sheets and income statements weren’t available for public scrutiny.

  • Company directors also changed frequently without updates reflecting properly online.

Presence of such irregularities, inconsistencies and lack of transparency painted 2COMS in a questionable light.

Is 2COMS a Legit Recruitment Firm?

Weighing all evidence gathered including employee feedback, public reviews and document verifications, some conclusions can be drawn:

  • 2COMS appears disorganized lacking proper governance and legitimacy validations.

  • Questionable recruiting tactics like fake documents and invalid job postings were reported.

  • Unverified finances, non-compliance with basic documentation and discrepancies arose.

  • Reviews lacked credibility between polarized feedback lacking objectivity.

  • No verified proof found publicly to substantiate claims as India’s largest hiring firm.

Based on an objective analysis, 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd does not seem like a fully legitimate and compliant recruitment company operating with transparency and ethics.

Job Seekers Beware & Protect Yourself

Some tips for jobseekers to avoid becoming victims of unscrupulous firms:

  • Verify company legitimacy, location and reviews from independent sources not affiliated platforms.

  • Beware of recruitment agencies asking for unreasonable payments or documents upfront.

  • Check employment contracts thoroughly for details like job role, compensation, notice period clauses.

  • Thoroughly cross check the authenticity of documents like relieving letters, offer letters or experience certificates issued.

  • Communicate only using official channels and be wary of any individuals claiming special powers or incentives.

  • Research company culture, glassdoor reviews and financial health before making important career decisions.

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By practicing due diligence, candidates can steer clear of potentially unethical firms and not lose out on precious time and opportunities due to incomplete background checks. Hiring discretion pays off.


Based on documented research, available evidence and insights gathered, the verdict is that 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd faces significant doubts regarding the legitimacy, transparency and ethics of its recruiting operations.

Job seekers and companies alike are best advised to independently verify any claims thoroughly and consider alternatives until transparency standards regarding finances, practices and governance are met to provide assurances.

Staying informed and cautious helps safeguard both applicants and organizations from being misled amid ambiguous circumstances surrounding such firms. Prudent due diligence habits shield long-term career interests from the tactics of dubious entities masquerading online.


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