yaguan black dew shampoo review 2024; side effects and complains

Introduction to Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Yaguan Herbal Shampoo is a product that claims to help cover gray hair using natural herbal ingredients. Made with botanicals like black sesame, mulberry, and walnut, the shampoo promises to turn white or gray hair black in just 5 minutes. However, as with any hair product making bold claims, it’s important to take a balanced look at both the potential benefits and limitations of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo based on customer reviews and scientific research.

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore what real users are saying about their experience with Yaguan Herbal Shampoo. We’ll analyze the pros and cons, investigate how it works, and consider any precautions that should be taken. We’ll also compare it to alternative hair coloring products and debunk common myths. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Yaguan Herbal Shampoo could be worth trying for your own gray hair needs or if you may want to consider other options.

How Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Works

Yaguan Herbal Shampoo contains several natural ingredients that are believed to help cover gray hair when used regularly. Here’s a quick overview of the key botanicals and how they may provide coloring properties:

Black Sesame – Often used in traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds contain plant pigments called lignans that could temporarily tint hair strands. When massaged into gray hair, the lignans may adhere to and obscure any white or light hued strands.

Mulberry – The mulberry plant is rich in anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that also act as natural dyes. Applied to hair, mulberry extracts could coat the hair cuticle with a dark pigment, disguising signs of graying.

Walnut – Similar to other tree nuts, walnuts are full of polyphenol plant compounds. Some research has found that when walnut powder is formulated into hair products, it can deposit color onto hair fibers on contact.

When these key ingredients are blended into a liquid shampoo formula, their coloring constituents are able to wash over and briefly adhere to gray hairs during use. However, it’s important to note that their effects are only temporary until the next shampoo, unlike permanent hair dyes.

What Users Are Saying

To get a well-rounded view of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo’s actual performance, let’s take a look at what verified customers are reporting about their experiences using it:

Praise for Effective Gray Coverage

Many positive reviews mention being pleased with how well the shampoo covers up gray strands. When applied as directed, the dark pigments from the herbal extracts seem able to successfully disguise signs of graying for the duration of each use. This makes Yaguan Herbal Shampoo a budget-friendly option for those wanting to temporarily conceal gray hair.

Complaints of Dry or Damaged Hair

On the downside, some critical reviews point to problems like dry, brittle hair after repeated washes. A few users reported scalp irritation or hair that felt limp and straw-like. This suggests the formula may be too harsh for very fine or chemically treated hair types.

Concerns Over Short-Lasting Color

A common grievance is that the coloring effect fades rather quickly, usually within a few days at most between washes. So while it masks grays each time used, the color pick-up is not long-lasting. This means more frequent application is needed to maintain results.

Praise for Natural Ingredients

On a positive note, many reviews highlight how they appreciate Yaguan Herbal Shampoo’s all-natural plant-based formulation. It offers a chemical-free way to cover gray hair for those sensitive to other product ingredients.

In summary, while Yaguan Herbal Shampoo seems to conceal grays well temporarily per use, its effects may not last as long as permanent hair colorants. And certain hair types prone to dryness could experience damage over extended use. But formulating with herbal extracts is a plus for those seeking a natural solution.

Pros and Cons of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Let’s break down some of the key advantages and limitations of this hair product:


  • Covers grays temporarily each use
  • Made with botanical ingredients like black sesame and mulberry
  • Budget-friendly compared to professional coloring
  • Easy and quick to apply like regular shampoo
  • Gentler option for those sensitive to chemical dyes


  • Color wash-out is very quick between applications
  • May damage or dry out fine, permed, or color-treated hair
  • Inconsistencies in ability to fully cover all gray strands
  • No long-term hair dye effects, only temporary coverage
  • Individual experience can vary greatly based on hair type

While Yaguan Herbal Shampoo offers a natural solution to cover grays, its inability to provide lasting color and potential to cause damage for some hair types are downsides. So it may be better suited as an occasional treatment rather than a main coloring product.

Tips for Effective Use

If you do decide to try Yaguan Herbal Shampoo, there are some best practices that could help optimize results:

  • Apply generously to wet hair and massage for 5 full minutes before rinsing. This ensures the extracts can fully coat strands.

  • Use a moisturizing conditioner after to prevent drying effects, as the pigments can be harsh.

  • Only use 1-2 times per week max if you have fine or damaged hair prone to breakage. This formula may be too stripping for frequent washes.

  • Supplement with a colored dry shampoo or styling products between washes to extend coverage duration.

  • Be gentle when rinsing to avoid pigment runoff onto skin or clothing where it can cause stains.

  • Start with a test patch behind the ear first in case of any allergic reactions to the natural ingredients.

Following these tips can help you safely use Yaguan Herbal Shampoo to mask grays temporarily without compromising hair health.

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Yaguan Herbal Shampoo vs Permanent Hair Color

When considering options for gray hair coverage, it’s important to compare Yaguan Herbal Shampoo to more long-lasting permanent hair dye formulas:

Pros of Permanent Hair Color

  • Effects last 4-6 weeks typically between applications
  • Wider color selection with vivid tones beyond just black
  • Easier maintenance than frequent re-application
  • More reliable full coverage of all gray/white hairs

Pros of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

  • All-natural herbal formula avoids harsh chemicals
  • More budget-friendly than recurring salon dye jobs
  • Gentler for those who may be sensitive to PPD and other synthetic dyes
  • Convenient for occasional touch-ups vs major coloring

While professional grade permanent hair color is unbeatable for longevity and reliability, Yaguan Herbal Shampoo offers a natural alternative better suited for spot treatments rather than ongoing full head coloring. Both have pros depending on needs and preferences.

Side Effects and Precautions

As with any hair product, there is always a small risk of potential side effects from ingredients that certain individuals may have sensitivities to. Here are some things to watch out for when using Yaguan Herbal Shampoo:

  • Scalp irritation or inflammation from plant pigments if skin is very sensitive
  • Temporary staining of skin around hairline that will wash off
  • Eye irritation if product accidentally gets into eyes during application – rinse out quickly
  • Allergic contact dermatitismanifested as itchy, red rash on scalp or face
  • Potential for minor digestive upset if large amounts are accidentally ingested

To play it safe, do a patch test on small area behind ear first. Watch for any tingling, burning or itchiness within 48 hours before full use. Discontinue immediately if reactions occur. And consult doctor for guidance on alternative options.

With proper precautions like above and following instructions carefully, most people can use Yaguan Herbal Shampoo without issues thanks to its natural formulation. But as with any new hair product, a test run is recommended.

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FAQs About Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q: Can it be used on all hair types?
A: It’s generally suitable for most hair, but very fine, damaged or chemically treated hair may experience increased drying or breakage with frequent use. Start with 1-2x weekly max if hair has concerns.

Q: How long does the color last?
A: The temporary color coverage provided typically only lasts 3-5 days maximum between washes before grays start becoming visible again. It does not offer the long-term effects of permanent hair dye.

Q: Does it have a strong smell?
A: Reviews note that while the herbal shampoo has a light, natural scent upon application, it is relatively mild and not overpoweringly fragranced like some commercial hair products.

Q: Can it stain skin or clothing?

A: Yes, there is a possibility of minor staining on skin or fabrics from the herbal pigments if the product is not rinsed out completely. To avoid this, take care to wash hair over the sink or in the shower instead of over clothes. Light stains on skin around the hairline can usually be removed with soap and water.

Q: Is it safe for color-treated hair?
A: Those with chemically treated hair like perms or previous hair dye jobs may find that Yaguan Herbal Shampoo is too harsh and causes increased drying or breakage with ongoing use. It’s best for color-treated hair to use it sparingly, like 1-2x per month maximum. Untreated virgin hair tolerates it better.

Q: Does it help with hair growth or thickness?
A: While some customer reviews anecdotally claim they noticed increased growth or hair appeared thicker after using Yaguan Herbal Shampoo, there is no scientific evidence that any of the herbal ingredients can stimulate follicles for improved growth. It is primarily a temporary hair coloring product.

Hope this comprehensive review of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo gave you a well-rounded understanding of what real users report, how it works to cover gray hair, tips for safe use, downsides to be aware of, and how it compares to permanent hair dye alternatives. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

Conclusion – Is Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Worth Trying?

In conclusion, Yaguan Herbal Shampoo offers an inexpensive natural option for those seeking an herbal solution to temporarily mask gray hair a few days at a time between washes. Its key benefits include:

  • Budget-friendly pricing compared to recurring salon dye jobs
  • Formulated with nourishing botanical ingredients like black sesame
  • Gentle enough for those sensitive to harsh chemicals in box dyes
  • Masks grays each time used though effects are short-term

However, there are some compromises to be aware of as well such as its inability to provide long-lasting coverage and potential risks for very damaged hair types.

Overall, Yaguan Herbal Shampoo could be worth a try as an occasional treatment product rather than a primary coloring solution. Just be sure to do a patch test initially and monitor your unique hair’s response. With proper precautions, many users report satisfaction with its gray-hiding abilities each wash. Just manage expectations that you’ll need to reapply periodically to maintain results.

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