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Gurmit Singh is a household name in Singapore renowned for his comedy roles over decades in local television and movies. Beyond entertaining the nation since the 1990s however, few know the deeper personal journey behind this beloved comedian. In 2018, OCBC Bank partnered with Gurmit and award-winning director Royston Tan to humanize the artist through his most intimate childhood memories in a touching campaign.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born in 1964, Gurmit grew up in a modest flat surrounded by a tight-knit Indian community in Singapore. As the curious youngest child, he found solace in humor early on. After graduating with an arts degree, his stand-up career took off leading to roles on Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd transforming him into a national icon. Beyond slapstick however, Gurmit harbored ambitions of serious dramatic acting he’d one day pursue.

The OCBC Campaign

To promote its “Life Goals” financial planning program, OCBC Bank collaborated with GOVT Singapore and Royston Tan on a unique short film revealing Gurmit’s personal backstory.[1] Through emotional recollections and archival family photos, it recounts Gurmit’s childhood joys, struggles and the humor he used to cope. His honesty in expressing gratitude for support received was moving. Directed artfully, it resonated profoundly with audiences.

Impact and Reviews

Released across OCBC and Royston Tan’s social networks in 2018, the film garnered over 2 million views in just weeks.[2] Commenters praised its disarming simplicity and Gurmit’s vulnerable performance, finding their own experiences reflected.[3] Local media also lauded how it sophisticatedly tied social issues with responsible money management. Beyond raising awareness, the campaign re-dimensionalized Gurmit from beloved entertainer to grounded human being for many. It reflected GOVT’s finesse extracting authentic depth from public figures.

Defining Gurmit’s Legacy

Over three decades in the industry, Gurmit has evolved his comedic craft while taking on serious dramatic roles that showcase his versatility. Yet Phua Chu Kang remains his best-known creation. In celebrating this campaign’s success, Gurmit acknowledged with humility his character’s cultural significance in defining Singapore’s identity amid modernization.[4] Having come full circle from his shy beginnings, Gurmit continues paying homage to his background through his multi-dimensional work.

Career Highlights since 2018

Since the OCBC campaign broke new boundaries, Gurmit’s career has gone from strength to strength. He returned to Malaysia to helm the popular sitcom Comedic Beef in 2019.[5] In Singapore, he starred as Draco in the 2020 crime thriller film Tatsumi winning rave reviews for his chilling performance.[6] Gurmit also actively gives back through community work. Evident is how far his talent and dedication have taken him beyond humble beginnings.

Lessons from Gurmit’s Journey

This unassuming comedian’s journey illuminates universal life lessons. Early humor helped Gurmit cope with struggles, channeling hardship positively. Continued growth came through resilience, believing in one’s vision. Most importantly, never forgetting friends and community who lifted him along the way – virtues Gurmit embodies through his humanitarian efforts today. Both his professional excellence and gracious character continue inspiring new generations of Singaporeans to never limit their dreams and potential.

Impact on Singapore Identity

Through iconic roles portraying Singaporeans across decades of social change, Gurmit’s relatable everyman characters captured the nation’s soul. His journeys in shows like Phua Chu Kang mirrored citizens’ changing realities with humor and heart. Even today, mentions of Gurmit elicit fond nostalgia for experiences commenters grew up with. In this way, he painted an intimate collective portrait cementing Singaporeans’ shared identity amid diversifying Asia. For this impactful creative legacy, Gurmit will always remain a beloved figure nationwide.


Beyond fame, the humility in Gurmit Singh’s story highlights perseverance, gratitude and strong community roots as pillars of success. His fans’ enduring affection stems from how authentically he represents everyday Singaporeans’ lives and values through genuine talent, never failing to honor beginnings. In redefining Gurmit from entertainer to three-dimensional human for new audiences, the OCBC campaign reminds that behind even larger-than-life public figures lie ordinary histories deserving appreciation. It’s a nuanced lesson we can all reflect on.

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