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What is is a website that claims to offer a digital greeting card creation and sharing service. It allows users to design, personalize and send eCards for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more.

The site says it has been in business since 2005, but there is little verifiable information available about the actual owners or company behind the domain. No physical addresses or contact phone numbers are provided on the site itself.

Several customer reviews have raised suspicions that ThePerfectGreeting could potentially be operating as a scam. This post takes a deeper look into the concerns and aims to determine if users should consider the site trustworthy.

Lack of Transparency Raises Red Flags

Legitimate businesses typically disclose clear ownership details to build trust with customers. However, ThePerfectGreeting only provides a generic “Support” contact form with no specific company representatives named.

Doing a WHOIS lookup on the domain also does not yield any helpful registration information, as it was registered privately to hide ownership. This anonymity is atypical for established eCard services and immediately raises scam suspicions.

The website design itself contains basic messaging and pricing information with no specifics around security, privacy policies or terms of use. Stock photos are used throughout with no actual photos of employees or facilities.

These kinds of transparency issues from ThePerfectGreeting leave customers with no way to verify the site operators or how personal data shared during eCard creation and payments would be protected and handled.

User Complaints of Phishing and Fake Storefront Tactics

Several reviews posted across review sites from purported customers express dissatisfaction with experiences on ThePerfectGreeting. Common complaints include:

  • Cards designed and paid for but never received by intended recipients

  • Poorly written automated “from” messages clearly not coming directly from senders

  • Inability to reach live support for issues or request refunds for unfulfilled orders

  • Suspicions the site exists only to collect payments and card design info

  • Potential phishing attempts in messages asking recipients to click provided links

  • No inventory or cards actually created, instead using a “fake storefront” model

These sorts of unresolved complaints and reports of unethical practices match behavior seen from other disreputable sites proven to engage in online fraud.

Ongoing Risks of Using ThePerfectGreeting

As long as the site remains active online, customers who utilize the service still risk:

  • Payment details being used for unauthorized purposes

  • Personal information harvested being sold or leaked in data breaches

  • No guarantee eCards will reach intended parties as advertised

  • Phishing messages could install malware if links are ever clicked

  • Continued lack of transparency leaves recourse options unclear

  • False promises meant to mislead and profit off user interactions

While certainly not enough to outright label ThePerfectGreeting a scam, the variety of transparency, policy and user experience issues described should give any potential customers serious pause before trusting the site with sensitive financial or personal details.

Best Practices for Safer Online Shopping

To avoid potential fraud when dealing with unclear vendors like ThePerfectGreeting, it’s wise to follow some basic safety practices such as:

  • Thoroughly researching unfamiliar domains on review sites

  • Checking ownership details are clearly provided upfront

  • Reading detailed policies and confirm contact options work

  • Verifying physical address and registration as a business

  • Using credit cards that allow payment disputes

  • Staying cautious of overly simplistic or generic digital storefronts

  • Considering more widely used established competitors instead

Being an informed cyber-savvy consumer is key to not falling victim to deceptive tactics some questionable online retailers may deploy. Vigilance remains important when sharing private data on unverified sites.

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