scam or legit? Reviews and complaints 2024

What is is an online retailer claiming to offer huge discounts on various products like electronics, clothing, home goods and more. However, numerous customer reports and reviews have flagged the site as a potential scam operation engaging in fraudulent activities.

The domain was registered privately in May 2022, giving little information on the actual owners or operators behind the site. Sharlory presents itself as an established e-commerce vendor, but there is no physical address, phone number or customer service details provided other than a generic contact email.

Suspiciously low prices on popular branded items that seem too good to be true are used to lure customers into placing orders. However, many complaints indicate orders are never fulfilled or customers are sent generic low-quality items instead of what was advertised.

Signs of a Scam in Sharlory’s Operations

Several red flags point to running a scam business model rather than being a legitimate online retailer:

  • No company registration or ownership information available for verification

  • Website design contains many elements copied from established e-commerce brands

  • Contact details are minimal with no operating hours or physical storefront

  • Products show fabricated model numbers and specs not matching genuine items

  • Customer reviews are either disabled or contain many reports of orders not arriving

  • Trust score is extremely low on review sites analyzing scam risk for domains

  • No actual pictures of inventory stocked in a warehouse are provided for assurance

  • Banking information uploaded during checkout is likely being used for fraudulent purposes

All signs point to Sharlory existing solely to collect payments with no intention of fulfilling orders as described, which is a hallmark tactic of deceptive online shopping scams.

Customer Complaints and Unfulfilled Orders

Numerous complaints have been posted across review sites from unsatisfied Sharlory customers. Commonalities in the reports include:

  • Placing an order and payment being processed right away through their portal

  • No confirmation emails or tracking provided once order is marked as “processing”

  • Weeks go by without any updates or response to support ticket inquiries

  • Items never arrive or customers are sent completely wrong items of lesser value

  • Attempts to reach Sharlory through email, phone or social channels prove futile

  • Payment processors refuse fraudulent chargeback claims without proof of contact

This type of experience is typical of a “fake storefront” dropshipping scam where products advertised do not actually exist in inventory. The website only exists to profit from customer payment details.

Ongoing Sharlory Scam Risks

Even with many scam reports surfaced, Sharlory continues adding new listings daily likely in hopes of new victims. Tactics that help these types of online cons persist include:

  • Quickly changing domain and contact details to avoid accountability

  • Optimizing for search engine results with targeted keyword stuffing

  • Adding products that remain trending and desirable around holidays

  • Seasonal discount promotions and coupon codes create false urgency

  • Stolen design elements from trusted brands foster misleading legitimacy

As long as Sharlory maintains their website facade, customers remain at risk of being duped by the promised deals. Personal information and banking details also persist in facing potential misuse if scammers decide to expand illicit operations.

Protecting Yourself from Sharlory and Other Shopping Scams

To avoid becoming a victim, always research an online store thoroughly before providing any sensitive data or money. Some wise precautions include:

  • Search domains on scam databases and read any available customer reviews

  • Verify physical address, phone numbers actually connect to a live person

  • Check for proper registration and business licensing on public records

  • Only use credit cards to dispute charges rather than direct bank transfers

  • Inspect pictures and item details for inconsistencies or lack of specifics

  • Consider trusted review sites before shopping unfamiliar retailers

  • Stay vigilant of deals that seem too good to be true on unfamiliar domains

Being an informed consumer is the best shield against deceptive scam operations like Sharlory trying to take financial advantage. With online fraud rapidly expanding, caution is always recommended when shopping unverified sellers.

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