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What is Superex?

Superex initially means super exchange. It is a cryptocurrency platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can purchase and trade in Superex on various exchanges.

To use the currency, you need an ERC 20 compatible wallet to store it. Superex is also integrated into other wallets like jaxx and myetherwallet as well as some exchange platforms.

The company is aiming to become the next Binance(largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world) with their ambition to have millions of active users.

Features of Superex

1. Dapp Open System

Super Wallet allows users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) or smart contracts on the network.

Super Wallet Plug in Edition is a secure and easy to use multi-chain wallet that you can use to authorize three party DeFi, NFT, GameFi, MetaFi and other marketplace transactions on multiple networks such as Ethereum, BSC, etc. Super Wallet Plugin Edition serves as the infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystem, upholding the goal of decentralization, with users in charge of their own private keys and assets.

2.Financial Management

SuperEx Money Services is SuperEx’s integrated and comprehensive financial product service.

Users can earn income through this system’s integrated financial showcase page. Users can quickly browse, select and subscribe to a variety of popular financial products including Staking, Fixed Income, Term Banking, Call Banking, etc. according to their financial preferences, so that they can plan their idle assets wisely and earn rich income.

3.Cryptocurrency Payment

SuperEx will open up various payment scenarios to users in the payments section, as well as provide payment interfaces and asset custody settlements for corporate users in the cryptocurrency industry.

4. Decentralized Exchange

SuperEx Dex supports multi-chain one-click linking of users to decentralized wallet-authorized transactions in sustainable contracts, spot, etc.

SuperEx Dex is responsible for providing liquidity.

The aggregated transactions are traded through smart contracts and the settlement of the transactions are on chain.

5. Super Wallet

Super Wallet is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet that seamlessly interacts with the trading side of SuperEx and supports multiple chains. Super Wallet users’ crypto assets are not affected by any force majeure experienced by SuperEx. Users have their crypto assets at their disposal as long as they have a backup of their helper or private key. Super Wallet is an important part of the SuperEx ecosystem. It provides security for users using the Dapp Open System and storage of large amounts of encrypted assets.

Is Superex airdrop legit?

Yes and No. Airdrop is a normal flow from crypto platforms or app and one can’t judge its realness by what one see. On the other hand, Superex airdrop is real and it will flow but the main fact why I tag it as No is because of the price people take it as. It will not move as high and people tag it!



What Is The Maximum Leverage Available On Superex Future?

Superex future is a financial product that is traded on the margin. It allows traders to enter positions with leverage and profit from the movements of various underlying assets in the market.

The maximum leverage available on Superex futures contracts is about 100x, which means that traders can make up to 100 times more profit or lose 100 times more than their initial capital.

When trading futures on the margin, it is important to remember that each contract has a set price known as the mark-to market price.

How To Trade In Superex

The journey to trading in Superex starts with downloading the App. Once you have downloaded the app you will be required to create your account, which can be done by providing your email address and a password.

When this step is completed, all that is left is for you to fund your account.

Once the funds have been transferred, they should show up on your balance as soon as they arrive in our system which takes around 10 minutes.

Is Superex Legit?

Superex is an official cryptocurrency exchange company. Initially there can be some types of disturbance and fraudulent activities on the app but the fact remains that it is legit.

Initially, the company has been around for a while and it has been able to maintain its reputation. We can’t tell, anything may pop in anytime.

The site also has a good security policy with 2FA as well as an SSL certificate. So, it is impossible for someone to enter or breached in externally into your account or wallet.

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