|| Prime gold ng investment review

What is primegold:

Prime Gold Nigeria is an online trading and management company that focuses on improving our clients financial status through purchase and resell of gold in the certified gold market.

They claim that you buy gold from them and they resell for you in the gold certified market with 40% profit in 5days. What you buy from Company today will appreciate by 40% in 5days time, this means your PG grows by 8% daily, you either Withdraw daily or leave till the 5th day and resell to the company.


The company compensate every upline with 5% bonus for inviting someone to PRIME GOLD NG


The company reward Upliner’s that are good in referring with the following benefits:

Invite 15 active members = 7k

Invite 25 active members = 10k

Invite 50 active members = 30k

Invite 70 active members = 50k

Invite 100 active members = 80k


Login and earn #30 – 100 for free daily



I am not done with the writings of this post because not many people know of the platform. You can initially chat me up for any inquiries. The platform was launched on 28th of September and has been performing well since then. The gold of a this is just a camouflage. But for now, it’s cool to do.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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