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What is Waje game?

WAJE game is a digital based gaming platform that allows users to play Nigerian based games such as Whot, Ludo, and many other fun games. With Waje, you can challenge your friends or thousands of other Nigerians and have an amazing experience in the digital world.

What are the games available on waje?

Actually for now, (can’t say later on) there are about six games you can play and earn from on waje which means there are 6 games on the app. PROVIDED IS THE SCREENSHOT ABOVE.

How do I fund my waje account?

To fund waje account with chips (as called on waje) which means money is quite easy. The lowest amount you can use to play game is 50 chips( which is also 50 naira). So, in other for you to fund the account, you can use any of the online gateway.(flutterwave or paystack) but I will personally recommend Flutterwave due to the effectiveness and also the communication flow in case of any issue unlike paystack that has been bought by stribe some months ago.

Is waje game legit?

The company and the app itself claims to be legit but the real fact and thing about this is the fact that the people playing it has been complaining of them being duped and it (the app) being scam.
From my actual sense, even if the system is to be programmed, I don’t really think everyone should lose but I am surprised to find it this way.
I will personally be updating this post and talking about more of it but till then, kindly comment on this post because you will be able to get replied to from there. Thanks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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