Reviews: is it Scam Or Legit

Is Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Review presents itself as an online retailer offering deals and discounts on various products. However, there have been many complaints about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this website. In this detailed review, I will analyze from multiple perspectives to help you determine if it is a safe place to shop or one to avoid.

Technical Review

Let’s start with examining the technical aspects of the website:

  • SSL Certificate: has SSL encryption implemented, which is a good security measure. However, an SSL alone does not prove legitimacy.

  • Domain Registration: The domain was registered recently in December 2023. New domains raise red flags as established stores usually renew domains long-term.

  • Contact Details: Only a generic contact email is provided without any phone number. Legitimate stores clearly list support team details.

To summarize, while the site has basic security protocols, the new domain age and lack of transparent contact information are questionable signs from a technical perspective. Let’s dig deeper.

Pricing and Products Review

No site is perfect, but transparency and reasonable deals would inspire more confidence:

Review Category Observation
Product Selection Generic selection without unique own-branded items
Pricing Structure Items perpetually 70%+ off without occasions
Consistency in Stock High out of stock rates without replenishment
Too Good to be True Deals Unrealistically deep discounts on name brands
Shipping Details Vague estimates without policies or carriers listed

The unrealistic perpetual huge discounts, lack of replenishment patterns, and generic inventory selection raise concerns about’s business model sustainability. Proceed with caution when considering purchases.

Customer Reviews and Site Ratings

Third party perspectives provide valuable independent views:

Review Platform Feedback
TrustPilot No reviews collected yet due to newness
BBB Profile Not present due to being an international site
Sitejabber No customer reviews submitted yet
Google Reviews Zero reviews currently visible

The lack of any independently submitted customer feedback is a slight warning sign, as most legitimate long-standing stores have organic reviews accrued over time through superior customer service. Proceed carefully here due to the absence of social proof.

Company Details Review

Transparency about ownership provides legitimacy and accountability:

  • No owner or leadership team listed publicly

  • No confirmation of actual business location found

  • Contact details limited to generic email only

  • Social profiles contain very basic info

While not outrightly suspicious alone, the complete lack of transparency regarding the people behind the site decreases credibility and trust compared to stores publicly listing leadership teams. Buyers deserve to know who they are buying from for accountability.

Final Verdict – Is Legit or a Scam?

After a technical, products/pricing, reviews, and company ownership evaluation, the preponderance of suspicious signs suggests may not be fully trustworthy:

  • Newly registered domain with no history to verify

  • Unrealistic “too good to be true” perpetual discounts

  • Generic inventory selection lacking unique products

  • Absence of any independently submitted customer reviews

  • No transparent ownership or leadership details listed

  • Limited contact options without a listed support team

While no review can be certain, the combination of red flags outlined above strongly implies higher scam risks than legitimate retailer traits. Unless becomes radically more transparent in ownership and significantly improves credibility over time backed by real independently verifiable actions and reviews, it is best avoided and not recommended for purchasing from due to the unverified status raising consistent suspicion.

Alternative Trusted Online Stores

Instead of risking shopping from questionable sources, consider purchasing from reputable outlets proven safe over many years:

Top Fashion & Apparel Stores

  • Amazon Fashion – Diverse selection, fast shipping, great policies. Very established marketplace.

  • ASOS – Huge choices across trends, sizes. Loyal global customer following.

  • Zappos – Raved about service and wide shoe/clothing selection. Owned by Amazon.

Favorite Consumer Electronic Stores

  • BestBuy – Browsing favorites with Geek Squad support. Popular for tech help.

  • Newegg – Vast options on parts and whole computers. Large choice loved by many.

  • B&H Photo Video – Pro equipment and services for photographers worldwide.

Top Furniture & Home Décor Stores

  • Wayfair – Enormous diverse catalog of styles. Enjoyable seamless delivery too.

  • Overstock – Daily limited deals across categories. Easy fair payment options.

  • AllModern – Gorgeously designed modern pieces for every room of your home.

Focusing on tried and tested stores with long happy customer bases provides the peace of mind that items will arrive as described while building trustworthiness over decades, not days or empty promises. Stay protected and satisfied in your online shopping experience!

Final Reminder – Always Verify Before Purchasing

Responsibility for decision-making ultimately rests with individual consumers. Some final advice:

  • Carefully check reviews from multiple independent sources

  • Beware marketing tricks like unrealistic constant “sales”

  • Verify legitimate customer feedback, not just website claims

  • Search domain age and ownership data for red flags

  • Consider established trustworthy stores or brands first

  • Never rely fully on any single review, do your own due diligence

  • Be extra cautious giving sensitive info to newly online stores

With patience and prudent verification practices, enjoyable shopping awaits while minimizing risks from questionable suspicious sources. Your security, satisfaction and hard earned money always deserve protection! Stay safe in your online experiences.

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