are reed courses legit or scam? Reviews & complain 2024

Deciphering Reed Courses: A Comprehensive Review

Reed, a prominent player in the UK’s online training and career development landscape, beckons learners with promises of diverse courses and career elevation. However, the looming question remains – are Reed courses genuinely legit, and do they warrant the time and financial investment? In this expansive exploration, we’ll scrutinize Reed courses from different angles, aiming to provide you with the clarity needed to make an informed decision.

Unveiling Reed’s Course Spectrum

Reed boasts a catalog of over 1,000 online courses, meticulously sourced from top learning providers. The breadth of offerings spans across various domains:

  • Business and Management: Covering project management, leadership, strategy, and marketing – a haven for career enthusiasts.
  • IT and Software: From programming languages to web development, cybersecurity, and cloud computing – offering in-demand technical skills.
  • Creative Arts: Catering to the artistic souls with courses in graphic design, photography, video production, and more.
  • Health and Social Care: Delving into nursing, counseling, early years education, and other vocational paths within the realm of care.
  • Languages: Facilitating linguistic growth with courses in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and more.
  • Personal Development: Focusing on soft skills such as communication, presentations, and business writing – a crucial aspect of professional growth.

These courses span the spectrum from beginner to advanced levels, some even leading to industry-recognized certifications. The range ensures inclusivity for learners of all experience levels and interests.

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The Litmus Test: Are Reed Courses Credible?

One prevalent concern with online courses revolves around their credibility. In a digital era where content sprouts ubiquitously, the validity of learning platforms becomes crucial. Reed addresses this by partnering exclusively with established learning providers, exemplars in their respective fields. Notable collaborators include:

  • City & Guilds: A globally recognized vocational education organization.
  • ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management): A chartered body for leadership and management training.
  • BCS (British Computer Society): Provider of IT & Software courses endorsed by industry leaders.
  • Open University: A prestigious UK university, renowned for its flexible online learning programs.

This stringent selection process ensures that the courses meet high standards of content development and quality assurance. Additionally, many Reed courses carry the CPD certification, a global hallmark of credible training. Hence, Reed’s courses stand on solid ground in terms of credibility, offering learners a reliable pathway for acquiring new skills.

Certifications: Do They Hold Weight?

A critical facet in assessing the worth of an online course is the certification it awards upon completion. Reed courses, in this context, don’t disappoint. Many courses lead to certifications from renowned organizations:

  • IT Courses: Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco – certifications that resonate with employers seeking tech-savvy professionals.
  • Business Courses: Accreditation from professional bodies like CMI, CIMA, CIM – adding weight to CVs and profiles.
  • Language Courses: Exams from Trinity College London, Goethe Institut – providing tangible proof of proficiency.

These certifications are globally recognized, acting as tangible endorsements of skills and knowledge gained through formal training. Additionally, Reed furnishes a Certificate of Achievement for all completed courses. While not a professional certification, it serves as tangible proof of acquired knowledge, an invaluable asset for career-changers and those seeking to bolster their resumes.

Effectiveness of Training Delivery: Navigating Online Learning

The effectiveness of online learning vis-a-vis traditional classroom settings often raises eyebrows. Reed, however, addresses this concern through a well-thought-out delivery system:

  • Online Video Lessons: Expert tutors present lessons in easily digestible video formats.
  • Interactive Activities: Practical exercises, quizzes, and scenario-based applications between lessons engage learners actively.
  • Assignments and Projects: Real-world simulations through assignments and projects consolidate learning.
  • Peer Discussions: Forums provide spaces for learners to clarify doubts and exchange perspectives.
  • Certification Practice Tests: Low-pressure practice tests prepare learners for final exams.

This blended approach mirrors the classroom experience, leveraging varied interactive mediums for effective learning. Research also indicates that online micro-learning, as adopted by Reed, leads to superior knowledge retention compared to linear formats. Tutor support during stipulated hours and the emphasis on flexible, self-paced progress further enhance the overall effectiveness of Reed’s online training.

Bang for the Buck: Evaluating Course Prices

The economic aspect often becomes the deciding factor when choosing an online learning platform. Reed courses, in this regard, seem to offer reasonable value for money. Factors to consider include:

  • Course Fees: Ranging from £50-300, with certain IT and business certifications extending up to £600-800.
  • Comparison with Classroom Fees: Equivalently structured courses at training centers often incur 2-10 times more expenses due to overheads.
  • Competing with Online Platforms: While platforms like Udemy and Coursera charge $10-50 per course, the Reed advantage lies in the globally recognized certifications.
  • Lifetime Access: Once paid, courses can be revisited anytime at no additional cost.
  • Payment Plans: Courses exceeding £200 offer monthly EMI options, enhancing affordability.
  • Discounts and Bundle Offers: Regular discounts ranging from 20-50% and multi-course bundles provide additional financial flexibility. Student and non-profit discounts further sweeten the deal.

Considering the flexible access, the value of certifications, periodic discounts, and payment flexibility, Reed courses emerge as competitively and sensibly priced in the online learning domain. The costs may even be more budget-friendly than annual memberships on other e-learning platforms.

Career Catalyst: Are Reed Courses Jobseeker-Friendly?

Beyond acquiring knowledge, the ultimate litmus test for online courses lies in their ability to enhance employability. Reed courses shine in this aspect:

  • Resume Enhancement: Certifications serve as badges of ongoing self-development, showcasing motivation.
  • Interview Talking Points: Courses provide industry knowledge and real-world anecdotes, enhancing conversational depth during interviews.
  • Skills Upgrade: Continuous learning through Reed courses ensures that skills remain current, making career changes feasible even during unemployment.
  • Career Portal Access: Additional value comes from job search facilities directly integrated into the Reed platform.
  • Network Growth: Participation in peer discussions and connections with tutors contribute to professional network expansion.
  • Better Salaries: Acquired skills and certifications translate into higher wages, making job seekers more marketable.

While Reed courses alone may not directly secure jobs, they undoubtedly position jobseekers strongly in the competitive market. The courses address skill gaps, keep knowledge updated, and actively demonstrate a commitment to self-improvement—qualities highly valued by employers.

Balancing the Scales: Pros and Cons Unveiled

In any extensive review, a nuanced exploration of pros and cons is essential:


  • Global Recognition: Certifications from industry giants like Microsoft and Adobe carry significant weight globally.
  • Accessibility: Courses can be accessed conveniently on any device, including mobiles.
  • Lifetime Access: The flexibility of revisiting courses without repurchasing makes ongoing learning hassle-free.
  • Money-Back Guarantees: Many courses come with a safety net of money-back guarantees, enhancing learner confidence.
  • Extensive Catalog: A large array of courses catering to diverse interests and skill levels ensures inclusivity.
  • Beginner Friendliness: Clear and structured video lessons make the learning curve manageable for beginners.


  • Limited Tutor Interaction: Compared to physical classes, interaction with tutors is limited.
  • Self-Motivation Required: The absence of formal schedules necessitates a degree of self-discipline.
  • Certification Availability: Not all courses offer certifications or accreditation.
  • Technical/Connectivity Issues: Potential disruptions due to technical glitches or connectivity issues might hamper learning experiences.
  • Information Overload: Without a focused approach, there’s a risk of information overload, leading to procrastination.

In essence, while online limitations do exist, the flexibility and credibility of Reed courses seem to outweigh the drawbacks for learners committed to serious, self-directed education. The key to success lies in managing one’s time effectively.

Epilogue: The Verdict on Reed Courses

After this exhaustive expedition through the intricacies of Reed courses, the resounding verdict echoes – Reed courses are unquestionably legitimate training options, laden with potential benefits for career development and job hunting.

Their commitment to sourcing high-quality content from credible providers, coupled with industry-recognized certifications and the flexibility of online learning, positions Reed as a noteworthy player in the online education market. With prudent course selection, Reed emerges as a reliable conduit for skills enhancement and career fortification.

The caveat, however, lies in pairing the self-paced learning structure with proactive engagement. Actively seeking answers from tutors, pursuing recognized certifications wherever possible, and maintaining self-discipline can significantly amplify the returns from Reed courses.

In the grand tapestry of online learning, Reed courses receive a resounding recommendation for those with a keen eye on career-focused training. Navigate the diverse catalog with care, cultivate a self-disciplined approach, and let Reed be the catalyst for your professional journey.

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