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An Overview of Norraco Transact

Norraco Transact is an online payment platform that has been serving South African businesses since 2014. As e-commerce grows rapidly in South Africa, Norraco Transact aims to provide merchants and customers with a secure and easy-to-use solution for processing online transactions.

The platform allows businesses to accept debit/credit card payments, manage invoices, view reporting on sales and payments, and more directly through their online account dashboard. Customers can make purchases with just a few clicks knowing their financial information is protected.

Norraco Transact works to adhere to the highest security standards and integrates with common e-commerce platforms and accounting software used across South Africa. Their team of local customer support representatives also aims to provide helpful assistance as needed.

Let’s take a deeper look at what real customers are saying about their experiences with Norraco Transact in online reviews.

Norraco Transact Reviews on Trustpilot

One of the top places to find Norraco Transact reviews online is Trustpilot, a leading independent review website. At the time of writing, Norraco Transact held a TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5 based on over 200 reviews collected.

Breaking this down further:

  • 84% of reviews rated Norraco Transact as ‘Excellent’
  • 13% rated it ‘Great’
  • 2% rated it ‘Average’
  • Less than 1% rated it ‘Poor’ or ‘Bad’

Some notable positive themes mentioned across many 5-star reviews include:

  • Simple and clean dashboard interface that is easy to navigate
  • Fast integration with popular South African payment gateways
  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support from knowledgeable agents
  • Reliable payment processing with responsive uptime
  • Competitive rates on transaction fees

Criticisms in lower-starred reviews tended to reference minor one-off technical glitches rather than consistent issues, suggesting the platform generally runs smoothly.

Norraco Transact Reviews on Google

Checking Google reviews reveals a similar high level of satisfaction, with Norraco Transact currently holding a 4.5 star average rating from over 50 reviews. Again, the vast majority of feedback is positive.

Common praises centered around:

  • Intuitive invoicing functionality for sending professional invoices
  • Robust reporting dashboard providing key sales insights
  • Secure payment processing giving customers assurance
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit all business budgets
  • Hassle-free account setup getting businesses up and running quickly

A few 1-star reviews stood out by expressing displeasure with unresolved support tickets. But overall, even critical reviewers acknowledged the platform was functionally solid once operational issues could be addressed.

Norraco Transact Reviews on Facebook

For a social media perspective, Norraco Transact’s official Facebook page has amassed over 1000 likes and frequently receives public feedback. Within the last few months:

  • A boutique owner commented how integrating Norraco Transact boosted online sales by 15%
  • A software consultant noted they “easily implemented” the payment solution for a new client
  • An HR firm administrator stated Norraco Transact made invoice management “much more streamlined”

Positive reviews commonly use words like “smooth”, “secure” and “hassle-free” to depict experiences. And when customers voice technical problems, Norraco Transact Community Managers actively engage to troubleshoot solutions.

Of course, not every single review will be glowing. But across multiple third-party sites over years, consistent feedback for Norraco Transact maintains its transaction platform delivers core promised functionality in a satisfactory manner for most South African users. Check also on How to register to norraco in South Africa

My Personal Experience with Norraco Transact

After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to sign up for a free Norraco Transact account and try out the platform myself. Setting up a business profile and banking details took under 10 minutes total.

Within the user-friendly dashboard, I was able to generate test invoices, process some mock credit card payments, and access straightforward sales and income reports. The interface felt intuitive to navigate even as a new user.

Submitting a practice support request also yielded a response from their agent within an hour to help resolve a fake issue quickly. Overall, even without an active business, I can understand the appeal such a seamless payment solution could bring smaller ventures.

In summary, after directly using their tools and reviewing what countless other real merchants shared, I came away impressed by Norraco Transact’s overall ability to fulfill its goal of providing a secure yet simplified payments experience for South African e-commerce operations of all sizes.

Should You Consider Norraco Transact?

For any business – established or startup – looking to accept online payments locally within South Africa, reviewing Norraco Transact makes sense. Their mass of positive third-party reviews suggests the platform meets essential transaction processing needs at fair competitive rates.

Specifically, Norraco Transact appears well-suited for:

  • SMEs seeking an all-in-one payments provider without complex integration requirements
  • Newer ventures prioritizing hassle-free setup to quickly start selling online
  • Low-to-medium volume operations where per-transaction pricing doesn’t strain budgets
  • Indigenous entities focusing primarily on the South African e-commerce landscape

Its ease-of-use, built-in tools for accounting associations, and South African payment gateway partnerships also bode well for local effectiveness.

Of course, for large corporations with needs beyond standard functions or international transaction volumes, alternatives with customized offerings may shine more. But for many B2B and B2C use cases occurring within South Africa alone, reviews indicate Norraco Transact delivers a performant TRANSACTION SOLUTION. Their free trials encourage giving it an authentic test run too.

In reviewing unbiased feedback, one can feel confident Norraco Transact maintains reliability and customer service quality worthy of consideration for merchants seeking a dependable payments provider right for their Southern African operations in particular.

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