OWowpet Review 2023; is OWowpet legit and reliable pet store?

What is Owowpet?

Owowpet is an online pet supply store that has received significant criticism and skepticism from consumers due to delivery issues, poor customer service, and suspicions of fraudulent activity. While they claim to offer a wide selection of pet products at discounted prices, many pet owners have reported extremely negative shopping experiences when purchasing from Owowpet.

Let’s take a closer look at Owowpet, the pros and cons of shopping there, and what existing customers say about actually receiving their orders and interacting with the company’s customer support.

Owowpet Product Selection

When browsing Owowpet.com, shoppers will find that they market an extensive catalog of pet supplies including toys, beds, food/treats, grooming products, and more. On paper, the range of products could offer convenience for pet parents looking to fulfill all of their pet’s needs in one place.

However, it’s important to dig deeper than just browsing product photos and descriptions. There are some benefits to the selection but also significant downsides reported by customers:


  • Wide assortment of pet categories could satisfy multiple pet care needs
  • Unique “As Seen on TV” type products like a one-handed treat dispenser aimed at convenience


  • Numerous complaints of poor product quality, durability, and safety issues
  • Problems with items arriving damaged or defectively manufactured
  • Inability to return faulty items or get return shipping reimbursed

While the site markets exclusive new products, reviews indicate many customers received subpar items that broke shortly after use or differed from the description. Product quality is a top concern, as pet owners need to trust that supplies will not harm or endanger their furry family members.

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Owowpet Convenience Features

Beyond just product selection, Owowpet advertises certain items and perks as extra conveniences for busy pet parents. However, as with other aspects of shopping there, the true experiences may not live up to the promises.

One-Handed Treat Dispenser

This unique product allows dispensing treats with one hand, leaving the other to play with or walk dogs. But reviews note it often malfunctions or dispenses too many treats at once.

No-Spill Water Bowl

Intended to prevent messes, but many report leakage issues contradicting its purpose. Questionable durability raises concerns about plastic material.

VIP Membership Program

Should provide extra savings and updates, yet some join without knowing unresolved quality complaints. Discounts may not outweigh potential order problems.

In the end, despite good intentions, purported conveniences have not reliably benefited customers or solved pet care problems as advertised. Thorough research into reviews is paramount before any Owowpet purchase.

Owowpet Delivery Issues

No one wants to wait excessively long periods to receive essential pet supplies, only to potentially encounter additional issues. Unfortunately, shipment problems seem systemic for Owowpet based on customer reports.

Delayed/Missing Deliveries

Numerous complaints of orders taking 2-3 times longer than estimated or getting lost with no tracking updates provided.

Refund Difficulties

An arduous, drawn-out process with limited responsiveness from customer service representatives that some never successfully navigate.

Unclear Shipping Policies

Ambiguous details on shipping methods, delivery timeframes, insurance, and return policies leave customers in the dark about order statuses and resolution options.

Timely, guaranteed delivery builds trust—a cornerstone Owowpet seems to lack. Frustrations mount as simple questions go unanswered, turning what should be a pleasant shopping experience unpleasant instead. Transparency and accountability are missing points of concern.

Owowpet Customer Service Woes

Part of any reputable business involves assisting customers promptly and treating them with respect. Unfortunately, Owowpet has earned scathing feedback regarding their handling of post-purchase support.

Non-existent or Delayed Responses

Phone support lines go unanswered for days/weeks, emails and contact forms yield no response as issues persist.

Rude, Dismissive Tone

When contact finally occurs, some report representatives using a hostile, blaming attitude instead of empathy and solutions.

Refusal of Refunds

Standard policy even for defective, undelivered or misrepresented items with no other recourse provided, damaging trust.

Inability to Resolve Problems

Complaints bottle up in an endless loop with no clear path to fairness or making the situation whole for unhappy customers.

Good customer service matters more than ever in e-commerce. Owowpet seems to lack the training, tools and oversight needed for a positive experience, worsening other website shortcomings. This is a red flag potential shoppers cannot overlook.

Owowpet Scam Allegations

Given the amount of troubles reported, it’s unsurprising Owowpet has faced accusations of running a scam operation. While they have not faced any legal charges as of now, certain aspects warrant suspicion.

Questionable Business Practices

  • Failure to deliver on orders while refusing refunds could be considered a kind of fraud or theft under false pretenses.

  • Shoddy, unsafe products plus insistence on non-refundability shows prioritizing profits over customers.

Poor Transparency

  • Lack of company location, leadership team bios raise questions about legitimacy and accountability.

  • No proactive communication on order status updates leaves customers in the dark for weeks.

Negative Online Presence

  • Hundreds of 1-star reviews across 20+ review sites warn others versus Owowpet’s negligible positive feedback.

  • Social media presence is sparse to non-existent for a major e-tailer.

Though not proven in a court, Owowpet’s operations overall demonstrate all the hallmarks that rightfully alarm and frustrate consumers—steering many reputable reviewers to officially list them as a online shopping scam. Proceed with extreme caution, or simply look elsewhere.

Protecting Yourself From Pet Supply Scams

Anytime you risk your money and private information online, it’s essential to verify a company’s trustworthiness before handing over sensitive data. Here are some tips when shopping for pet products:

  • Check review sites/discussions for common complaints and consistency of criticism

  • Verify domain registration date and look for cloned generic pages from legit rivals

  • Ensure website uses HTTPS protocol and padlock icon for secure payment pages

  • Thoroughly research company leadership, address and available contact options

  • Use credit cards over debit for disputes or sign up for purchase protection services

  • Know your consumer rights if items go missing or aren’t as advertised

Being informed and choosing to spend dollars only where others have positive experiences will save headaches down the road. Owowpet in particular seems to fail on trustworthiness, so cautious pet owners are urged to find vendors more dedicated to customer fulfillment and happiness.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you’ve encountered delivery delays, unsatisfactory service or other irregularities with Owowpet that cause concern, speaking up can help warn others. Government agencies exist to investigate complaints as well:

  • File a complaint with your state Attorney General about possible deceptive practices

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the company and submit any documentation

  • Report to organizations like the Better Business Bureau about transaction problems

  • Lodge a dispute with your bank/credit card company for non-delivery of paid items

  • Post neutral, fact-based warnings on discussion forums and review sites

Collective action is needed when a company’s conduct damages the public interest through unkept commitments. By standing up and taking action through the right channels, it raises awareness that unfair treatment won’t be tolerated.

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As the online shopping revolution progresses with increasing reliance on e-tailers, worrying trends have emerged among fraudulent players preying on unsuspecting customers. Owowpet exemplifies many red flags that warrant intense scrutiny – from unverified leadership to failure in basic customer service responsibilities.

While the site enticingly advertises unique pet items and discounts, an avalanche of negative evidence suggests Ulterior motives versus actual satisfaction. The sensible approach for any pet owner remains to steer clear, cross-check information carefully and instead patronize vendors held reliably accountable. As always, research and trust instincts over empty promises when hard-earned money hangs in the balance. With so many safer alternatives available, why risk regrets down the road?

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