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In this “Purenetwork intel Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is Purenetwork intel Legit? Is Purenetwork intel scam? How does Purenetwork intel works? Who is the owner of purenetwork intel? Purenetwork intel registration/signup, Purenetwork intel login or signin, is Purenetwork intel paying? Purenetwork intel withdrawal, Purenetwork intel Plans and Packages and many more about Purenetwork intel will be discussed in this “Purenetwork intel Review”

what is Purenetwork intel

Purenetwork intel is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It tends to give users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group(MLM). You will get to know more about this as you read further.

How much is Purenetwork intel?

PureNetowrk Intel Registration Fee for Ultimate Cycler Model is NGN3,000 .
PureNetowrk Intel Registration Fee for Multilevel marketing Model is NGN2,000 .
PureNetowrk Intel Registration Fee for PurePost Model is NGN2,500.

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates
alone and gets paid into his account instantly
The following activities are involved
1) Registration fee #2,500
2) Registration bonus #1,000
3)Referal bonus #1,700 (one thousand seven hundred naira)
4)Indirect referral earnings #200
5)Daily click#450
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As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.


If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved
1)The user cashes out #10,000 always. Immediately after he registers 2(two) persons under him.

2)The user withdraws #1500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member
completes a cycle(the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and
withdrawing #1500 from them completing each cycle.

3)The user gets to win amazing incentives or prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching
certain cycle goals.

5) Registration fee is #2000 (two thousand naira).

There are three Plan to join Purenetwork intel.

  • Ultimate Cycler Model.
  • Multilevel marketing Model.
  • PurePost Model


The ultimate cycler is a very simple process. It’s more like a thrift process. All you need to do is register with 3k (three thousand naira) then wait for ur turn to cashout 7k. Your bank account will be credited within 48hours. Then you can resubscribe again and carry our the same process.


This is the mlm package. Many of us are used to this system. Registration fee is 2000 to cashout 10k. All you need is refer just 2 people and the 2 people will do the remaining work by referring two people each and ur 10k is ready to cash out asap.


This has a one time registration fee of 2500.

Registration bonus 1000
Referal bonus 1700
Indirect referal 200
One click likes 450



  1. It’s legit and paying
    Just withdrew within 7days
    For more info, coupon codes, and team guidance

  2. Please how long will you wait for your turn to reach in the ultimate cycler platform cos dis is my fourth day of waiting

  3. It’s really paying I got credited within 4 hours of my withdrawal
    For more details
    [Link deleted]

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