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In this “ Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is Legit? Is scam? How does works? Who is the owner of registration/signup, login or signin, is paying? withdrawal, Plans and Packages and many more about will be discussed in this “ Review”


PRYMAZ is a social conglomerate or E learning website designed by professionals digital marketers and entrepreneurs with the aim of providing learning and earning solutions to their members through an easy and more effective way called GOGGLE CRAWL.

PRYMAZ was also designed to provide earning opportunities to thier members by performing simple activities on the website with a simple one time click so as to rewarded through cash.

How much does it cost to register on prymaz?

That obviously should depend on you. On Prymaz, there are two different plans. First is 3000 while the other is 5000. Here, we will be talking of the difference between the 2 price plan.


₦1,000 Instant cash back Earning
₦300. Maz share earnings
₦200. Crawl task earning
₦1000 weekend airdrop
₦ 2100 Invite Earning
₦150 Spill over

CASH BACK = 1000
₦ 300X30 =9000
₦ 200X 30 =6000
TOTAL = ₦16,000 in 30days without Referral

₦2,500 Instant cash back Earning
₦500. Maz share earnings
₦400. Crawl task earning
₦1000 weekend airdrop
₦ 3000 Invite Earning
₦300 Spill over

CASH BACK = 2500
₦ 500X30 =15,000
₦ 400X 30 =12,00
TOTAL = ₦29,500 in 30days without Referral


  1. Visit their website at
  2. Go To coupon page and contact a vendor or dispatcher to purchase coupon code (the first vendor is mostly recommended)
  3. After that Return back to the website and go on.
  4. Input the required registration information details correctly
  5. Then click on Register to Finish up your registration

How To Login On

Anytime you are logged out of your account

To log in back, provide the following details below to access account

  1. Your Username and Password
  2. Click Login to gain access.

It is very fast, quick and easy.


When was prymaz launched?

The platform was officially launched and announced on the 23rd of September, 2022.


With prymaz, you are good to go. The platform has been paying since start. I have successfully withdrawn once on prymaz before writing about this.

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The platform has been cool without any form of complaints from anyone. They also have a swift mode of withdrawal.


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  1. Please have started prymaz since last month but have not been able to make any withdrawal, what’s going on

  2. Withdrawal is not activated for me,pls I need to withdraw today for an essential upkeep, thanks

  3. I have been led to believe prymaz is a scam. I started since October, yet I haven’t been able to withdraw. My joy is that I didn’t refer people, you know what’s bad? My referees are all gone and I’m in the max package. And also their “contact us” link is inactive! Please everyone should steer clear.

  4. Yes prymax is a scam and they have crashed but they have resurfaced again as smartnetwork. Please be careful oo

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