om shastri aghori is real or fake? Reviews and complaints


Who is Om Shastri Aghori?

Om Shastri Aghori is a controversial Indian YouTube personality who posts videos about the Aghori sect of Hinduism. The Aghori are known for extreme ascetic practices like smearing ashes on their bodies and meditating in cremation grounds.

In his videos, Om Shastri presents himself as a genuine Aghori sadhu (monk) who was initiated into the ancient Aghori lineage. He shares insights into Aghori philosophy and practices while living in a remote forest ashram in Varanasi. However, some question whether Om Shastri is the real deal or just posing as an Aghori for clicks and fame on social media.

Claims of Being a Real Aghori Sadhu

Om Shastri claims he was born into an Aghori family in Varanasi and his initiation into the Aghori path began in his early childhood. He says he lives in the forest ashram with other Aghori sadhus and has taken traditional vows of silence, poverty and detachment from the material world.

As “proof” of his Aghori lineage, Om Shastri shows photos and videos of himself performing rituals like smearing cremation ground ashes on his body and meditating half-naked amid skulls and bones. He has in-depth knowledge of Aghori philosophy regarding life, death and transcending duality. His appearance and mannerisms reflect Aghori lifestyle and teachings as well.

Skepticism Around Om Shastri’s Claims

However, some key aspects of Om Shastri’s story and online persona have led to skepticism about whether he is truly an initiated Aghori sadhu:

  • Most genuine Aghori live an ascetic lifestyle detached from social media fame and public attention. But Om Shastri actively courts a big YouTube following.

  • His videos are very professionally shot and edited, unlike typical sadhu videos which are often amateurly filmed with low production values.

  • He regularly engages online with fans and comments on non-spiritual topics, which most sadhus would avoid as it violates their vow of silence/detachment.

  • No other reliable sources can verify Om Shastri’s claimed lineage or initiation into the highly secretive Aghori tradition. Rare photos provide no context.

  • His level of fluency in English is unusual for someone living long-term as an ascetic in the forests, detached from modern society.

  • Some behaviors like smoking and using gadgets seen in videos don’t align with typical Aghori lifestyle portrayed as one of extreme asceticism.

So while not proven fake, Om Shastri’s public persona does seem geared towards Western social media audiences rather than indicative of a genuine ascetic lifestyle. This understandably raises doubt about the authenticity of his spiritual claims and teacher role.

Analyzing Clues to Determine Authenticity

To get a clearer picture of whether Om Shastri is really an ascetic Aghori or just posing as one online, let’s analyze available clues in more depth:

  • Locations shown in videos like a forest hut align with descriptions of actual Aghori ashrams in Varanasi. However, surroundings could easily be staged.

  • Spiritual knowledge shared aligns very closely with beliefs described in writings/interviews with authoritative Aghori swamis. But information can be learned through study alone without initiation/practice.

  • Physical appearance matches descriptions/photos of sadhus who live long-term in cremation grounds. But makeup artistry skills online also allow realistic simulation nowadays.

  • Interactions seen with other purported sadhus provide some context. Though without confirmation of identities/lineages of companions, these encounters don’t prove his claims absolutely either.

  • Nomadic lifestyle and disinterest in material attachments described by Om Shastri reflect general Aghori ideals, yet don’t require official initiation/lineage to portray publicly either.

So upon close analysis, while no absolute proof of fraud exists, Om Shastri also provides no irrefutable evidence validating his claimed Aghori lineage and initiation status – leaving reasonable doubt about his authenticity that he has not been able to credibly dismiss so far.

Benefits of the Doubt vs Cryptic Aghori Tradition

On one hand, as with any public spiritual figures nowadays, a healthy degree of skepticism is merited in the absence of ways to definitively verify extraordinary claims through traditional Vedic means like parampara (disciplic succession). However, the highly esoteric and secretive nature of actual Aghori practices poses a challenging situation.

Due to the the Aghori emphasis on defying social norms and embracing taboos, these ascetics would understandably avoid leaving clear records verifying lineage or gaining formal recognition from established orders. Likewise, achievements in their spiritual sadhana aimed at transcending mind/maya could preclude strong attachments to public credibility.

As with cryptic figures across religions throughout history, a lack of ordinary “proof” doesn’t necessarily invalidate claims, it just leaves devotees and observers to apply discernment according to degree of alignment with the tradition’sPhilosophy. For Aghoris, their purpose is guiding seekers more than assuaging doubts. So ultimate clarity may elude outsiders regarding Om Shastri in particular.

Lessons Regardless of Authenticity

Whether Om Shastri is a genuine Aghori or just acting the part online, his persona and teachings still shed light on this profound yet shrouded Indian spiritual stream. Viewers learn about Aghori philosophy, iconography and practices through his visually engaging videos.

For those inclined, Om Shastri also provides thought-provoking life lessons about finding courage to defy societal taboos and live freely according to one’s highest spiritual principles. His message of embracing impermanence and our shared essence beyond forms challenges attachments in a unique way.

So regardless of absolute authenticity, Om Shastri Aghori’s online presence introduces audiences globally to an esoteric tradition rarely encountered outside India. This exposure inspires further learning. And for open-minded seekers, his persona serves as a catalyst for inner exploration, which remains the ultimate purpose of any spiritual path.

So while online authenticity can’t be truly proven or disproven, Om Shastri’s videos still cultivate insight. Discernment aids deciding what resonates personally while reserving judgment. Given Aghoris’ cryptic ways, definitive answers about him may remain elusive – but knowledge gained of their profound perspective endures as audiences draw their own enlightened conclusions.

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