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What is KnowFashionStyle?

Know Fashion Style is a China-based online women’s fashion retailer that has been in business since 2005. They have built up an extensive catalog of over 6,500 clothing and accessory items ranging from dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and more. Know Fashion Style differentiates itself by offering trendy styles at very low price points, with most items costing under $25.

However, behind those attractive low prices lies several important factors for potential customers to consider before shopping on Know Fashion Style. In this extensive review, I will examine my personal experience ordering from Know Fashion Style as well as diving deeper into their policies, quality issues, website usability and legitimacy of reviews. My goal is to provide an honest assessment of both the pros and cons of shopping with this retailer to help readers make an informed purchase decision.

My Shopping Experience with KnowFashionStyle

For this review, I ordered two dresses, priced at $20 each, as well as a $10 zip up hoodie from Know Fashion Style. The dresses were shipped to me free of charge by the company for purposes of the review, however I paid for standard shipping on the hoodie myself which was $8.

One of the dresses, a blue printed dress, exceeded my expectations and has held up well after multiple washes. However, the other dress, a tangerine shirt dress, had sizing issues and an odd fit that made it unwearable. The quality of the hoodie has also been good so far, proving a decent value for $10 plus shipping.

Where KnowFashionStyle really lacks in my opinion is the shipping process. Not only are their stated shipping rates high at around $17 for standard worldwide shipping, but there is zero transparency in their system. Customers have to complete the checkout process in order to see actual shipping costs calculated based on location and order weight. I also found that estimated delivery times are unreliable, with my paid item taking over a month when it said 2-3 weeks. Overall, their policies seem geared towards high post-purchase costs and frustration for customers.

Website Usability Issues

Navigating the KnowFashionStyle website was a chore that left much to be desired. With over 16,000 clothing items listed but no advanced search filters, finding specific styles or categories requires endless scrolling. Their tagging system and category filters are also disorganized. Spotty and low quality product photos also make it difficult to discern details like proper sizing and fit.

These usability flaws present real barriers that could discourage shopping. Customers need to feel in control navigating a site and making informed purchase decisions based on clear product information. KnowFashionStyle fails on both of these basic levels which could impact conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. The shopping experience should not be a source of frustration on its own before even considering post-purchase return policies and quality issues.

Questionable Reviews & Policies

Upon publishing my review, I was disturbed to find that KnowFashionStyle took one of the product photos I used without permission and fabricated a glowing 5-star review to appear as if I had left it. This raises major red flags about the legitimacy and credibility of all the reviews featured on their site. Customers cannot trust the feedback is real or unbiased.

Additionally, their returns policy aims to prevent refunds and exchanges at all costs by charging exorbitant fees and not offering pre-paid return labels. Any dissatisfaction with purchases would essentially be a financial loss for the customer. These questionable tactics damage trust in the brand and brand perception overall.

Quality inconsistencies seem largely due to lack of quality control over multiple suppliers as well. Customers are placing large bets on unknown manufacturers when ordering from KnowFashionStyle given limited transparency and inability to adequately vet products before purchase. Major brands foster loyalty by standing firmly behind the quality and customer service experience they provide.

Low Prices but High Real Costs

While KnowFashionStyle presents rock bottom price points that seem too good to pass up, the total costs and considerations for customers are far greater than the often misleading tagged costs would indicate. Between expensive and non-refundable shipping fees, return shipping costs, potential duties and taxes, time delays and quality inconsistencies – the savings start dissolving quickly. Not to mention opportunity costs of owning unusable items and damage to brand trust over dishonest practices.

For customers seeking low budget fashion, other retailers like Shein offer much better overall value propositions with fully transparent pricing, robust filters, size charts, generous return policies and consistently fast shipping even on inexpensive items both domestic and worldwide. Their scale allows absorbing costs that KnowFashionStyle passes directly to consumers while still undercutting traditional retailers on price.

Conclusion – Not Worth the Gamble

All things considered, while Know Fashion Style aims to provide trendy apparel at low catalogue prices, once all hidden costs and lack of assurances are factored in – the value proposition loses its shine. Between non-transparent policies, inconsistent quality, unusable website design and unreliable timelines, ordering from this retailer presents too many uncertainties and potential frustrations or financial losses for customers.

Unless you have no concerns about wasting money on unusable items or don’t mind extended shipping delays of unknown duration, it’s difficult to recommend Know Fashion Style overall. With so many transparent fast fashion alternatives offering real 100% satisfaction guarantees now, there are better options worth considering that eliminate the unnecessary risks and headaches. For most customers seeking budget-friendly styles, KnowFashionStyle may simply not be worth the gamble.

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