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  • What is the real website

  • When was it Naver launched

  • Who owns the platform

  • is legit, real or scam?

  • How much the registration

  • What is the difference between the plans Naver

  • Is referral compulsory on Naver

  • what happens to

  • has crashed

  • site is not going

naver.Kim is a profit undertakings stage where residents or occupants of Nigeria can acquire by performing daily tasks. The stage likewise incorporates participation plans other to build its client’s income and earnings.



To begin bringing in cash on the Naver stage you initially need to Register with Naver.Kim unique link or referral that will give you free #800 as welcome. Login to your record and complete assignments to bring in cash. Registration Here & Invitaion Code 553542


Currently, there is no data about the proprietor or owners of Naver.Kim venture stage. The site was established by an obscure Nigerian on the 22nd of April 2021. We prescribe to be cautious when joining any investment platform whose owner’s identity is a hidden stage as can crash at whenever without knowing the CEO or expecting to be discounted. Minimum withdrawal and Login

The least is 4500 naira withdrawal, visit for Login. App Download

To download the official app, visit me or my account section and download the app. legit

Currently, we cant conclude the actual facts about Naver.Kim because the newly launched investment platform is currently paying there investors.



Note:This program still remain a Ponzi scheme, which cant guarantee you long term investments or income and we advice you to start with your spare money.





How To Deposit Funds Into Your Wallet

👉On your dashboard, click on Deposit.
👉Enter an amount to be deposited
👉Click on Bank card transfer.
👉Write down the Beneficiary name, Beneficiary account number, and the Bank name.
👉Minimize the app
👉Go to your bank app and make transfer of the specific amount of money to the bank account details you copied. (Make sure you transfer the money to the correct account details).
👉Generate the receipt of the transaction you made. You can alternatively take a screenshot of the receipt.
👉Maximize the Naver app.
👉On the Remittance account name section, write the depositor’s or sender’s name.
👉Click on tap to upload the transfer screenshot, select the screenshot receipt, and wait until it’s fully uploaded.
👉Finally, click on Submit, and wait until it displays Submitted successfully.
👉You can then relax patiently until your wallet is being top-up

 Package plans

✅ Free VIP
Entry cost: #0
Daily Revenue: #80
80 x 7 = 560 weekly
70x 30 = 2,400 monthly
Daily Task: 1
Required Balance: #800
Minimum withdrawal: #4,500

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✅VIP 1
Entry cost: #880
Daily Revenue: #200
200 x 7 = 1,400 weekly
200 x 30 = 6000 monthly
Daily Task: 2
Required Balance: #3,000
Minimum withdrawal: #1,500

✅ VIP 2
Entry cost: #6,000
Daily Revenue: #1,050
1050 x 7 = 7,750 weekly
1050 x 30 = 35,000 (thirty five thousand naira) monthly
Daily Task: 5
Required Balance: #14,000 (fourteen thousand naira)
Minimum withdrawal: #4,000

✅VIP 3
Entry cost: #20,000

Daily Revenue: #6,300
6300 x 7 = 44,100 weekly
6300 x 30 = 189,000 monthly
Daily Task: 8
Required Balance: #50,000
Minimum withdrawal: #14,000

✅VIP 4
Entry cost: #40,000

Daily Revenue: #7,800
7,800 x 7 = 54,600 weekly
7800 x 30 = 234,000 monthly
Daily Task: 10
Required Balance: #100,000
Minimum withdrawal: #32,000

Entry cost: #80,000

Daily Revenue: #16,500
#16,500 x 7 = #115,000 weekly
#16,500 x 30 = #495,000 monthly
Daily Task: 15
Required Balance: #20,0000
Minimum withdrawal: #65,000 (sixty five thousand naira)

Referral Program

When you invites users to join naver kim platform you will get rewarded and earns commissions when your referrals completes tasks on note that if your referrals upgrade to premium VIP you will earn more money. When you invite new members you will get 500 naira in your account.

Is Legit

We don’t know wether the platform naver kim or is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.
So if any readers have payments proof drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of the program.

Is scam

We can’t label the platform as a scam platform right now because there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section.


How to withdraw on

To withdraw on you first have to reach the minimum withdrawals which is only N4500 naira alots of users claims that you won’t be able to withdraw on on Free Vip unless you upgrade with real money. contact support address email

To contact support team you have to go to the official website and locate the email address or the live chat support system. payments proof

We haven’t found payments proof related to platform yet, the platform claims to be paying but to be transparent with you it’s far to be true.

Linforly investment website reviews

Who is CEO

There is no information about owner of investment platform. The site was founded by unknown Nigerian on the 22nd of April 2021 some members claims this platform is own by stepworks. We recommend to be very careful when joining this platform as can crash at anytime without knowing the CEO or hoping to be refunded.

The following information explains how the platform actually works

*Only one Naver account can be used on a single phone

*Only one bank account can be used for a single Naver account

*Ensure to leave your required balance when making a withdrawal

*Make sure you follow the rules that guide the credit score

*Don’t help friends to upload his/her receipt

If you go against any of the above listed, your account maybe disabled.

Maintain your credit scores by
*Doing your daily task ontime
*Buy Naverfunds
*Withdraw at most once in a week
*Upgrade VIP
*Encourage your downlines to upgrade to same VIP as you
*keep ur account active. Login Sign in

  • Go to
  • Input your Registered phone number or Email
  • Enter your password
  • Finally click Login Registration/Register Signup

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign up NOW
  • Register with your phone number and password
  • Input the invitation code ( 553542)
  • Click on Submit



Free VIP

Daily revenue:30

Daily task number 1

Complete task number:1

Required balance 800


Daily revenue:200

Daily task number:2

Required balance 3000


Daily revenue:1050

Daily task number:5

Required balance 14000


Daily revenue:3870

Daily task number:9

Required balance:50000


Daily revenue 7800

Daily task number:10

Required balance:100000


Daily revenue:16500

Daily task number:15

Required balance:200000 review (real,scam,legit or fake)

Withdrawal time is between Monday to Friday.

Withdrawal is been done once a day.

Holyprofweb personal review

With no much talk. I will give this business 46.6% safe. After looking at the structures, mode of operations and the running way, I will not advice my people to register this. Everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register If you know the owner or someone close to the owner of this platform. If not, Please and please, DO NOT JOIN!!!. Holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon. Also, if you are very good in referral, leave Linforly, and do naver.

You can chat us up on whatsapp or telegram for more enquires or fast paying business.

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