Linforly investment website reviews

  1. What is the real website

  2. When was linforly launched

  3. Who owns the platform

  4. Linforly is legit, real or scam?

  5. How much is the registration

  6. What is the difference between the basic plan and standard plan on linforly

  7. Is referral compulsory on linforly.

As we all know in holyprofweb, we give reviews according to the site and we finally give unsure answer( never supported anyone). Last week, we reviewed 247wave to be a scam project. But which so much confidence, Linforly investment website is trusted and reliable.

If in case you don’t find what you are looking for like how to deposit, withdraw and stuffs like that, kindly click here.


What is Linforly

Linforly investment website can be defined by me as a company that was created by a team of experienced networkers with  an intention of giving back online users what they deserves.

Source of income:

As far as a website is not a ponzi scheme or a rob Peter pay john website, that type of site has to have different sources of income. Even though Linforly at the beginning of creation was created for investment website popular today to be able to invest the funds of their members. They have been able to partner with nothing less than six investment websites which helps in day to day run including tasks and advertisements from them. Another thing I notice is the use of loans. Linforly also provides loans to some members. Members who they believe deserves it and get more profit from it. These sources are what I am able to see from the site personally. So many others will see more and even some the website will have more sources I am not aware of.

Referral earnings

Referral is very sweet and interesting in this platform. Here, members earns 10% of the initial amount invested by referral. Initially, there are two types of referral: direct referral and indirect referral. The person you refer is your direct referral while the person that your referral refers is your indirect referral. On a successful investment of a referral, you earn 10%. That means, if your referral invest about 200,000 (Two hundred thousand naira), you earn 20,000 without doing anything. Investment does not end once. A member can choose to invest on a multiple of times. When your referral also refers someone, you earn 5% of the investment. Like gaining #10,000 of 200,000. Linforly is sweet and interesting. You are also opportuned to get 2.5 percent of your referral referral referral. This is a very broad something. You keep earning from unbelievable source.
Secret: If you can’t refer, try and bring someone or people that can refer to the platform. So, you earn per his or her referral and his or her referral referral


How to withdraw

Withdrawal is a very easy thing with linforly investment website. Here, you will have the chance to choose any mode of withdrawal you like (cards and bank accounts are the one available as at now).


How to deposit

Deposition has been made easy. You can deposit with your bank accounts by paying directly to the Wema bank account. After successful payment, show a screenshot of your debit alert, your debit app or even if its any type of receipt. They are going to transfer your money to you after successful payment. It takes lesser than 5 hours. Also, you can use paystack. This is an automatic technique whereby you pay online with either card, transfer or QR. After that, you get credited automatically .you can also deposit by chatting linforly on WhatsApp. They will guide and assist during this process. It must be more or up to half a million (500,000) before using this method.

Plans available on linforly

Plans can change, today notes can or will be old. But, presently as this post is written (will be changed later if there are important things to change). The plans include the

Bi-weekly package:

This is the fastest and worst (permit me to use the language) way to earn. I use the word ”worst” because the earnings is so small. This used just 15 days in earning. According to Linforly, one earns 9% of his investment everyday for 15 days. That means, if someone invest 20,000 ( twenty thousand naira ) in naira, he or she gains 1800 (one thousand eight hundred naira) daily and ends up getting 27,000 ( twenty seven thousand naira ) with a profit of #7000 (seven thousand naira) at the end of the plan (15 days) with a total of 135% gain. The lowest amount to invest here is #500 while the highest is #20,000.

Monthly package:

This is taken as the number two and most popular investment plan by average users. Most people join businesses like racksterli and primevault because of the gain in it. But little do they know that Linforly pays more than that and it is also a platform in which there is no task (daily tasks or sponsored posts) whatsoever. In monthly package, the minimum investment is #500 (five hundred naira) while the maximum investment is #100,000. Here, one gets 5.8% of his or her investment daily. That means if one invest 100,000 ( one hundred thousand naira), he or she gets 5,800 naira daily for 30 days and ends up getting 174,000 (one hundred and seventy four thousand ) in one month which automatically gives him 74,000 ( seventy four thousand naira profit).

3 months package:

One of the boss. A very simple techniques. Invest once, earn monthly for 3 months. If one invest 100,000 here, he or she gets 85,000 monthly which makes him get the total of 255,000 (two hundred and fifty five thousand naira) at the end of the package. That means he or she goes with 155,000 (one hundred and fifty five thousand ) profit.

6 months package:

This is also known as semi annual plan. Here, if one invests 100,000 (hundred thousand naira), he or she gets 400,000 (four hundred thousand) naira every 3 months till 6 months is complete.

Annual package:

Automatically 1000% of your installment. Since the later, this is the best package. When one invests 100,000 (one hundred thousand naira). He or she gets 1,000,000 (one million naira) every six months for a year. That means one gets 2000% of the amount deposited.


Fixed yearly:

This requires easy explanation. The only amount that can be deposited is 100,000 (one hundred thousand naira). Here, one gets a million naira at the end of the year.

Lifetime yearly package:

This is the only forever earning package on Linforly. In this condition, the minimum is #500 while this highest is 1500000 ( one million, five hundred thousand naira). One gets 500% of how much invested yearly. That means, if one invests 100,000 ( one hundred thousand naira ) he or she gets 500,000 (five hundred thousand naira ) at the end of every year.


Who is the CEO of linforly

Linford, the chief executive officer (CEO) and owner of Linforly (black American) has been a invested since his early life. He works with investment website (proinvest) before he was given a free visa to come abroad. Not much things is know about his private life, but you can see his lifestyle on Instagram with different investors in different countries.

Is Linforly legit

Absolutely yes!!!. has been reviewing website for months now but we give detailed explanation and tell the readers every business is a risk. This will be the first business since our creation we will support. More reasons why this was said can not be discuss on the net. You can chat me up on WhatsApp (+2347036074565) to ask questions.

How can one deposit in Linforly

Deposit can be done in several ways. The most common is paystack, bank deposit and from dashboard. From dashboard can only be used by members in the system before. It can be stressful but it is the best. The first thing to do is to deposit using the system and the plan you want. After, you go to withdrawal and choose the same (from dashboard) withdrawal. Same amount.
2: paystack is a very easy progress that is very understanding. The advantage of this is that we (linforly) will hardly be able to help if in case any error happens while using it.
3: payment from bank. This is the best. It is a situation in which you pay in any way you can into our account and you post a screenshot of debit alert or transaction proof. Then, we review and accept later.

How to withdraw.

Withdrawal processes is not too long. There are two most popular modes of withdrawal. The first is the bank account. In this situation, it can take up or more than 24 hours. This is a situation whereby members choose how much they want to withdraw and they will be credited to the bank account created. The minimum withdrawal is #5000.

The second is the issue of recharge cards. This is the act of crediting your network USSD through our place. The minimum here is #100 and you get paid in an hour or more.

Investment amounts

Changes was just made and according to the investment package, No maximum of investment for any plans. There is yearly (annually) investment, semi yearly, 3 months, a month and even 2 weeks which is noticed as the minimum package for Linforly.


My personal experience with Linforly

As you know, we will always give personal experience on all businesses. Last week we told you that 247wave was scam and how we were able to detect its scamming.
I have been an affiliate marketer for 5 years now. I got to know about Linforly during Racksterly (Not racksterli). It was during this time I started following Linforly investment. Even though it was not popular as at then. I did not bother to invest in it since it was new.


I started my first investment last year, during the lock down, A cryptocurrrecy business which was worldwide started. The name was millions money. Millions money was one of the most popular business then. I really made a huge amount of money because of the trust people had in me and the Facebook groups, pages and accounts I own. Something about me is that I hardly have savings. Because of the fear in me, I do not want to invest in a year package on Linforly even though there are more and fantastic benefits compared to others. I started with a monthly and 3 months plan. Cashing out was easy and enjoyable.


It was until I started forsage, (Another cryptocurrency business), I made millions in online business and I was able to invest about a million naira into the business (Linforly). Something about me is that I will always spend if money has to be with me. I investment in Linforly on march 2020 and I totally forgot about it. One of the things in my mind was ”what if I die before one year??”. How Will I cash out my earnings. I asked the support this question then and i was told i can automatically set it to payment immediately. That is, if my money is complete, payment can enter my bank account. I was able to set that.


Truly, I did not remember the money once. Until I spent the one with me finished. That was when I remembered I invested something. I always believe in something. ”Even though you don’t have money, you can not die!!!” Hunger can’t kill. You will always have someone. I suffered a lot. Lost friends after the last smart contract (Golden matrix) because there was not legit platform again. I can not go down to beg my people for money.

 Something learnt

But, I have a new believe that when you don’t have Money, you won’t have many friends. I wasn’t afraid. Because I have that one believe that linforly is coming. Just praying to God nothing should change. March 2021. Lesser than a week I wanna withdraw, the business (now Linforly). Gave an intention in changing of name and brand. I became afraid. Down and sick. On the day of my withdrawal, I joined the new site and I saw that nothing was changed on my dashboard and everything was better and looks more cool. I Withdrawed my one year savings and I was paid 2 days ago. Below is a screenshot of my dashboard.

Screenshot 20210325 193804

Above is Linforly dashboard (it may have changed by the time you view this ).

Initially, during the time of the investment, as broke as I am, I still continue investing on Linforly. I believe I can’t die of hunger. No matter how broke I am. I didn’t invest in Linforly only. I also invested in cryptocurrency. When I started millions money, ethereum was about 80k per one. It was something shocking for it to reach 1 million plus now. I lost a lot in it because the government ban cryptocurrency in my country (NIGERIA).

To register, go to the website using my link;( and register for free. The registration is free as I have said earlier. It is pure investment.

Let us not go far in that. We are here for Linforly and I wrote this review after getting it trusted. You can chat me up personally on WhatsApp (08087470610) for any questions and I will respond.

Give comments if you need a public suggestions.


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  5. pls this linforly, you are talking about, is it the same one i invested on that was launched on 25th March 2021, how come you said it there since 2020. Am confused

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