Nairatasks ( full review


is known to be an international company engages in activities related to investing performed by qualified and good professional traders. Their goal is to utilize your money and provide a source of high income while minimizing any possibility of risk also ensuring a high quality service, allowing it to have a good relation with their investors. They work to ensure a profit of your investment.


NairaTasks Features


We are a certified company which conducts absolutely legal activities. We are certified and safe


According to them, they said:
We constantly work on improving our system and level of our security to minimize any potential risks.


According to them, they said:
We will utilize your money which will be performed by qualified professional traders and provide a high income.


We provide 24/7 customer customer support. We are here to offer you the best support.


We are an international company working globally having clients from different parts of the world.

How to signup on Nairatask

  • Go to nairatasks signup page.
  • Enter your Name, Email, phone number and Nairatasks
  • Accept to their Terms and Conditions
  • Click submit now to complete the registration process.

How to Login on Your Nairatask account

  • Go to Nairatask login page
  • Enter User name and password
  • Click Sign in and begin earning

How to Earn on Nairatask after registration

Nairatask is simply about Investment, so you invest 3000 ( three thousand naira) and you will get 500naira daily for 30days, that’s 15,000 (fifteen thousand naira) in a month, sounds too good to be true right well keep reading because you are almost their.

The investment process is quite simple as you are require to pay one of the 30 or more dispatchers ( Vendors) to credit your are then just investment and wait.

Who owns Nairatask?

Unfortunately, we were not able to find out the owner but the site have a WhatsApp number on top and may be that is a Vendors number or even the owner. It might just be for the guy that is in charge of answering CUSTOMERS. As soon as we find more answer, This post will be update this post and the owner will be revealed to you. Initially, a recent trash was going on about a developer creating the site but we blackmailed it die to the fact that he only developed the website and do not own it. There is a difference!!!

The site also have a dispatcher page with about 40 Active vendors to pay for your account to be credited so one of them is ought to be the owner and the first Number on the list even belong to Nairatask maybe that is the owner, who knows.

Is Nairatask Safe?

Well, Nairatask have a 2FA system which means you can decide to double safeguard your account to avoid it vulnerable for any attack. You can retrieve your account through forgotten password so that’s also out and you can even chat with customer care.


They also have a support ticket page so feel free to write to then on an issue you are facing and it’ll be fixed. Not only that but the site have SSL padlock so the server is also safe.

How Do One Withdraw on Nairatask

Withdrawal is easy, just make sure that you have the minimum 5000 (five thousand naira) for withdrawal before doing any thing then proceed to the withdrawal page,  enters the needed information and you are done with it.


All investment are the same and they crash after a period of time, try and grab your profit quickly and be part of the earners!!!

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