Webmine (webmine.live) has crashed. Read full review. Real, legit, scam or fake or crashed


  • What is webmine

  • who owns webmine

  • does the platform pays

  • is the platform legit

  • when is webmine launched

  • Whats happening to webmine
  • Has webmine crashed

What is Webmine?
Webmine is a unique platform, created to empower people and boost their income.

How does webmine works

Webmine is a platform that enable it subscribers to earn daily by performing a one-minute activity.

Features of Webmine

1.Daily Earnings
2.Free data..


How can i register on webmine?

Webmine registration costs 2,500 (twi thousand five hundred naira) only and you have to make such payment before any activity can begin on your account.


You Earn daily in *Naira* through your *Daily mining*.

How do one earn on WEBMINE?

There are 3 major ways to earn from webmine on daily activity. The first thing to note is the fact that once you signup, you get free 1,500 (one thousand five hundred naira) and extra free 500MB in hours after registration (make sure you register with your right number).

Another important way to earn is the fact that you get a total of 1,200 ( one thousand two hundred naira) per each referral you make. Also, you earn #300 per mining on daily basis.

   When is webmine launched

webmine will be launched on the first of march, 2021.

When can we withdraw from webmine

Miners (those money gotten daily) can be withdrawn on 15th and 30th of every month once they have minimum threshold of 10,000 (ten thousand naira only) while the referral bonus or commission can be withdrawn daily once you have minimum threshold of 2,000 (two thousand naira).

Will platform crash??

Sure. Looking at the full analysis of the website. According to holyprof (ceo and owner of this website), it is possible the operation ends at the middle or end of march. It is possible they change the date after this posts get casted.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


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