Mulagain ( review. Legit or scam?

What is Mulagain

Mulagain investment website can be defined by me as a company that was created by a team of experienced networkers with  an intention of giving back online users what they deserves.

Referral earnings

Referral is very sweet and interesting in this platform. Here, members earns 10% of the initial amount invested by referral. Initially, there are two types of referral: direct referral and indirect referral. The person you refer is your direct referral while the person that your referral refers is your indirect referral. On a successful investment of a referral, you earn 10%. That means, if your referral invest about 200,000 (Two hundred thousand naira), you earn 20,000 without doing anything. Investment does not end once. A member can choose to invest on a multiple of times. When your referral also refers someone, you earn 5% of the investment. Like gaining #10,000 of 200,000. mulagain is sweet and interesting. You are also opportuned to get 2.5 percent of your referral referral referral. This is a very broad something. You keep earning from unbelievable source.
Secret: If you can’t refer, try and bring someone or people that can refer to the platform. So, you earn per his or her referral and his or her referral referral.
NOTE: referral is not needed to earn in this platform.

Plans available on mulagain

Plans can change, today notes can or will be old. But, presently as this post is written (will be changed later if there are important things to change). The plans include the

20 days package:

This is the fastest and worst (permit me to use the language) way to earn. I use the word ”worst” because the earnings is so small. This used just 20 days in earning. According to mulagain, one earns 6% of his investment everyday for 20 days. That means, if someone invest 100,000 ( one hundred thousand naira ) in naira, he or she gains 6000 (six thousand naira) daily and ends up getting 120,000 ( one hundred and twenty thousand naira ) with a profit of #20000 (twenty thousand naira) at the end of the plan (20 days) with a total of 120% gain. The lowest amount to invest here is #10000 while the highest is #100,000.

Monthly package:

This is taken as the number two and most popular investment plan by average users. Most people join businesses like racksterli and primevault because of the gain in it. But little do they know that mulagain pays more than that and it is also a platform in which there is no task (daily tasks or sponsored posts) whatsoever. In monthly package, the minimum investment is #1000 (one thousand naira) while the maximum investment is #100,000. Here, one gets 5.4% of his or her investment daily. That means if one invest 100,000 ( one hundred thousand naira), he or she gets 5,400 naira daily for 30 days and ends up getting 162,000 (one hundred and sixty two thousand ) in one month which automatically gives him 62,000 ( sixty two thousand naira profit).

3 months package:

One of the boss. A very simple techniques. Invest once, earn monthly for 3 months and get back your capital at the end of the plan. If one invest 100,000 here, he or she gets 50,000 monthly which makes him get the total of 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand naira) at the end of the package. That means he or she goes with 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand ) profit.


Who is the CEO of mulagain

Ojo Olido, the chief executive officer (CEO) and owner of mulagain. He has been an investor since his early life. Not much things is know about his private life, but you can see his lifestyle on Instagram with different investors in different countries.

Is mulagain legit

Absolutely yes!!!. has been reviewing website for months now but we give detailed explanation and tell the readers every business is a risk. Mulagain is listed as part of our top legit business here which actually mean you are safe with them. More reasons why this was said can not be discuss on the net. You can chat me up on WhatsApp (+2347036074565) to ask questions.


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How to withdraw on mulagain

Withdrawal processes is not too long. There are two most popular modes of withdrawal. The first is the bank account. In this situation, it can take up or more than 3 hours. This is a situation whereby members choose how much they want to withdraw and they will be credited to the bank account created. The minimum withdrawal is #1000.

The second is the issue of recharge cards. This is the act of crediting your network USSD through our place. The minimum here is #100 and you get paid in an hour or more.



You can easily contact mulagain by messaging them on email through or by opening a support ticket. The ceo number can also be given, but you should only chat him up per a very important issue!


is my funds safe?

here, they don’t make use of vendors not to tell you that someone ran with their funds or have a foolish excuse to give. Your withdrawal and your deposit is directly to the system. Also, the website is SSL activated. Which means, it is unhackable as far as you don’t give people access to your passwords, your funds is safe!!!



  1. Mulagain is real;, you will withdraw they will credit your account. Try and join them.

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