Para investment ( go ticket reviews. Real or scam


What is para investment?

Winning stock and options calls and alerts with a free discord. Offering free educational zooms every week as well as live trading daily.


What is the difference between free discord and paid discord?

Their free discord is available to everyone who wants to follow our public call outs, so unlike the majority of discords that will charge you money just to access or see what they want to invest in or are invested in, we let that be public knowledge and it will always stay that way. Theur paid services however are completely different. They study your needs, get to know you, and lay down a plan that will educate you on how to approach certain situations where you have the opportunity to earn true gains.

How do their process works?

Their 1-On-1 process begins with a zoom meeting where we will discuss your wants, needs, and what has to be corrected so that our team has the knowledge they need to accurately and most importantly, uniquely assess your issues and where we need to put you on the right path. After that, we begin a slow and steady educational approach to correcting the mistakes we see to set you on a profitable path.

Who are the stakeholders of para investment (

The stakeholders or management (backbones of the platform or company) includes the CEO (chief executive officer), the traders and the moderators.

Who is the chief executive officer of Golden ticket (

Dmitriy Z. is the CEO of Para Investments, as well as The Golden Ticket(DBA). Having over 10 years experience in financial investments, studies, and analytics, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. They say “the proof is in the pudding” and that proof is readily available on our discord, as well as reviews. This is a BBB accredited business, were you can see, hear, and speak to people that have pulled in over $30,000 in a single day on trades that are not meme nor pump and dump stocks but securities that have a strong foundation with minimal risk.


Who are termed the advance traders of para investment (golden ticket)

Ash and Dmitriy are well trained, seasoned professionals in their respective fields. Cyrus is one of our top options players and is able to educate even the most novice of traders on how to grow a small account to two or three times its size. Of course a lot depends on the person himself, however, if you put in the time and dedication to opening up a new world of opportunities, with our services you will be greatly rewarded*. Ash is our charting expert, using his experience in tracking trends, studying chart patterns, as well as doing fundamental analysis; he is able to accurately predict which direction a security will move. We all know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investments, however having a winning team behind you does give you that edge that most traders lack.

Who are para investment moderators?

Benu, Bricksrock and Logan are our server moderators. They keep our free discord clean from spam, any hateful language as well performing other duties. Benu also works on our media editing allowing our free zoom sessions to be posted to YouTube for others to view and learn, as well as those that missed that particular session. Trades Keeps our discord up to date on all the latest trending news when it comes to the market. Why is this an advantage? having the latest up to the minute news is critical to any investor, and having our content publicized is vital to anyone that may have missed something due to their day job.

Is Para investment, legit?

The real fact about this company is that the company is scam. This was not the original website as at first but due to the bad reviews on reviews site like holyprofweb, trustpilot and sitejaber, was created and of cause, one can control and pay 100s of people to write good review about them and that was what was done on trustpilot so they can rank high. Even trust pilot noticed and speaks of it saying “We’ve found out that this company is
breaching our terms of use with the way they are displaying Trustpilot content. They could be
showing an inaccurate star rating or
TrustScore, or displaying reviews they’re not
permitted to use. This could be misleading.
We wanted to let you know that this company
has not been playing by the rules. We take the
integrity of our platform very seriously, and
when we uncover misuse, we put a stop to it.”

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You can contact them by sending them mail via Email: Unfortunately, they only provide their number or call according to the 1 vs 1 client.


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