moxidress reviews & complains 2023; is moxidress legit or a scam site?

Unraveling the Enigma of Moxidress: A Thorough Examination of Customer Reviews


Moxidress, a relatively new player in the online women’s clothing market established in 2021, has been making waves, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Amid promises of fashionable attire at affordable prices, the legitimacy and customer service practices of Moxidress have become subjects of intense scrutiny. This blog post embarks on a meticulous exploration of Moxidress reviews from diverse sources, aiming to offer an insightful and unbiased analysis.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

A prominent presence in search results, Trustpilot provides a platform for customers to voice their opinions through star ratings and detailed feedback. Unfortunately for Moxidress, its Trustpilot profile reveals a paltry 1.7 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews, a clear indication of customer dissatisfaction. Grievances include undelivered orders, receipt of poor-quality items, unresponsiveness to email communications, credit card charges sans proof of shipment, and difficulties securing refunds for unfulfilled orders. The litany of 1-star ratings on Trustpilot serves as an unequivocal red flag for potential Moxidress customers.

Amazon Reviews of Specific Dress Style

A more granular examination surfaces Amazon reviews spotlighting the “Isis Moxie Dress” in black. Despite an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 from 27 reviews, the feedback reveals a nuanced narrative. While some customers praise the dress for its comfort and versatility, others lament sizing discrepancies and hit-or-miss quality across different orders. These mixed reviews suggest potential issues with Moxidress’ quality control and sizing consistency.

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Scam Validation Websites

Turning to online scam-checking sites, we uncover a more technical perspective on Moxidress’ legitimacy:


Assigning Moxidress a cautious 2.8/5 rating, ScamAdviser points to red flags such as a new domain (registered in 2021) and a dearth of external reviews. Despite using HTTPS and no overt risks, ScamAdviser’s cautionary rating raises questions about the company’s online history and external validation.

Scam Detector

Conducting a comprehensive scan, Scam Detector issues a stark warning, emphasizing the absence of an address or customer support details, numerous typos on the website, and predominantly negative reviews found elsewhere online. Moxidress is saddled with a “low trust score” on Scam Detector, further intensifying concerns.

Scam Pulse

An investigation by Scam Pulse uncovers a lack of active social media profiles, no physical address, and unfulfilled orders with zero communication to customers. Deeming Moxidress an “online clothing scam” based on multiple red flags, Scam Pulse contributes to the mounting evidence of fraudulent behavior.

YouTube Video Reviews

A YouTube video titled “Moxidress Reviews (Nov 2022) – Is This A Legit Website? Find Out!” provides a comprehensive visual review of the Moxidress shopping experience. Key revelations include the absence of a working phone number, email, or live chat for customer support, a mysterious lack of physical address or contact details of ownership, prolonged order delivery times, and significant disparities between advertised products and actual items. The video creator’s attempt to make a purchase resulted in an order cancellation without shipping. The overarching conclusion is that Moxidress exhibits clear signs of a potential scam operation.

Scamdoc Review

Scamdoc’s validated profile of Moxidress presents an alarming picture, with all reviews posted being 1-star ratings from disgruntled customers. Complaints echo those found elsewhere – charged but never received orders, coupled with unresponsiveness from the company. A particularly distressing review recounts the ordeal of having two separate orders cancelled after card charges, totaling over $200. Scamdoc unequivocally labels Moxidress as exhibiting patterns consistent with scam behavior.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile

Exploring Moxidress’ presence on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a reputable organization mediating disputes between businesses and consumers, yields no active listing. This absence raises further red flags, as legitimate companies usually register to maintain transparency and uphold standards of dispute resolution. Moxidress’ lack of a BBB profile, where complaints could potentially be addressed, exacerbates concerns about transparency and customer satisfaction.

TikTok & Reddit Discussions

Even social media platforms like TikTok and Reddit have become forums for users to share their negative experiences with Moxidress. Videos and comments highlight instances of the retailer charging cards without delivering merchandise and ceasing all communication when problems arise. Several users seek advice after falling victim to what they suspect is a fraudulent scheme. The consensus across these platforms amplifies the allegations of fraud, further cementing Moxidress’ shaky reputation.


In conclusion, the collective weight of evidence from Trustpilot, scam-checking sites, Amazon, YouTube, and social media paints a damning picture of Moxidress. The consistent patterns of undelivered orders, fraudulent charges, and unresponsiveness point to a high risk of falling victim to online clothing fraud. Potential customers are strongly urged to exercise extreme caution and opt for reputable brands to ensure a safe and trustworthy online shopping experience. The sheer volume of complaints suggests systemic issues rather than isolated incidents, warranting consideration for regulatory investigation. In the realm of online apparel purchases, choosing accredited brands remains the safest course of action. Moxidress, based on the available public information, is deemed fraudulent and untrustworthy.

In the labyrinth of online commerce, Moxidress emerges as a cautionary tale, a digital mirage promising affordable elegance that, upon closer inspection, dissipates into an unsettling cloud of doubt and dissatisfaction. The spectrum of reviews from diverse platforms paints an intricate picture of an online retailer that seemingly fails to uphold the basic tenets of trust and customer satisfaction.

The echo chamber of discontent on Trustpilot sets the stage, with a dismal 1.7 out of 5 stars from an amalgamation of disgruntled customers. Their stories, woven with threads of undelivered orders, subpar quality, and a perplexing lack of responsiveness, form a resounding symphony of warning for any potential patrons considering a dalliance with Moxidress. It’s a red flag waving vigorously in the digital winds, impossible to ignore.

The scrutiny extends to specific products, like the “Isis Moxie Dress,” which, despite positive notes on comfort and versatility, reveals a disconcerting pattern of sizing inconsistencies and a hit-or-miss quality roulette. It’s a microcosm of the broader concerns surrounding Moxidress—lack of consistency, both in product quality and customer experience.

The investigation dives deep into the digital alleys of scam-checking platforms, where the cautionary whispers grow louder. ScamAdviser raises eyebrows with its warning on a new domain and scant external reviews, while Scam Detector thrusts Moxidress into the spotlight of skepticism with an unwavering “low trust score.” The crescendo comes with Scam Pulse’s outright declaration of Moxidress as an “online clothing scam,” citing a multitude of red flags and user complaints.

YouTube adds a visual dimension to the narrative, with a comprehensive review that exposes the void of customer support, the absence of a tangible address, and the disconcerting reality of orders taking months to materialize, if at all. The visual evidence, coupled with firsthand experiences, coalesces into a stark verdict—Moxidress displays the hallmarks of a potential scam operation.

Scamdoc reinforces this sentiment with a portfolio of 1-star ratings and narratives of financial losses, echoing the sentiment found elsewhere. The Better Business Bureau’s conspicuous absence of a profile for Moxidress casts a shadow on the company’s commitment to transparency and dispute resolution, a deviation from the practices of legitimate enterprises.

The social media landscape further amplifies the dissonance, with TikTok and Reddit becoming sounding boards for individuals who feel defrauded by Moxidress. Their narratives, shared through videos and comments, reverberate with themes of financial loss, unresponsive customer service, and a pervading sense of betrayal. It’s a visceral demonstration of the tangible impact of Moxidress’ alleged deceit.

In summation, the comprehensive analysis of Moxidress’ reviews from authoritative sources paints a vivid, albeit disconcerting, portrait. The overwhelming evidence of unfulfilled orders, alleged fraudulent charges, and a consistent lack of responsiveness creates a mosaic of suspicion that casts a shadow over Moxidress’ credibility. In a digital realm where trust is paramount, Moxidress emerges as a cautionary tale, a name synonymous with skepticism and potential peril.

For any prospective shopper contemplating a foray into the world of Moxidress, the collective voices of dissatisfied customers across platforms form a resounding chorus of warning. Reputable companies do not find themselves ensnared in the web of consistent complaints and allegations that surround Moxidress. The prudent path for consumers is clear—to sidestep the uncertainties associated with this online retailer and seek solace in the reliability of accredited brands. In the grand tapestry of online commerce, Moxidress stands as a cautionary brushstroke, urging consumers to navigate the digital marketplace with discernment and vigilance.

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