the outset skincare reviews & side effects 2023; an honest review


Exploring The Outset, Scarlett Johansson’s celebrity skincare brand launched in 2022, this review delves into the effectiveness of its products through an analysis of Google search results for “the outset skincare reviews.” Covering key aspects such as top products, packaging, ingredients, suitability for different skin types, and overall customer reviews, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview.

Top Products in The Outset Skincare Line

Daily Essentials Regimen Bundle

A curated bundle of bestsellers, this regimen includes the Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer, Gentle Gel Cleanser, and Immortelle Overnight Serum. Boasting a remarkable 4.8/5 average rating from over 1,000 reviews, customers applaud its gentle yet transformative effects on skin texture and hydration.

Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer

The hero product, praised by over 90% of users, combines hydrating squalane with antioxidants like turmeric and ginger. Dermatologist-approved for its non-irritating properties, it leaves skin looking healthier and radiant.

Gentle Gel Cleanser

A non-foaming gem, this cleanser is hailed for its effectiveness in makeup removal and its refreshing feel. Perfect for daily use, it maintains a delicate balance between efficacy and gentleness.

Immortelle Overnight Serum

Targeting skin brightness and firmness, this serum has garnered acclaim for its antioxidant-rich formula. Customers report visible improvements in skin texture, tone, and reduction of dark spots with regular use.


The Outset’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its minimalist glass packaging. Amber dropper bottles and airless pumps not only enhance the product’s aesthetics but also promote spill-proof, travel-friendly usage. Customers appreciate the higher-end feel, although some note a perceived dissonance with the reasonable pricing.

Clean Ingredients and Formulation

Emphasizing clean, research-backed ingredients, The Outset avoids common allergens and irritants. Humectants like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, along with hero ingredient squalane, offer maximum hydration. Dermatologists laud the brand’s simplicity, though some users seeking multi-tasking cosmeceutical benefits may find it lacking.

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Effectiveness for Different Skin Types

Normal/Combination Skin

The Outset proves effective for normal/combination skin, providing hydration without exacerbating oiliness in T-zones.

Sensitive Skin

Over 90% of reviews affirm relief for sensitive skin, highlighting the non-irritating nature of The Outset’s products.

Dry Skin

Ideal for dry skin, users praise the brand for alleviating flakiness and providing long-lasting hydration.

Mature Skin

Middle-aged customers witness anti-aging benefits, experiencing plumper, firmer skin with reduced fine lines over time.

Acne-Prone Skin

While not explicitly formulated for acne-prone skin, The Outset’s non-comedogenic ingredients receive positive feedback. The moisturizer may feel heavy for very oily or acneic skin types.

Overall Reviews

With an average rating of 4.5-4.8/5 stars, customers celebrate The Outset for its non-greasy hydration, quick absorption, suitability for sensitivities, and a simple, minimalistic approach. Criticisms are minimal, with occasional remarks about the products’ strength for severely dry or acneic skin.


In conclusion, after an in-depth exploration of The Outset skincare line through the lens of Google search results and customer reviews, it becomes evident that this celebrity-backed brand has successfully carved its niche in the competitive beauty market. Launched in 2022 by acclaimed actress Scarlett Johansson, The Outset has garnered widespread praise for its commitment to simplicity, effectiveness, and sustainability.

The top products within The Outset skincare line, particularly the Daily Essentials Regimen Bundle, showcase a thoughtful curation of bestsellers. With an impressive average rating of 4.8/5 from a substantial number of reviews, customers consistently commend the transformative impact on their skin texture and hydration. The hero product, the Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer, stands out for its gentle yet potent formula, earning approval from both users and dermatologists alike.

Beyond the efficacy of its products, The Outset places a significant emphasis on packaging as a reflection of its commitment to sustainability. The minimalist glass packaging not only exudes elegance but also aligns with eco-conscious practices. However, a noteworthy observation is the perceived dissonance between the luxurious feel of the packaging and the reasonable price point of each product.

The brand’s dedication to clean ingredients and formulations is another key highlight. By excluding common allergens and irritants, The Outset caters to a broad spectrum of users, particularly those with sensitive skin. Dermatologists commend the brand’s minimalist approach, emphasizing its suitability for various skin types, although it may not satisfy those seeking more multifaceted cosmeceutical benefits.

As we delve into the effectiveness of The Outset for different skin types, the brand emerges as a versatile solution. From normal/combination to sensitive, dry, mature, and even acne-prone skin, the overwhelmingly positive reviews paint a comprehensive picture of its adaptability. Users appreciate the brand’s ability to address specific skin concerns while maintaining a gentle, nourishing foundation.

Overall reviews consistently hover around the 4.5-4.8/5-star range, attesting to the brand’s success in meeting customer expectations. From non-greasy hydration to quick absorption and a commendable minimalistic approach, The Outset seems to have struck a chord with beauty enthusiasts. While occasional criticisms surface, particularly regarding the perceived strength for severely dry or acneic skin, these appear as minor considerations against the backdrop of overwhelmingly positive feedback.

In the grand tapestry of the beauty industry, The Outset positions itself as a reliable choice, offering a back-to-basics approach with the added assurance of celebrity credibility. Scarlett Johansson’s influence undoubtedly contributes to the brand’s prominence, but it is the tangible results and customer satisfaction that truly solidify its standing. As The Outset continues to evolve and potentially introduces new products, its trajectory in the prestige beauty space seems promising, sustaining its relevance and appeal in the ever-evolving landscape of skincare.

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