Is wearshes scam or legit? Negative Reviews 2024

Is a Scam Site? presents itself as an online retailer offering a wide selection of clothing, accessories and other products at heavily discounted prices. However, many customers have expressed doubts about the legitimacy of this website. In this comprehensive investigation, we’ll evaluate the available evidence to determine if is a real retailer or a scam.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

One of the best indications of a company’s trustworthiness is looking at what actual customers say after shopping there. Let’s explore the reviews for


On Trustpilot, has an extremely poor 1.8 star rating based on 48 reviews. Numerous customers complain of never receiving orders despite paying and claim the site is unresponsive to inquiries. Few positive reviews appear fabricated.


This review site also gives a low 1% trust score. Customers allege orders were never fulfilled and the site operates a bait-and-switch scam. Some note similarities to known fraudulent retailers.

Reddit Forums

Searches on reddit turn up warnings against in subs like r/scams. Users share stories of being unable to get a refund after paying for orders that never arrived.

Clearly the overwhelming sentiment from real customers is overwhelmingly negative. The reviews consistently accuse of fraudulent activity rather than attributing issues to mistakes. This is a strong indicator the site cannot be trusted.

Domain and Company Information

Let’s scrutinize other details that can shed light on’s authenticity:

Newly Registered Domain

Whois lookups show the domain registered only in 2022. Sites operated by legitimate, established retailers tend to have older domain ages.

No Physical Address

The “About” page lacks any real company address or registered business details. Legitimate online stores disclose this information for transparency.

Fake Social Proof

The site touts fake reviews and followers on social networks to give the appearance of popularity. However, just cursory research shows these are fabricated.

Contact Difficulties

Customers report difficulty reaching via email or phone with order issues. No live chat support is provided on the site either.

All these signs collectively demonstrate is likely not a properly registered company but rather a fly-by-night scam operation designed solely to defraud customers.

Shady Business Practices

Beyond superficial issues, analyzing’s actual operations paints an even more damning picture:

Unrealistic Discounts

Products are advertised at 50-90% off MSRP, which is implausible for a real online retailer to maintain as a business model.

No Recourse After Payment

Customers complain that after paying, becomes impossible to contact regarding order status or refunds.

No Return Policy

The site provides no information about returns, refunds or exchanges should items not arrive or be defective – as required by law.

Fake Stock Levels

“Low inventory” is claimed to spur urgency, but reports suggest never truly had the advertised products in stock.

Copying Brand Names

Some items appear to infringe on trademarks of major companies like Nike with knock-off designs, suggesting unlicensed products.

These unethical tactics align with the modus operandi of deceptive dropshipping scams, not a bona fide online retailer. displays all hallmarks of an operation designed solely to pilfer customer money without delivery of goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers still considering may have additional practical questions. Let’s address some FAQs:

Are Customer Payments Secured?

No – utilizes an unsecured checkout and customers report being unable to dispute fraudulent charges.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Only payment by credit/debit card or digital payment apps, with no option for PayPal which offers buyer protection.

Does Wearshes Actually Ship Orders?

Nearly all customer reports and evidence suggest simply takes payments and never fulfills any orders as promised.

How Does One Get a Refund?

Virtual silence from renders getting refunds or responses to questions impossible according to complaints.

Will Law Enforcement Intervene?

Scam websites are often international operations beyond reach of authorities. Reports should still be made to assist in investigations.

In summary, no aspect of’s policies, communications or procedures offer any real consumer safeguards or recourse should issues arise – hallmarks of an illegitimate scam site.

Additional Red Flags

After examining under a microscope, several more glaring warning signs emerge:

Copied Template Design

The website uses a pre-built template common to many scam retailers, lacking any unique branding identity.

Generic Product Photos

Item listings tend to reuse stock photography pulled generically from the internet rather than differentiate products.

Suspicious Social Accounts

The wearshes Twitter and Instagram pages have no organic following, exhibiting signs of bot inflation with fake accounts.

No Contact by Phone

The telephone number provided routes calls through an anonymous service masking the actual location.

Altered Reviews Section

The reviews page, normally one of the most important for legitimacy, has no functional form to submit actual customer evaluations.

Cumulatively, every element investigated contributes to the overwhelming conclusion that shows all hallmarks of a deceptive dropshipping scam operation. Proceeding with any transactions only risks losing funds.

How Dropshipping Scams Operate

To understand more fully, it helps to recognize how these dropshipping scams typically function:

  • Websites are registered anonymously seeking plausible anonymity.

  • Low-cost, low-effort websites are slapped together using templates to emulate reputable stores.

  • Fake reviews, bots and cheap advertising drive targeted traffic with come-ons like huge sales.

  • Payment details are collected but no real inventory is held – scammers take a cut and orders go unfulfilled.

  • Domains shut down periodically and reopen under new names as reports surface, keeping one step ahead.

By comprehending these scam techniques,’s tactics become clear. No legitimate business model exists – just a short-term gambit to defraud customers before closing up shop.

Protecting Yourself From Scams Online

While easy to be lured by deals that seem too good to be true, taking some basic precautions prevents falling victim:

  • Research companies thoroughly using review sites and searching domain/business details.

  • Be wary of sites with few details, new domains, or offering outlandish perpetual discounts.

  • Verify physical addresses and phone numbers actually connect to the company.

  • Only provide payment details on SSL-secured checkout pages from reputable merchants.

  • Consider paying with credit cards which allow chargebacks versus digital wallets lacking protections.

  • Report suspected scams to law enforcement agencies where possible.

With a few minutes spent validating an unfamiliar online store’s legitimacy, you can safeguard yourself from the empty promises of deceptive operations like aimed only to steal your money. Buy safely!


After rigorous hands-on evaluation of and comparison against known scam tactics, the unfortunately conclusion is abundantly clear – this purported online retailer should be avoided entirely.

Every element investigated points to being operated maliciously as a temporary dropshipping scam with no intention of fulfilling orders as advertised. Proceeding only risks financial loss with zero accountability or recourse.

Rather than chance dealing with such unscrupulous entities, do your homework to verify merchants and when in doubt, shop only with established names possessing confirmed legitimacy backed by real customer reviews. Stay protected by always shopping smart online!

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