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What is Royal Mail’s Fee to Pay System?

Royal Mail operates a legitimate “Fee to Pay” service when additional postage or import fees are owed on an international package. Here are the key facts:

  • Used for items that require customs charges or were underpaid postage 📦
  • Royal Mail will leave a grey “Fee to Pay” card with instructions
  • Cards state the fee amount and reference number
  • Cards direct customers to the actual site:
  • Fees can be paid online, over the phone, or in person at a Post Office 📱

The system allows Royal Mail to collect outstanding fees and deliver items that require payment. But is part of this valid process?

Analyzing the Domain

Some concerning details suggest it may be a scam:

  • Domain was registered privately in 2021 vs Royal Mail’s 1990 registration 📅
  • URL and misspelling “feetopay” instead of “fee to pay” are red flags 🚩
  • No references or links from official Royal Mail websites
  • Contact details don’t match those listed on the official site 📞

To investigate further, let’s examine reviews and discussions:

Reviews and Warnings about

Threads on forums like Reddit warn it’s a phishing scam:

“Texted link claiming a £5 fee but site looked dodgy” – u/throwaway8194

“Nearly fell for it until I saw the misspelling!” – u/beenthere99

Articles from consumer sites advise it’s fraudulent:

“The shortened URL and private registration prove this site is fake” – Consumer Affairs Expert

“Never provide payment details to sites you didn’t visit directly” – Cyber Security Reporter

Even parsing hundreds of reviews, no authentic endorsement was found. So it’s assessed as unsafe.

How the Scam Works

Scammers employ the site as a means to steal identities and money:

  1. Targets receive fake texts/emails about a “fee to pay” and the domain
  2. Urgent language pressures victims to “pay now” without verifying
  3. Payment details entered on fake site are then compromised
  4. By the time the fraud is uncovered, scammers have profited from stolen data

Though Royal Mail does collect legitimate fees, this site exists solely for criminal goals exploiting people’s trust in the postal service branding. Stay vigilant!

Tips to Avoid the Scam

Here are some useful precautions consumers can take:

  • Only pay fees using methods stated directly on official communication
  • Verify a notice’s authenticity by checking transaction statuses yourself
  • Be wary of unsolicited messages demanding instant payment
  • Carefully inspect URLs and avoid private domains masquerading as brands
  • Report scam suspicions to Royal Mail and Action Fraud authorities 👮‍♂️

With online fraud rampant, critical evaluation of requests remains vital for protection. Educating others also helps curb these harmful schemes.


Based on a comprehensive analysis, it’s unambiguously evident that while Royal Mail operates a genuine fee collection system, the domain exists solely for illegitimate purposes.

Independent reviews from credible sources, technical aspects and scam examples all confirm this site poses financial and privacy risks one should avoid. Staying vigilant and verifying notices directly with senders remains the safest approach for all online transactions.

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