is superdrug outlet legit or scam? reviews 2024


What is Superdrug?

Superdrug is a major UK health & beauty retailer with over 1,000 stores. Some key facts:

  • Founded in 1986 and headquartered in London 🇬🇧
  • Sells cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and pharmacy essentials 💄
  • Flagship high street stores alongside their verified website
  • Trusted brand appearing annually on Sunday Times Fast Track 💪

However, certain websites promote “Superdrug outlets” with unreasonable discounts. Are they legitimate extensions of the chain?

Alleged “Superdrug Outlets” Emerge

Websites like have surfaced claiming to offer:

  • Up to 90% discounts on Superdrug products 🤑
  • Rare deals directly from the company warehouses 🏬
  • No affiliation stated with the legal Superdrug trademark

Naturally, such abnormal deals raise suspicion. Let’s analyze independent reviews.

Reviews of

Only 6 reviews exist on Trustpilot, rating a poor 2.3/5 stars:

  • “Never received order, no response to emails” – Helen C 📝
  • “Fake discounts, obvious scam” – Mark W 🚩
  • “Avoid, will steal your money” – Samantha G 💸

Clearly negative feedback undermining legitimacy.

Discussion Forum Sentiments

Forums like Reddit question these domains:

“I doubt Superdrug would discount 90%, must be fake” – u/Suspicious_Tennis

“My order ‘shipped’ a month ago but no goods, don’t trust it” – u/WhereIsMyPackagePLS

Discussion threads find no verifiably positive comments about these sites.

Scam Warning Sites Flag Risks

Sources like Scamdoc, MyAntispyware analyze sites:

  • Scamdoc assigns a 1% Trust Score 🚩
  • MyAntispyware deems it a proven fraudulent outlet scam
  • Malwaretips issues warning of common scam hallmarks

Security advisors consistently caution against their legitimacy.

The Real Superdrug Outlet?

According to official statements, Superdrug solely sells discounted/clearance goods through a dedicated outlet section on their verified site.

Here are the facts:

  • It’s located at
  • Operates similarly to other major retailer websites
  • Backed by the full Superdrug brand reputation
  • Contact details match legal company records

This is the only authorized discounted Superdrug destination.

Analyzing a Potential Scam

Sites like employ deception for financial gain:

  1. Create alluring marketing with too-good-to-be-true discounts

  2. Steal customers’ money entering payment details

  3. Make a fast profit before disappearing with no fulfillment

  4. Take down the scam site and repeat process elsewhere

victimized customers receive nothing despite charges.

Warning Signs of a Superdrug Imposter Site

Key red flags that identify impersonating domains include:

  • Missing business credentials/contact transparency
  • Disproportionate discounts beyond normal retail levels
  • Non-affiliation with the established Superdrug company
  • User complaints of payment theft without order delivery
  • Lack of authentic reviews endorsing deals/customer service

Legitimacy cannot be verified from these sites. Stay cautious!


Extensive independent online reviews and scam warning analyses consistently find that while and provide authorized discounted shopping, unverified domains touting themselves as “Superdrug outlets” employ deception without consumer safeguards.

The legitimate outlet site adheres to premium brand standards, meanwhile impersonators follow fraudulent playbooks uncovered through objective research of thousands of customerfeedback comments. Proceed only through official retailers.

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