is research tribe legit or scam? 2024 negative reviews


What is Research Tribe?

Research Tribe is an online survey panel that connects users with market research companies and brands looking to gather feedback and opinions from regular people.

Some key details about Research Tribe:

  • Founded in 2009 and headquartered in London, UK
  • Over 3 million users worldwide registered on their platform
  • Partners with over 5,000 different businesses for surveys
  • Offers surveys, tasks, studies, and tests on a huge range of topics
  • Users earn reward points for each survey completed
  • Points can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers

On the surface, Research Tribe seems like a legitimate way for people to earn some extra money on their own time. But are the surveys and rewards actually worth it? Let’s dive deeper into users’ experiences.

Research Tribe Reviews – What Do Users Say?

To get an understanding of the true Research Tribe experience, let’s examine reviews left on third party sites:

Trustpilot Ratings

On Trustpilot, Research Tribe has an average rating of 3.8/5 stars based on over 1,000 reviews. Positives cited include:

  • Wide variety of survey topics available daily
  • Easy to navigate site and simple survey process
  • Rewards points add up fast when active

Common complaints relate to disqualifying from surveys often, technical glitches, and slow response to support tickets.

Reddit Discussions

On Reddit, users sharing Research Tribe experiences tend to say it’s legit but not a major money maker. Earnings seem to average £5-10 per month for casual participation. Higher payout surveys fill up fast.

Some mention long qualification processes, while others get disqualified after starting surveys. Technical and account issues also get complained about frequently.

Quora Answers

Respondents on Quora generally confirm Research Tribe is not a scam but also not a reliable primary income source. Best for occasional use earning gift cards as incentives rather than cash payments.

Customer service response time is often criticized as slow. Consensus is managing expectations on potential earnings is important when signing up.

Let’s examine research tribe reviews in more depth with a focus on earnings potential and reliability.

Research Tribe Earnings – How Much Can You Really Make?

When assessing if Research Tribe is worth one’s time, understanding realistic earnings potential is key:

  • Surveys typically pay 1-5 points each, with 100 points = £1 reward
  • Most active users report making £5-15 per month completing 1-3 surveys daily
  • Top researchers have earned up to £50-100/month doing 5-10 surveys each day
  • Occasional or casual participation will net closer to £5 or less monthly
  • Points expire after 6 months, limiting long term accumulation

So while some highly engaged super-users do relatively well, the average Research Tribe member earns nominal supplemental income best viewed as rewards/incentives versus serious wages. Managing expectations is crucial.

Reliability of Surveys and Rewards

Another big factor in deciding if Research Tribe is worth the time is how reliable the platform is in providing opportunities:

  • Users often complain of high disqualification rates, sometimes up to 80%
  • Technical glitches like surveys freezing are commonly reported frustrations
  • Wait times to qualify for certain surveys can stretch weeks or months
  • Reward fulfilment is generally fast once points are redeemed
  • But occasional reports exist of points balances dropping mysteriously

This inconsistency and lack of control over qualifying makes depending on Research Tribe surveys precarious. Casual use treats it best as chances for small windfalls if luck strikes versus steady side hustle.

Alternatives to Research Tribe

If seeking more reliable paid survey options where qualification rates and payouts are more predictable, here are some trusted alternatives users suggest:

  • Opinion Outpost: High payout rates, instant cash options, responsive support
  • Swagbucks: Huge survey variety, cash vouchers redeemable everywhere
  • Prolific: Academic studies, fast qualification, same day payments
  • User Interviews: Global community of interesting paid user tests
  • SurveyJunkie: Rewards points stack for big gift cards quickly

While still supplemental income streams, these platforms tend to have less frustrating user experiences than Research Tribe according to reviews.

Redeeming Research Tribe Points

For those still keen to try Research Tribe, maximizing reward redemptions is key for getting any value out of points earned:

  • Gift cards are the best redemption option – Amazon top choice
  • Physical prizes tend to be lower value for same points cost
  • Cash transfers take longest to process and receive
  • Redeem frequently in £5-10 batches for quicker gratification
  • Redeem before points expire after rolling 6 month period

Promptly redeeming modest point balances this way helps boost the perceived value earned from participating with Research Tribe.

Final Thoughts on Research Tribe Legitimacy

To conclude, Research Tribe appears to be a completely legitimate online survey platform that does pay users fairly for completing market research tasks as advertised.

However, based on hundreds of user reviews, the inconsistent survey availability, technical glitches, high disqualification rates, and nominal earnings potential discussed indicate it’s far from a reliable side income stream.

I’d say Research Tribe is best treated as a chance at small supplemental rewards in your spare time rather than depended on. There are alternative survey sites with potentially higher pay rates and less headache.

While not a scam by any means, managing expectations for minimal and occasional income is prudent when signing up with Research Tribe. Keep participation casual versus core earnings strategy based on user experiences. With the right mindset, it can provide small perks without stress.

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