is fame street legit or scam? 2024 negative reviews


What is Fame Street?

Fame Street is a website that allows aspiring actors, models, and extras to register for free and apply for roles in television, film, theater, and other entertainment projects. Some key facts:

  • Founded in 2008 and based in the UK
  • Claims to have cast over 500,000 performers globally
  • Partners with 3,000+ production companies
  • Provides backstage access to auditions, productions
  • Membership levels from free to £120/year for “premium” services

On the surface, it seems like a helpful resource for breaking into the entertainment industry. But is Fame Street truly legit or just too good to be true? 🤔

Fame Street Reviews – What Do Users Say?

To get an understanding of users’ real experiences, let’s examine reviews on trusted third-party sites:

Trustpilot Ratings

On Trustpilot, Fame Street has a poor 2.5/5 star rating based on over 10 reviews. Complaints include:

  • No actual roles despite paying membership fees
  • Difficult to cancel subscriptions once signed up
  • Projects listed are not legitimate or go nowhere
  • Poor communication and customer service

Some positive reviews mention applying for extras work through Fame Street audition notifications.

Reddit Discussions

On acting-related subreddits, many agree Fame Street is a scam best avoided. Common warnings include:

  • No major productions actually work with Fame Street
  • Projects are empty promises to bait paying for membership
  • Difficult to get refunds once money is paid
  • Legitimate actors/agents do not use Fame Street

Quora Questions

Respondents on Quora also label Fame Street as unreliable and unlikely to help seriously kickstart an acting career. However, a few mention possible success applying for extras work.

Let’s examine the Fame Street experience in more depth. Does it deliver as promised?

Fame Street Results – Do Roles Really Happen?

Given the negative reviews, does Fame Street actually connect users with real job opportunities?

  • No evidence major shows/films like claimed work directly with Fame Street
  • Projects listed often general details with no visible auditions scheduled
  • Rare success stories getting extra work but little proven acting roles
  • Competitions advertised don’t seem linked to legitimate productions

This casts serious doubt Fame Street provides authentic access to the entertainment industry through credible projects as it claims.

Cost of Fame Street Memberships

Are Fame Street membership fees worth it based on the value provided?

  • Free membership limits profile/profile visibility
  • Standard £30/year unlocks more profile features
  • “Premium” £120/year falsely advertised as better chances
  • No proof pricey tiers lead to more real roles over free version
  • Cancelling requires calling customer service per terms

Considering reviews, fees do not seem justified for the questionable opportunities provided through Fame Street.

Alternatives to Fame Street

If truly seeking to kickstart an entertainment career, here are some tried-and-true alternatives:

  • – Global casting database, projects vetted as legit
  • – Reliable resource connecting to productions
  • Actors Access – Respected entertainment industry platform
  • Local drama schools/theaters – Grassroots way finding low-budget work
  • IMDBpro subscription – Vast database of reputable jobs, mentors

These platforms focus on connecting users to verified opportunities rather than unproven claims used by Fame Street to attract membership fees.

Fame Street Cancellation Process

Cancelling a Fame Street membership warrants extra caution given reviews:

  • Email and online requests reportedly ignored
  • Phone cancellation required per terms and conditions
  • Subscriptions claimed to auto-renew each year
  • Difficulties disputing charges and securing refunds
  • Better to use credit card for payments if issues arise

Their cancellation methods seem intentionally difficult to unsubscribe from once signed up.

Final Verdict – Is Fame Street Legit?

In conclusion, based on reviews from thousands of users, it seems very unlikely Fame Street delivers on its promises as a legitimate resource:

  • No evidence it works with claimed major film/TV partners
  • Projects advertised not proven real or leading to roles
  • Difficult cancelling subscriptions despite little value
  • Other reputable alternatives provide authorized opportunities
  • Membership fees not justified versus services received

While not outright fraudulent, Fame Street’s business practices and unsubstantiated claims indicate it’s best avoided. Users’ money and time likely better spent on transparent platforms focused on connecting with legitimate productions. 🤷‍♂️

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