is print your places legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

Print Your Places: A Comprehensive Examination of Legitimacy

In the vast landscape of online retailers, Print Your Places emerges as a player specializing in personalized wall art. Established in 2014 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company prides itself on crafting unique pieces featuring user-selected map locations. These creations, printed on clear acrylic sheets, aim to capture the essence of meaningful places, offering customers an affordable and quick way to commemorate special locations or present personalized gifts. However, as with any online service, the question of legitimacy looms large. In this in-depth review, we’ll delve into the user feedback, compare Print Your Places to competitors, analyze the company’s structure, and assess if improvements have been made over time.

Unveiling Print Your Places: A Company Overview

Print Your Places operates on a simple premise: transforming map locations into custom wall art. The process involves printing on clear acrylic sheets, with various background options such as wood or metal. Founded in 2014, the company positions itself as a provider of affordable, user-friendly, and personalized art. Products range from $30 to $50, depending on size and customization options.

While Print Your Places markets itself as a go-to destination for creating meaningful and personalized wall art, the veracity of this claim comes under scrutiny when we examine the user reviews.

Customer Service: A Mosaic of Mixed Reviews

Customer service reviews serve as a crucial litmus test for any company’s legitimacy. Let’s explore what customers are expressing about Print Your Places on platforms like Trustpilot and BBB.

On Trustpilot, Print Your Places exhibits a concerning average rating of 1.2/5 based on 141 reviews. Grievances voiced by users center around incorrect or damaged orders, lack of communication, and prolonged shipping delays without adequate updates.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) further dampens the company’s reputation, assigning it a D rating with 12 complaints filed in the past three years, echoing issues such as incorrect products and difficulties securing refunds. Notably, Print Your Places lacks BBB accreditation.

Perusing individual customer reviews on their website raises a potential red flag – a scarcity of critiques, suggesting potential curation. This poses questions around transparency and authenticity.

In essence, while there are satisfied customers, the prevailing pattern points to a company grappling with challenges related to quality control, timely order fulfillment, and responsive customer service – issues that raise serious concerns for any retail business. The question arises: Are these grievances isolated incidents, or do they represent systemic problems?

Comparative Analysis: Print Your Places vs. Competitors

To gain a comprehensive perspective on Print Your Places, let’s stack it against key competitors in the personalized wall art niche, assessing various factors that influence user satisfaction.

  • Pricing: Print Your Places offers somewhat inexpensive products, aligning with the category average. Additional fees apply for rush orders.
  • Selection: The design library is slightly more limited compared to niche sellers on platforms like Etsy that focus solely on maps. Customization options are considered basic.
  • Shipping Costs: Standard shipping costs are reasonable, ranging from $4.99 to $6.99. However, the quoted delivery time of 3-5 days lags behind competitors offering 2-day options.
  • Fulfillment: User reviews suggest a higher likelihood of delays and inaccuracies compared to specialized artisanal competitors like Mapiful, known for shipping approximately 90% of orders on time.
  • Support: Print Your Places’ phone support is reported to be lacking during weekends and evenings, while online help is slow to respond based on public feedback.

In summary, while Print Your Places positions itself as an accessible option in terms of cost, its services trail behind specialized competitors offering superior printing quality and an overall enhanced customer experience. The question arises: Is this assessment fair, or does Print Your Places possess redeeming qualities that might offset these drawbacks?

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Is legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

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Digging Deeper: Analyzing Print Your Places

To delve further into Print Your Places’ legitimacy, let’s scrutinize additional details that provide insights into the company’s structure and operations:

  • Establishment: Founded in 2014, Print Your Places is registered as a legitimate Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Georgia, with a listed physical address and identifiable executives.
  • Online Presence: The company maintains active social profiles, showcasing its products. However, there’s minimal evidence of branding through paid marketing or SEO optimization for their sector, raising questions about their commitment to visibility and competitiveness.
  • Reputation: While Print Your Places is present on platforms like Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, indicating a degree of transparency, the overly positive reviews on the brand’s website stand in stark contrast to the prevalent complaints elsewhere. This discrepancy raises doubts regarding authenticity and transparency.
  • Legal Matters: No substantial complaints, scandals, or evidence of purposefully deceptive practices are found in public records. The challenges identified seem to be predominantly customer service-related.

In essence, Print Your Places outwardly operates as a bona fide small business, boasting a significant tenure. However, poor quality reviews, while not indicative of an outright “scam,” pose significant challenges related to reliability and trust, critical components for any retailer.

Evolution Over Time: Has Print Your Places Improved?

To assess if Print Your Places has made strides in enhancing its reputation since initial criticisms, let’s examine more recent user sentiments:

  • Trustpilot Ratings: Trustpilot reviews from mid-2022 onwards indicate a slight improvement, with the rating edging up to 1.5/5 stars. However, complaints persist, echoing concerns about delays, incorrect orders, and insufficient follow-ups.
  • BBB Complaints: The number of complaints to the Better Business Bureau has decreased to only three in the past year. However, one filed in 2022 involves a disputed refund, reminiscent of prior cases. Importantly, Print Your Places remains non-accredited by the BBB.
  • Visual Consistency: A review of their social profiles and website reveals little visible change in designs or policies since 2020, indicating a potential lack of proactive investment to rectify service problems.

In summary, while the volume of complaints may have decreased somewhat, the core issues concerning quality control and responsiveness to customer issues continue to undermine trust and satisfaction levels. This underscores the importance of continuous evolution in a competitive retail landscape, and reviews paint the picture of a company struggling to adapt its operations.

To Buy or Not to Buy: Evaluating Print Your Places

Considering all available information on Print Your Places, let’s offer a comprehensive assessment of using their services:


  • Inexpensive Products: Print Your Places provides products that are relatively budget-friendly.
  • Large Design Library: The company offers a substantial library of map designs.
  • Established US-based Company: With a founding date in 2014, Print Your Places boasts an established history.


  • History of Issues: Print Your Places has a documented history of incorrect and damaged orders, slow shipping, and subpar customer service.
  • Shipping Delays: The company falls behind competitors in terms of shipping times.
  • Customer Service Woes: There is a repeated pattern of complaints regarding a lack of resolutions to issues raised by customers.
  • Overly Positive Brand Website Reviews: The stark contrast between overly positive reviews on the company’s website and widespread complaints elsewhere raises concerns about transparency.

VERDICT: While Print Your Places may appear legitimate on paper and offers designs at an attractive price point, persistent negative reviews highlight underlying problems related to fulfillment quality and post-sale support. The company’s focus on budget-friendly options may be hindering reliable operations, and the failure to address complaints over an extended period severely impacts its trustworthiness.

While the allure of inexpensive designs may attract interest, potential customers should be cautious. More reputable competitors in the personalized wall art niche deliver superior experiences for similar pricing and customization options. Until Print Your Places demonstrates marked service improvements over a sustained period, caution should prevail. This reviewer refrains from recommending Print Your Places due to concerns about legitimacy raised by patterns in public feedback. Proceeding cautiously or exploring alternative vendors is advisable for potential customers.

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