steel rising review 2024; is steel rising worth it?

Steel Rising: A Comprehensive Exploration Post Launch

In the ever-expanding realm of action role-playing games, Steel Rising, developed by Spiders and published by Nacon, sought to captivate gamers with its steampunk aesthetic and alternate history setting during the French Revolution. As the dust settled post-launch, the game encountered a range of reviews and player sentiments, prompting a deeper analysis of its current state, the impact of early updates, and whether it has evolved into the hidden gem it aspires to be.

Unveiling the Steampunk Tapestry: Steel Rising Overview

Before delving into post-launch dynamics, let’s revisit the essence of Steel Rising. Released in September 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the game unfolds in an alternate version of the French Revolution where King Louis XVI has mechanized the Parisian populace into robotic automatons to quell the revolution. Players assume the role of Aegis, a robotic servant of Marie Antoinette, navigating the tumultuous landscape with an array of weapons and facing off against robotic adversaries and bosses.

Combat in Steel Rising is nuanced, emphasizing stamina management, dodging, parrying, and exploiting enemy weaknesses. The open-world city allows for exploration and resource gathering to customize Aegis. With optional challenges, unlockable skins, and multiple endings shaped by in-game choices, Steel Rising offers a multifaceted gaming experience.

Navigating Early Critic Reviews: A Mixture of Praise and Critique

The initial critical reception of Steel Rising was a mosaic of opinions, with both commendations and concerns echoing through the gaming community.

IGN’s 6/10 rating praised the unique steampunk setting but criticized progression systems and bugs, likening it to a less polished Souls-like experience. GameSpot’s 7/10 was more positive, applauding creative designs but highlighting performance issues and some level blandness.

The Guardian and PC Gamer’s scores around 5/10 acknowledged the intriguing premise but criticized repetitive and unbalanced gameplay. YouTuber ACG offered a Buy, Wait for Sale rating, anticipating improvement through patches.

User reviews mirrored this diversity, with Reddit and Steam featuring positive sentiments about the game’s core combat mechanics and experimentation. However, criticisms homed in on technical bugs, balance issues, and repetitive level design.

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Player Perspectives: A Mix of Passion and Patience

As we shift the focus to player feedback, the landscape reveals a tapestry of opinions and experiences.

On Reddit, discussions within gaming and Souls subreddits leaned positively, with players appreciating the experimentation possibilities in combat against diverse foes. Steam reviews, with a “Very Positive” rating of 77%, expressed admiration for empowering combat mobility and the game’s visual presentation. However, technical bugs, balance problems, and repetitive level design were recurring concerns.

YouTube commentary showcased a spectrum of opinions, with some hailing Steel Rising as an overlooked gem and others deeming it an incomplete disappointment. The consensus leaned towards advocating for significant patches before considering a purchase.

In summary, while acknowledging the existence of rough edges, passionate players embraced Steel Rising’s core loop as entertaining enough to overlook initial flaws. However, the game’s longevity hinged on ongoing developer support with substantial quality-of-life updates.

Steel Rising’s Current State: The Pros and Cons

Assessing Steel Rising’s current state post-launch brings forth a nuanced understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

The Pros:

  1. Imaginative World Design: The steampunk world of Steel Rising is vividly brought to life, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience.
  2. Satisfying Combat Mobility: The combat system, with its emphasis on mobility and progression, resonated positively with players.
  3. Developer Commitment: The developers demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement, addressing technical issues post-launch.

The Cons:

  1. Technical Issues at Launch: Bugs, crashes, and performance problems marred the initial experience, detracting from the overall enjoyment.
  2. Shallow Progression and Repetitive Design: Steel Rising suffered from progression issues and repetitive level design, impacting the depth of the gaming experience.
  3. Balancing Problems: A lack of balance in gameplay diminished the challenge and reward loop, affecting player engagement.
  4. Low Replay Value: Without features like New Game Plus or significant updates, Steel Rising struggled with replay value.

Verdict: Steel Rising showcased promise as a unique action RPG, hampered by a shaky technical launch. Its strengths in presentation and foundational combat could flourish with subsequent patches. However, the current lack of substance and polish suggested it was not yet ready for a day-one purchase at full price.

For casual gamers seeking a fresh adventure, Steel Rising offered an enjoyable experience, provided bugs didn’t spoil the immersion. However, for hardcore Souls veterans or more patient players, a wait-and-see approach seemed prudent until significant post-launch improvements materialized.

Evaluating Early Updates: A Journey Towards Refinement

Several months post-launch, Steel Rising underwent a series of updates aimed at refining the gaming experience.

Version 1.04, released in November, claimed to address a majority of crashes and enhance stability across all platforms. User reports largely confirmed the resolution of issues at this stage.

A subsequent December update focused on upgrading textures, lighting, and adding performance optimization options on PC. The reception was positive, with praise for improved visuals without compromising frame rates.

Reddit communities continued buzzing with positivity, indicating that while some jank persisted, the player base was growing as word spread about the game stabilizing.

However, recent reviews noted ongoing concerns about repetition in environments and combat, suggesting that substantive content updates were essential for sustained enjoyment.

The Path Forward: Developer Commitment and Player Expectations

As the developer, Spiders, continues to pledge additional updates in 2023, the consensus among players is that Steel Rising could potentially evolve into a cult favorite. The commitment to iterative refinement and the introduction of fresh elements for replayability will be pivotal in shaping its legacy.

In summary, while core technical problems have been addressed through patches, Steel Rising still lacks the robustness expected of a major release. Its legacy moving forward hinges more on the developer’s commitment to support than initial reviews. As the journey unfolds, only time will reveal whether Steel Rising blossoms into a compelling and enduring title, surpassing its rocky debut.

In conclusion, Steel Rising remains an intriguing prospect for gamers seeking a distinctive action RPG. The potential for greatness is evident, but the caveat remains – commitment to continuous improvement is paramount for the game to ascend from a promising concept to an essential gaming experience.

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