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Introduction is an online retailer that has been subject to much debate around whether it is a legitimate shopping site or a scam. In this detailed review, I will analyze all available information about Oftays including reviews from customers, technical analysis of the website, trust scores from various scam checking tools, and more to help determine if Oftays is a site that can be trusted or if shoppers should avoid it.

Background & Initial Thoughts launched in early 2023 and claims to sell a wide range of consumer products at heavily discounted prices. However, there were immediately some red flags. The website design looks unprofessional and low quality. Product descriptions are sparse with very little detail provided. There is also no clear company address or contact information listed.

When looking at trust indicators from various sources, Oftays consistently scores very poorly. For example, ScamAdviser gives Oftays a risk score of 99% meaning it is considered almost certain to be untrusted or a scam. Other review sites label Oftays as “high risk” or “dangerous”. This is a major cause for concern and was one of the first things that made customers and reviewers suspicious of Oftays’ authenticity and intentions.

customer complaints & negative reviews

One of the best ways to get a sense of whether a retailer is legitimate or a scam is to read online reviews and complaints from actual customers who have interacted with or made purchases from the company. Unfortunately, there are several consistent complaints about Oftays from customers:

  • Orders not being delivered – Many customers report placing orders with Oftays but never receiving the items. Their orders apparently get “lost” or the company does provide any tracking information.

  • No response to support inquiries – People trying to contact Oftays about missing orders or other issues claim the company does not respond and there is no actual customer support. Emails and messages go unanswered.

  • Refund issues – For those who did receive a refund for orders not fulfilled, many said the refunds were not fully processed or it took far too long.

  • Bait and switch tactics – Some reviewers said when they did receive an order, the items sent were cheap low-quality knockoffs and not the branded high-value products shown on the website.

  • Poor quality control – A few customers mentioned items arriving damaged or broken since there was little or no protective packaging used for shipping.

The overwhelming sentiment among customers who have interacted with Oftays seems to be negative. A lack of transparency, fulfillment issues, and unresponsiveness are huge red flags.

Technical analysis

Beyond customer feedback, analyzing technical details of a website domain and its hosting infrastructure can also uncover some warning signs. Here are a few things that stood out about

  • Newly registered domain – The domain was registered only in early 2023, another sign it is likely a fly-by-night operation.

  • Hosted abroad – The website is hosted out of Russia which is not uncommon for some scam sites to avoid jurisdiction of foreign laws.

  • Thin online presence – Besides the main website, there is little other trace or mention of “Oftays” online. No valid social media profiles or third party reviews/listings.

  • Copied site structure – The overall site layout and design copies that of more established retailers but without the quality and fills with generic placeholder text and images.

  • Security issues found – Scanning tools detect malware redirection attempts and unsecured login pages, meaning customer data could be at risk if entered.

The technical profile of Oftays matches that of many confirmed scam retailers – hastily put together, hosted abroad, and exhibiting misleading or insecure practices. This raises major doubts about legitimacy and trustworthiness from an infrastructure perspective as well.

Final analysis & Verdict

After thoroughly researching and analyzing all available information on, I believe the evidence overwhelmingly points to it being an inauthentic, untrustworthy retailer, if not an outright scam. Here are the key warning signs that become apparent:

  • Very poor trust scores and reviews across the board
  • Abundance of unfulfilled order and support complaints
  • New, thinly registered internet domain and hosting
  • Lack of transparency around operations and contactability
  • Technical profile matching known scam sites
  • Copying successful sites but with lower quality execution

While it’s always possible an online retailer is just new and having issues, in Oftays’ case the severity, consistency of complaints, and other deceptive signals indicate this is a site solely intending to take orders without delivering products or services. I cannot recommend any customers purchase from or entrust their personal or payment details to Oftays due to the evident scam-like nature of their business practices. Shoppers are best avoiding this retailer altogether and selecting more reputable, transparent online stores instead.

In summary, after an exhaustive review of all available information, I believe has been correctly called out as a fraudulent operation that should be flagged as an online shopping scam for consumers to stay far away from. Their website and business model exhibit all the hallmarks of a deceptive venture lacking genuineness or intent to actually fulfill orders as advertised. Proceed with extreme caution or do not engage with Oftays at all.

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